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Virtually travel to Europe on this Europe virtual team building event. You will love our engaging on-location guides.

This unique holiday experience includes two virtual walking tours. On this event, your team will experience “next-level design.”

Be amazed by Roman architecture. Enjoy the famous Prague Old Town Square.

See the Roman Pantheon and the Prague astronomical clock. And, “choose your own adventure” with our Prague guide through the gorgeous holiday markets (or Old Town Square during the remainder of the year).

Last but not least, the optional European Treat Box includes unique treats. Your team will love trying cookies from the Czech Republic, custom espresso and raspberry lollipops with the Prague astronomical clock, Dolce & Gabbana pasta, and amaretti cookies.

Watch a quick preview:

European Holiday virtual tour
Europe virtual tour

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europe virtual team building

“This was an AMAZING virtual tour! So informative. Such a cool experience. We were shown physical locations as well as a put together presentation. Our guides were so smart and kind! Definitely recommend them! 10/10!”

Imani at Cardlytics

Experience Details


The European Holiday virtual team building event ranges from $30 to $115 USD per person.

Lower pricing is available for large groups and virtual-only events.

Higher pricing includes our thematic gift boxes.

We provide discounted pricing for schools and nonprofits.

Fill out the information below. We will help you create a team building event that best matches your budget.

What’s included:

  • 60 minute engaging Team Building experience;
  • 1 live in-studio guide and 2 live European virtual tour guides;
  • Treat Boxes shipped directly to your guests via UPS Ground
  • Shipping going out at least 7 days prior to your event

Treat Box includes:

  • Czech cookies
  • Dolce and Gabbana pasta
  • espresso lollipops with the astronomical clock design
  • amaretti cookies

*Products subject to change

Sales deadline:

To ship boxes, we need at least 14 days notice before your event.

Highlights Include:

  • Exploring next-level design in Europe through food and architecture
  • Seeing the Roman Pantheon with a Roman local
  • Visiting the Old Town Square and the astronomical clock with a Prague local
  • Learning about the history of gingerbread and espresso
  • Choose your own adventure with our Prague guide

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Frequently Asked Questions

European Virtual Team Building

What team building activities are in this travel virtual team building event?

This experience includes travel virtual team building activities.

First, your remote workers will explore Rome and Prague from home.

They’ll learn how to order coffee in Rome and choose where to explore in old town Prague.

They’ll also answer trivia questions while exploring amazing these amazing cities and sightseeing live.

Is this sightseeing a pre-recorded video?

No, we have live-streaming guides standing on the streets of Prague and Rome. This is not just a static virtual tour of the Eiffel Tower.

For example, our Roman guide literally stands in front of the Trevi fountain. In addition, he will be live-streaming and talking to your team.

Further, that means your team will have a live panoramic view of the city.

For team members working from home, they will be able to chat with the guides.

Do teams enjoy this European virtual event?

Remote employees enjoy this unique virtual team building event. This is not regular video meetings and online escape rooms.

This is a different experience that engages your remote team members. They will engage in the beauty of European cities.

Plus, your team will love working together on their designs.

This fun virtual team building will get everyone celebrating.

Who are the European guides?

We are proud to partner with Eating Europe.

Eating Europe gives guided tours of European destinations. They have been in business for over 10 years.

Booking Details

Could you suggest ideas to supplement this event?

Some companies may spread virtual travel activities over the week. As an example, some virtual team building ideas include:

  • adding on a travel-themed speaker
  • asking daily trivia questions about Europe to your team
  • getting remote employees engaged in local “travel.”

For example, on Slack, ask your team to post a picture of a national park.

Or, alternatively, ask them to post about their favorite holiday.

How soon do I need to book the event?

Teams can book this event all year long. Before December, the Prague guide will show the city center.

During the month of December, the Prague guide will show the holiday market.

The Prague market is one of the largest holiday markets in the world.

We have limited spots during the holidays. During the holidays, we run this experience between December 1 to 22, 2022.

What times are available for this experience?

The European virtual experience can be booked between 8:00 a.m. Eastern Time to 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

Because of the time difference, we cannot offer it in the late afternoon or evening.

If our team is running late, will your guides wait to start the event?

To keep your event running on schedule, we start on time. Because we have guides across the world, we cannot wait to start your event.

We recommend telling your guests to join the meeting before the start time.

How many people can be on the experience?

We can accommodate up to 995 people on this travel virtual team building using a Zoom meeting. We can use Zoom webinar for larger groups.

What is the ROI from this experience?

The corporate value embedded in this experience is next-level design.

That is, next-level design changes culture. For example, think of how the iPhone changed culture.

To clarify, our guides will be sharing incredible design in Europe.

Specifically, our featured design elements are:

  • espresso
  • gingerbread
  • Pantheon
  • Trevi Fountain
  • Prague astronomical clock
  • Prague holiday markets

Treat Boxes

Is the Treat Box necessary for this virtual team building experience?

While the Treat Box is not necessary, it includes thematic specialty items that will make your guests feel completely immersed in the experience. The Treat Box creates an additional level of employee engagement. It’s fun to snack on Czech gingerbread while our on-location guide goes through the markets in Prague.

In addition, the Treat Box makes a beautiful gift for your team. You will be able to include a custom corporate card in it.

Does the Treat Box ship within the United States?

We ship the Treat Box within the United States.

Shipping is an additional cost that we pass through to you. The cost on the East Coast is about $9. Shipping on the West Coast is around $14.

Does the Treat Box ship to Europe or other countries?

While we can ship outside the United States, shipping fees can be quite high.

Customs fees, in particular, are high.

We will pass through those shipping costs directly to you.

Can you ship Treat Boxes for 200+ employees?

Unexpected Virtual Tours has a dedicated warehouse space. We can ship hundreds of boxes at a time. Provide your employees’ addresses about 4 weeks before the event date.

Contact us for more information about large orders.

Can you accommodate food restrictions?

We can accommodate food restrictions with advance notice.

All of our Treat Boxes are vegetarian and non-perishable.