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Music Evolution
Treat Box

Our Music Evolution Treat Box is always chock-full of harmonious items from women- and minority-owned small businesses, depending on seasonality and availability.


Your Treat Box includes:

Rap Snacks

The intersection of music and food isn’t the most common Venn diagram, but it could be argued that hip-hop has a greater stake in the culinary field than most other genres.  James Lindsay has had two passions from day one, there was never any doubt that Lindsay’s career would incorporate both food and music.


Tea Book ArtisTEAs

The TeaBook was started by two friends, Jeff and Noah.

It’s a socially responsible, zero waste tea company that  pride themselves on the best puns, art, & organic tea in the world.
“The best thing to happen to tea since water.”


Malvi Mallows

Laura, a Culinary Institute of America grad, calls the square marshmallow-cookie sandwich a “Malvi”, short for the Spanish word for marshmallow, malvavisco. This combination  of salty caramel in a s’more is a perfect sweet treat. 


Founded by African American Georgia resident Alabama Vest in the 1840s, it’s thought to be fashioned after a West African reed instrument. 

Brittle Brothers

One of the finest “sweet/heat” combination snacks in America, the Brittle Brothers’ took the famous “Nashville Hot Chicken” phenomenon and put their own take on it. It starts out as a sweet, savory peanut brittle, but has a little surprise for you at the end!


Miss D’s Popcorn & Pralines

Five years after surviving the natural disaster that swept the entire country-Hurricane Katrina, proud survivor Ms. Dionne Gant, otherwise known as Ms. D, has established herself in Atlanta as an old-fashioned candy maker and business owner. Her Triple Popcorn is the perfect combination of layering flavors together. 


Tip #1

Log in with your computer or tablet. You’ll appreciate seeing the full screen.

Tip #2

Plan to engage —> you’re going to be making music yourself.

Tip #3

Download the most updated version of Zoom. And, we recommend using Speaker view.

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