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Virtual team building programs designed to build camaraderie, boost teamwork, and engage employees!

Book a top-rated virtual tour or training experience that will help your team learn, connect, and grow together! Unexpected Virtual Tours & Training has:

  • 500+ thrilled clients, including top companies like TripAdvisor, Salesforce, and UPS
  • #1-rated virtual tour and training events on topics ranging from sports and music to food, travel, and more
  • Been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, The Guardian, and other top publications

During your virtual team building session, you can expect:

  • Friendly and knowledgeable facilitators
  • Interactive storytelling and guided virtual tour experiences
  • Fun activities designed to foster creativity and build communication and problem-solving skills
  • Optional themed Treat Boxes shipped directly to your team members

"Probably one of the most engaging virtual training / preso I've had in a long time - just the combination of the amazing moderators, the changing up of locations, the engagement...

I shamelessly planned on multitasking, but I enjoyed it so much I couldn't do anything else! Amazing storytelling from Paris, Jen, Dean and Olivia."

Elise Traphagen

"WOW! I absolutely love these tours. Our company has utilized Unexpected Virtual Tours now for two events, and I am so excited for the next!

Professional, amazing energy, flawless and seamless! An amazing way to experience culture and broaden my understanding of our world, alongside my team. Thank you, Denise, Kristin, Niko and Jason! You were all WONDERFUL and I thoroughly enjoyed the time!"

Jenny Gaskell

"Great company to work with - fast and thorough responses, really good communication. We had lots of fun with our hosts Leigh, Arielle, and Kristin.

There was a great mix of elements and we had a blast working together in breakout rooms. The hour flew by."

Tana Franko

Virtual Team Building Sessions & Experiences

Unique team building sessions loved by teams at Google, The Home Depot, LinkedIn, TripAdvisor, and more!

Design a Golf Course Virtual Team Building

Design a Golf Course

Virtual Team Building

Build a mini golf course at your desk and learn all about the fascinating history of golf! Plus, get a live look at locations significant to golf legend Bobby Jones.


Breakout Rooms


Golf Course Details
Superheroes Team Building


Virtual Travel

Dive into a “marvel-ous” world of superheroes with live visits to top filming locations, making your own team superhero with our live animator, and wine pairings. This is the ultimate virtual happy hour!


Breakout Room


Superheroes Details
European Vacation Virtual Team Building

European Vacation

Virtual Travel

Take a virtual travel tour to Europe with live guides any time in the year! Explore Rome, Italy and Prague, Czech Republic. Choose your own adventure in the Old Town Square and learn about Italian espresso.


Live Guides


European Vacation Details
Best of Atlanta Virtual Team Building

Best of Atlanta

Holiday Team Building

See beautiful Atlanta, Georgia – home of the Civil Rights movement and one of the world’s busiest airports. Plus, make a craft version of the iconic Tiny Doors.


Breakout Rooms


Best of Atlanta Details
Ghost Stories Virtual Team Building

Ghost Stories

Virtual Team Building

Hear and create spooky ghost stories and make decadent s’mores with your team. You’ll also get a live-stream look at a Victorian cemetery.


Breakout Rooms


Ghost Stories Details
Unexpected Holiday Party Virtual Team Building

Unexpected Holiday Party

Holiday Team Building

This fun and fast-paced holiday team building event will get your group laughing and playing together. Play Jeopardy, craft holiday sweaters, decorate cookies, and see iconic holiday locations in New York City live!


Breakout Rooms


Unexpected Holiday Party Details
South American Holiday Virtual Team Building

South American Adventure

DEI and Holiday Team Building

Take a virtual travel tour to South America with live guides! Explore the incredible Machu Picchu (one of the Wonders of the World) and the markets in Cusco, Peru. This unique event will mesmerize your team!


Live Guides


South American Holiday Details
Bespoke Virtual Team Building

Bespoke Custom Events

Virtual Team Building

Book a custom virtual event tailored to your team and goals!

Includes interactive storytelling and games, live tour guides, breakout rooms, and hands-on activities and gourmet treats sent directly to guests in a custom branded box.

Bespoke Custom Event Details

As Seen In

Virtual team building refers to the process of creating and strengthening bonds among team members through organized online activities.

Often, virtual team building events take place with colleagues from across the globe who may not be able to interact in person.

Virtual team building activities have evolved alongside modern technology and remote work arrangements. Today, virtual team building is an essential aspect of maintaining team dynamics in the era of digital communication.

What is Virtual Team Building

Why is Team Building Crucial for Remote Teams?

Why is Team Building Crucial for Remote Teams

In the context of remote and hybrid work, virtual team building plays a critical role in keeping teams connected and engaged while boosting communication, morale, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. 

Remote work environments can pose unique benefits and challenges. While many employees thrive in a remote environment, challenges such as feelings of isolation, lack of face-to-face interaction, and potential for miscommunication can play a role in remote work.

Fortunately, there’s a solution. Forbes reports that highly engaged teams show 21% greater profitability. Engaging, quality virtual team building events can bridge the gap between remote team members and foster a more connected, cohesive team.

Trusted By the World’s Leading Companies

Advantages of Investing in Virtual Team Building

Improved Communication

Virtual team building events are a fun and meaningful way to build your team’s communication skills.

In fact, FastCompany notes that engaging activities are one of the top ways to enhance team collaboration and communication.

Team Building for Improved Communication
Virtual Team Building Boosted Morale and Job Satisfaction

Boosted Morale and Job Satisfaction

When your team comes together for a shared experience, those moments of connection and joy can translate into improved morale and job satisfaction.

Staffing agency Robert Half shares that some of the top employee retention strategies include “an emphasis on teamwork” by creating opportunities for collaboration as well as opportunities for remote work.

Enhanced Collaboration

Turn a group of individuals into a powerhouse team – even from miles (or oceans) apart! Team building activities foster a collaborative environment where employees feel comfortable asking for help, working together to solve problems, and sharing team wins.

The popular project management platform Asana shares one of the best ways to grow collaboration and boost your team’s performance: “build time for team bonding.”

Virtual Team Building - Enhanced Collaboration
Team Building for Skill Development

Skill Development

Virtual team building can be an effective way to grow your team’s skills as well as build connections with each other.

Through virtual travel experiences, your team can expand their understanding of global cultures and norms. With a virtual hands-on art program, team members can tap into creativity. Or, hone your storytelling skills around a virtual campfire with a unique ghost story session.

Types of Virtual Team Building Activities

UVTT Website Testimonials
Types of Virtual Team Building Activities

Games & Puzzles

Virtual escape rooms, trivia sessions, and interactive puzzles challenge the mind and require team coordination. Virtual team building games can spark both fun and teamwork, making for a doubly-efficient workplace activity.

Book an Unexpected Virtual Tours & Training program with group trivia and challenges built into each session. Or, go the DIY route and plan a fun challenge for your team to try together.

Collaborative Projects

Collaborative activities like an online scavenger hunt, group art project, or virtual team building kits encourage everyone to communicate and work together toward a shared goal. 

Remember, it’s not the outcome of the project that matters. Instead, focus on the process of learning and bonding along the way. Encourage team members to participate by sharing their ideas aloud, using the chat box and reaction features, and responding to interactive polls during your session.

Skill-Building Sessions

To hone your team’s skills, try virtual activities like cooking classes, digital photography workshops, language lessons, work-related trainings, or another educational workshop.

You can hire an expert to lead the way, or ask an internal team member to share their skills with the group. Afterward, set aside some time to debrief and discuss what you learned.

Wellness and Relaxation

Did you know that happy workers are 13% more productive? That’s what the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School found during a six-month study. 

Wellness and relaxation activities can help your team unwind, de-stress, and tap into their inner joy. Try virtual yoga, a guided meditation, or even shared fitness challenges.

Featured Team Building Session

Unexpected Virtual Holiday Party - Team Building

Unexpected Holiday Party

Holiday Team Building

This fun and fast-paced holiday team building event will get your group laughing, bonding, and playing together. Play Jeopardy, craft holiday sweaters, decorate cookies, and as a bonus, see iconic holiday locations in New York City live!

Unexpected Holiday Party Details
UVTT Website Testimonials

What is the Formula for Building Trust in Virtual Teams?

In any working relationship, trust is paramount. It is crucial that employees can trust each other to reliably get their jobs done and add value to the organization.

Additionally, demonstrating that your organization trusts virtual employees, and helping those employees feel trusted, goes a long way when it comes to employee retention and recruitment.

MIT’s Sloan School of Management notes that “trust is a critical driver of engagement” in the workplace. In fact, their research found:

Employees who are trusting are 260% more motivated to work, have 41% lower rates of absenteeism, and are 50% less likely to look for another job.

With all of this in mind, how can you build trust among your employees, team, and leadership? Consistent communication, a focus on transparency, and shared experiences can all help set the stage for trusting workplace relationships.

Team building activities can foster communication among teams as well as help to personalize colleagues with whom you may only speak via email. Additionally, when leaders engage alongside the broader company, it can create a sense of kinship and trust.

Unexpected Virtual Tours & Training offers live, interactive virtual programs led by highly-trained guides who are experienced in working with c-suite groups as well as groups of all sizes. Reach out today to learn more and find the session that’s best for your group.

Building Trust in Virtual Teams

Tips for Successful Virtual Team Building

Ensure Inclusivity in All Activities

With proper accommodations, employees can all share together in meaningful and memorable virtual and hybrid team building activities.

Emphasize inclusivity by choosing times that are convenient for all (or rotating times) and providing assistive technology that allow everyone to fully participate.

Inclusivity in Virtual Team Building
Team Building Schedule and Timing

Maintain Periodicity and Consistency

Planning regularly-scheduled team building sessions provides an ongoing outlet for team camaraderie and learning.

Consider hosting team building sessions on a monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly basis to allow for continuity in your sessions.

Balance Fun with Productivity

A good belly laugh or a new inside joke can spark a special sense of joy and team bonding in all of us.

When planning your virtual team building activities, aim for a balance between moments of fun and lightheartedness alongside more thoughtful learning and skill-building.

Balancing Fun with Productivity
Celebrate Work Achievements with Virtual Team Building

Track and Celebrate Achievements

Make your team building event extra-special by celebrating wins, showing gratitude for your team, and rewarding milestones.

Especially when employees are working remotely, this type of recognition can go a long way toward boosting morale and encouraging future successes. 

Your Next Adventure with Unexpected Virtual Tours & Training

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Why Virtual Team Building?

What do the virtual team building activities include?

Each virtual team building activity packs in a lot!

In general, each experience has a:

  • short introduction,
  • icebreaker questions,
  • stories about a specific topic,
  • break-out room activities,
  • and live-streaming guides from locations across the world.

We have a super tight budget. Can we afford this?

Our goal is to work with you. In fact, we hope to provide an experience within your budget!

In general, companies invest between $30 to $85 per person.

That being said, price depends on group size and Treat Box requests.

Contact us about discounts for non-profits and school groups.

Are the virtual experiences interactive?

Interaction is our expertise. In fact, our experiences will improve team communication skills while employees work from home.

First, every event includes engaging chat sessions.

Second, teams enjoy hands-on breakout activities.

For example, your teams may join a “virtual jam band.”

Why Choose Unexpected Virtual Tours and Training?

What do Unexpected Virtual Tours and Training clients say about their experience?

First, check out our Google reviews and 5 star rating.  Teams love what we do.

Second, many teams tell us that this is “the best virtual experience.”

That is because we seamlessly integrate fun and team bonding with knowledge.

You have a smart and creative team. We provide smart and creative team building.

How do Unexpected Virtual Tours and Training programs create ROI and improve corporate culture?

In general, every experience supports company culture.

We promise: no boring team events here.

Engaged employees are less likely to seek out a new job. Plus, that hits your bottom line. In fact, replacing an employee costs 1.5 times that salary.

On the other hand, our team building experiences range from $40 to $150 per person. Simply put, that is a lot LESS!

Further, each experience integrates a specific corporate cultural goal.

For example, the Street Art experience strengthens team creativity.

How Do Unexpected Virtual Tours and Training Sessions Work?

These events sound like they have a lot of elements. How does it work?

Each virtual experience packs in many mini experiences.

For instance, you’ll answer ice breaker questions. Plus, try fun breakout activities with your team. In addition, live-streaming guides provide city tours.

Best of all, we make it seamless. In fact, you will find that the hour flies by!

How many remote team members may be on an event?

Up to 500 remote employees may join a virtual experience.

In fact, we have run events with every size of remote team members.

What do I need to provide?

All we need from you is:

  • time and date of your online meeting
  • total number of attendees

If you’re ordering Treat Boxes, we need:

  • final number of Treat Boxes 21 days before the event
  • street addresses at least 14 days before the event

Virtual Team Building Resources

Browse our blog for more resources, ideas, and best practices on virtual team building. From unique workplace team building ideas to posts on icebreaker questions and virtual party themes – you’ll find a digital library of easy-to-implement activities, events, and more!