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This Unexpected Virtual Holiday Party will get your team laughing and connecting. Amp up your 2023 work party with an online party that everyone will love.

This celebratory event focuses on honoring holidays around the world, with a live and interactive Jeopardy-themed experience.

In addition, your team will paint and decorate celebratory cookies and make paper holiday sweaters. Last but not least, see iconic holiday sites in New York City LIVE, including Times Square, Rockefeller Center, and the Saks Fifth Avenue windows.

This fast-paced, fun event will get everyone moving and laughing together.

The event includes 5 virtual holiday games in just one hour! 3 games are held in the large group and 2 are in small “mingling rooms” where you can chat with different members of your team.

This inclusive holiday party includes everyone with multicultural holiday elements.

And, it’s been featured in the NY Times and Thrillist as one of the most creative holiday party ideas for remote teams.

virtual holiday party event box

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virtual ugly sweater party

“Our group had an amazing time celebrating our virtual holiday gathering! We enjoyed the ugly sweater party in a box along with the local treats. Highly recommend for your virtual company gatherings!”

Monica M., FinTech

Experience Details


The Unexpected Holiday Party ranges from $20 to $50 USD per person with a minimum group size of 20 guests.

The Treat Box costs $40 per person, excluding shipping.

Lower pricing is available for large groups.

We provide discounted pricing for schools and nonprofits.

Fill out the information below. We will help you create a team building event that best matches your budget.

What’s included:

  • 60 minute engaging Virtual Holiday Party
  • 2 live in-studio guide and 1 live-streaming guide;
  • 2 thematic break out rooms for party games;
  • Treat Boxes (strongly recommended) shipped directly to your guests via UPS Ground, with shipping going out at least 10 days prior to your event

Treat Box includes:

  • Two celebratory cookies, with edible paint, brush, and sprinkles (the design is slightly different than that shown on the image here)
  • Pop the Champagne white-chocolate champagne infused popcorn
  • paper holiday sweater kit with everything needed except scissors
  • gold NYE blowout toy
  • Cinnamon Spice Twinkles cookies

*Products subject to change

Sales deadline:

To ship boxes, we need at least 14 days notice before your event.

Highlights Include:

  • Engaging and hilarious virtual office party
  • Round the world holiday theme
  • Inclusive holiday fun, perfect for diversity and equity events
  • 2 breakout rooms hosted by engaging guides
  • Delicious treat boxes

Timeline of event:

  • Introduction (5 min)
  • Jeopardy round (8 min)
  • Live in New York: Times Square (5 min)
  • Mingling room: cookie decorating (10 min)
  • Double Jeopardy round (8 min)
  • Live in New York: Saks Fifth Avenue (5 min)
  • Mingling room – paper holiday sweater craft (10 min)
  • Final Jeopardy (4 min)
  • Rockefeller Plaza (5 min)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Holiday Party Details

What team building activities are included in the virtual holiday party?

This holiday experience includes many virtual team building activities.

  • Decorate holiday paper sweaters
  • Paint holiday cookies
  • Play holiday trivia

Think beyond the usual happy hour or Holiday end-of-year parties.

For this one hour event, your remote and hybrid workers will love connecting with their teams.

Surprisingly, it is fun to compete with each other during the holiday season!

Could you provide party invitations?

Check out our Ultimate Guide for virtual holiday invitations and virtual party invitations.

What are mingling rooms?

If you go to a cocktail party, you mingle with many different people. Our mingling rooms replicate the cocktail party experience.

In this event, you will be randomly thrown in with different people in each small group room with different tasks for each room. It’s a great way to chat and reconnect with a lot of different people.

What is the dress code for this virtual experience?

First of all, the dress code is casual and fun.

But feel free to dress up in your favorite holiday sweaters!

Do you have more virtual holiday party ideas?

Find all of our Ugly Sweater party ideas at this blog post.

Of course, we want to make sure you get the most out of this quirky holiday tradition.

Is this a "Christmasy" event?

First, this is an inclusive virtual holiday party. The overarching experience theme is quirky fun and celebrating holidays from around the world.

While we incorporate traditional holiday flavor like the the sweaters and gingerbread, there is no discussion of Santa or religion.

In fact, this is a fun party that welcomes to everyone.

Booking Details

Could you suggest ideas to supplement this event?

If you want to spread holiday activities over the week, some virtual team building ideas include:

  • adding on a funny speaker or comedian
  • asking daily trivia questions about the holidays

How soon do I need to book the event?

The virtual Ugly Sweater Party is only available between December 1 to 22nd.

But, guests find it a fun way to celebrate holidays and a Christmas tradition!

What times are available for this experience?

The virtual Ugly Sweater Party is available between 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

If you are interested in morning events, try our European holiday experience.

If our team is running late, will your guides wait to start the event?

To keep your event running on schedule, we start on time.

Generally, we suggest telling your guests to join about one to two minutes before the start time.

How many people can be on the experience?

Up to 500 people may join the virtual ugly sweater party.

In addition, we use Zoom Meetings or Zoom webinars for these experiences.

Treat Boxes

Is the Treat Box necessary for this virtual team building experience?

The Treat Box is necessary for this experience and it also creates a more hands-on experience.

First, the Treat Box includes a paintable ugly sweater cookie with edible paint. In fact, your teams will work together to design their own ugly sweaters.

On the other hand, without the Treat Box, your team will use paper and crayons at their home.

Last but not least, the Treat Box also makes a beautiful gift for your team. In fact, you will be able to include a custom corporate card in it.

Does the Treat Box ship within the United States?

We ship the Treat Box within the United States. Further, shipping is an additional cost that we pass through directly to you.

Typically, shipping on the East Coast is about $8. Generally, shipping on the West Coast is around $12.

Does the Treat Box ship to Europe or other countries?

While we can ship the Treat Boxes outside the United States, shipping fees can be quite high. In particular, customs fees can be very high.

That being said, we will pass through those shipping costs directly to you.

Can you ship Treat Boxes for 200+ employees?

With a dedicated warehouse space, we can ship hundreds of boxes.

In order to ship the boxes, we need your employees’ addresses about 4 weeks before the event date.

For further information, contact us about large orders.

Can you accommodate food restrictions?

Unfortunately, for this online team building event, we cannot accommodate gluten-free and non-dairy guests. The cookies are pre-made with gluten and dairy.

However, the Treat Box includes other items that everyone can enjoy. Lastly, all of our Treat Boxes are vegetarian and non-perishable.