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16+ Virtual Ideas for Women’s History Month 2022

By January 31, 2022No Comments
Virtual Ideas for Women's History Month

These 16+ Virtual Ideas for Women’s History Month will empower, inspire, and educate everyone on your team!

Women’s History Month 2022 is coming up in March. During this time, we encourage you to take time with your team to reflect on and celebrate the achievements of amazing women throughout history. Women’s History Month is also a time to recognize gender based inequities that still exist today. Finally, this is an occasion to work toward progress and help your team deepen their understanding of women’s history and women’s rights.

A few of our favorite virtual ideas for Women’s History Month 2022:

Read on for details on these virtual team building ideas, and more ideas!

  • Learn about female innovators and women inventors throughout history
  • Host custom virtual events to learn about Women’s History Month
  • Gift your team members a box of goodies from women-owned businesses
  • Play Women’s History Month trivia with your team
  • Host a Pecha Kucha style presentation session
  • Celebrate women’s history on social media
  • Honor influential female artists and creatives

TLDR: in this list, you’ll find:

  • Virtual team building activities for Women’s History Month
  • Ideas to examine and improve gender equality at your company
  • Women’s History Month ideas for remote teams
  • Fun ideas to celebrate women’s history with your team
  • Women’s History Month games and trivia ideas

She Innovates Virtual Women's History Month Experience

1. Learn About Female Innovators Throughout History – One of Our Favorite Virtual Ideas for Women’s History Month!

Act now – this session is available for a limited time only! Currently booking for March 28-31, 2022.

“She Innovates” is our brand-new special virtual event, created just for teams like yours to learn about and celebrate Women’s History Month!

During this engaging virtual session, your team will hear the untold stories of female inventors, artists, and leaders from the 1800s to the present day. A highlight of this experience are the live character guides based in the 1800s and 1900s. The guides are similar to live characters you would encounter in Colonial Williamsburg. (We promise, this session won’t be cheesy or eye-roll inducing!)

Your team will be amazed by similarities and differences faced by female inventors over the past three centuries. Moreover, you’ll learn about the ingenuity and perseverance of female inventors. For example, hear about the inventor of Kevlar, the paper bag folding machine, and much more.

This unique virtual event is NOT a lecture, but an immersive and interactive experience that showcases the triumph of female invention. It is a unique celebration of Women’s History Month.

Learn more and book your “She Innovates” session for Women’s History Month!

2. Host a Custom Women’s History Month Virtual Experience – One of Our Favorite Virtual Ideas for Women’s History Month!

Want to create a memorable and meaningful experience with your employees? If so, book an interactive virtual team building session with Unexpected Virtual Tours!

Trusted by companies like Google, UPS, Salesforce, and Coca-Cola, our virtual team building experiences help your team learn and connect with each other. In fact, more than 20,000 corporate attendees have enjoyed our virtual experiences!

With 3 historians on our staff, we’re prepared to delve into Women’s History Month with your team. Moreover, we can customize your session to meet your company’s unique goals or culture.

To plan your virtual team building session, learn more and connect.

Frida Kahlo Gift Box Virtual Ideas for Women's History Month

3. Gift Feminist Treat Boxes & Support Women-Owned Small Businesses – One of Our Favorite Virtual Ideas for Women’s History Month!

During Women’s History Month, gift your team members a beautiful box of unique gifts. We curate our Empower Gift Boxes with thoughtful items from female owned and BIPOC-owned small businesses. Perfect for celebrating women’s history or year-round birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and other milestones.

Choose from 3 different Empower Gift Boxes:

  • Feminist Foodie Box: filled with delicious food treats, featuring images of iconic women!
  • Empower RBG Box: celebrate the memory of your favorite SCOTUS judge, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, with a box of gifts honoring her legacy.
  • Empower Frida Box: tap into your creativity with a box celebrating Frida Kahlo.

Browse our Empower Gift Boxes on Unexpected’s Amazon Store, with free Prime shipping.

4. Share Women’s History Month Quotes

Sharing a powerful quote is a great way to capture your team’s attention and inspire them.

Here are a few of our favorite Women’s History Month quotes:

  • “A feminist is anyone who recognizes the equality and full humanity of women and men.” -Gloria Steinem
  • “If you don’t see a clear path for what you want, sometimes you have to make it yourself.” -Mindy Kaling
  • ” I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own.” -Audre Lorde
  • “Like most who are underestimated, I have learned to over-perform and find soft but key ways to take credit. Because ultimately, leadership and power require the confidence to effectively wield both.” – Stacey Abrams

5. Create Care Kits for Girls & Women

Just because your team doesn’t share an office, doesn’t mean you can’t complete a meaningful service project together! For example, honor Women’s History Month by putting together menstrual kits with your team.

The nonprofit organization Helping Women Period shares that at least five million menstruating people around the world lack adequate resources to manage their periods. The stigma surrounding menstruation can result in many people feeling shame or guilt around this topic, worsening inequities.

Additionally, in the U.S., menstrual health products are not eligible for purchases made with public benefits like WIC and SNAP. Moreover, these products are not exempt from sales tax in the way that many other necessities are.

As a result, creating and distributing menstrual kits can be an incredibly worthwhile and rewarding experience for your team.

Connect with your local shelter or period focused organizations in your area to see how your team can help. For example, The Healing Hands Project collects kits with tampons, pads, new underwear, over the counter pain medication, heating pads, hand sanitizer, and more.

Volunteering Virtual Ideas for Women's History Month

6. Volunteer with a Nonprofit that Empowers Women & Girls – One of Our Favorite Virtual Ideas for Women’s History Month!

These days, it’s easy to find virtual volunteer opportunities for your remote team. During Women’s History Month, consider offering your team time to volunteer with an organization that empowers women and young girls.

For example, here are a few ways you can put your skills to use to help nonprofits serving women and girls:

  • Mentor and tutor students virtually
  • Deliver an impactful and motivational speech
  • Help host a virtual baby shower for a new mom
  • Put together and send care packages to deployed female service members
  • Facilitate virtual discussions for LBGTQ+ women’s groups

This list was inspired by current volunteer opportunities listed online. But, if you feel you have other skills or talents to offer, reach out to a nonprofit you’re interested in! In some cases, an organization may need the help. But, they might not have thought to post a volunteer opportunity aligned with your unique skills.

To find volunteer opportunities near you, visit VolunteerMatch.org. From there, you can view available volunteer roles in your city, or explore virtual volunteer projects.

7. Explore Online Exhibitions with the National Women’s History Museum

Learn about incredible women throughout history with fascinating online exhibits from the National Women’s History Museum.

During this activity, your team can explore online exhibitions on a variety of topics related to women’s history. For example, delve into the history of the women of NASA, women in social justice, women in STEM, female soldiers in WWII, and more. Read primary documents, view video clips, see historical photographs, and learn about important and influential women in history.

View the online exhibits and start planning your virtual tour.

Women in Congress

8. Examine How Women Are Underrepresented in Business & Government

While society has made progress toward advancing women’s rights, there’s still a long way to go. That’s because women are not adequately represented in many industries, and in the governing bodies of many countries.

To learn more, play an interactive quiz game with your team. Ask them to guess about the percentage of women who hold leadership roles in various industries or government branches.

A few Women’s History Month facts that might surprise you:

  • In 2021, a record number of women led Fortune 500 companies. However, that record included only 41 women out of 500 CEOs. In other words, only 8.1% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women.
  • Around the world, women comprise just 4.6% of the Global 500 CEO list. In other words, only 23 out of the 500 CEOs on this list are women.
  • More women than ever before are also serving in the 117th United States Congress. But, representation for women in this important branch of government is still far from equal despite some advances throughout American history. Currently, just under 27% of Congress is female.
  • Throughout U.S. history, only 3.1% of all members of Congress have been women.
  • Globally, just 10 countries have a woman Head of State. Additionally, 13 countries have a woman Head of Government.

Use a service like Kahoot to set up your interactive team quiz.

9. Celebrate Women’s History Month on Social Media – One of Our Favorite Virtual Ideas for Women’s History Month

Do a Women’s History Month takeover on your company’s corporate social media account!

A few ways to promote Women’s History Month on your social media:

  • Share your favorite Women’s History Month quotes (see idea #3!)
  • Post inspirational stories of female entrepreneurs, inventors, scientists, and leaders
  • Diversify your feed by following more women-owned and women-run businesses and accounts
  • Amplify the voices of female thought leaders in your industry

To get started, check out this guide from Harper’s Bazaar: 12 Female Empowering Instagram Accounts to Follow for Daily Inspiration.

Yoga Women's History Month Session

10. Embrace This Year’s Women’s History Month Theme: Providing Healing, Promoting Hope

Did you know that each year, Women’s History Month has a designated theme? The Women’s History Month 2022 theme is: “Providing Healing, Promoting Hope.” This year’s theme is intended to be a tribute to women caregivers and frontline workers during the ongoing pandemic.

Additionally, the theme recognizes the countless ways in which women have provided healing and hope throughout human history, around the world. Many of the ideas in this list can be done in a way that embraces this theme.

Ideas to celebrate the Women’s History Month 2022 theme of Providing Healing, Promoting Hope:

  • Hire a yoga teacher to lead a special virtual session that focuses on rest, reflection, and healing.
  • Offer your employees a paid day off to recuperate from caretaking and self care challenges of the pandemic. For instance, you could offer a day off on International Women’s Day (March 8).
  • Treat employees to a “healing” gift, such as a massage or healthy meal.

Remember, while your activities can be done in the spirit of Women’s History Month, it’s important to be mindful of considerations around discrimination. We recommend treating employees of all genders to these activities and sharing context around the significance of the gesture for Women’s History Month.

11. Explore the Online Exhibit, “Girlhood (It’s Complicated)” from the National Museum of American History

This activity is especially relevant for companies that market to youth audiences. Your team can explore the concept of girlhood as well as how girls have changed history with  the online exhibit, “Girlhood (It’s Complicated)” from the National Museum of American History.

The museum shares that through this online exhibition, “We argue that girlhood has an unexpected and complicated history and that girls, like suffragists, used their voices to make a difference.”

Learn more about girlhood as it relates to news and politics, education, work, wellness, fashion, and life itself with the “Girlhood (It’s Complicated) online exhibition.

12. Plan a “Pecha Kucha” Session for Women’s History Month – One of our Favorite Virtual Ideas for Women’s History Month!

Have you heard of a “Pecha Kucha” presentation session? This is a simple and fun way to learn something new with your team. “Pecha Kucha” is Japanese for “chit-chat.” During a Pecha Kucha session, everyone takes turns presenting on a topic they’re passionate about.

Traditionally, each presentation includes 20 slides that each appear for 20 seconds. That means that each speaker will lead a fast-paced, engaging story that lasts 6-7 minutes.

For this activity, ask your team members to each prepare a Pecha Kucha presentation on a topic related to Women’s History Month. The idea is to explore varied topics and learn something new. During the process, you’re sure to spark discussion, questions, and maybe even a friendly debate.

Here are a few Women’s History Month Pecha Kucha topic ideas to spark some inspiration:

  • The history of female beer brewers
  • The powerful women behind some of history’s most well-known male figures
  • Women leaders in the Civil Rights movement
  • Connections between persecution of witchcraft and female empowerment

New to the idea of Pecha Kucha? Learn more about this fun and impactful presentation style here.

Ted Talks Virtual Ideas for Women's History Month

13. Get Inspired with Ted Talks on Feminism

To hear different perspectives on feminism and female leadership, check out a Ted Talk with your team. You can watch the Ted Talk together using screen sharing during a video call.

Most Ted Talks are around 15-20 minutes, making them the perfect jumping-off point for a discussion. Afterward, spend the rest of the hour discussing the presentation with your team.

To deepen your conversation, it’s a good idea to come prepared with a few prompt questions. For example, you could ask, “What surprised you most when listening to this talk?” Or, you could ask, “How did you feel while you were listening to this talk?”

Explore the Ted Talks playlist: Revolutionary Women!

14. Make a Women’s Empowerment Playlist – One of Our Favorite Virtual Ideas for Women’s History Month!

Celebrate the power of womanhood with an empowering playlist!

For this activity, ask everyone on your team to add their favorite song to honor Women’s History Month. Then, everyone can listen in during the month of March and all year round.

Empowering songs to include on your Women’s History Month playlist:

  • Respect by Aretha Franklin
  • Run the World (Girls) by Beyoncé
  • Most Girls by Hailee Steinfeld
  • Brave by Sara Bareilles
  • I Am Woman by Emmy Meli
  • Stronger by Britney Spears
  • Superwoman by Alicia Keys

15. Hire a Performer or Author to Speak to Your Team

Plan a memorable virtual event by inviting a performer or author to speak to your team for Women’s History Month.

To find a speaker, the National Women’s History Alliance provides a resource list of performers and authors in various U.S. states. As a result, you can find the perfect guest located close to your corporate headquarters, or anywhere in the country.

Browse the National Women’s History Alliance’s database of performers and authors.

What is intersectional feminism?

16. Advocate for Intersectionality

Women’s History Month is undoubtedly a time to celebrate all women and fight for women’s rights. In addition, it’s important to remember that this includes trans women, people who identify as women, women with disabilities, BIPOC women, and so on. Celebrate women of all religions, sizes, sexual orientations. And, celebrate women whether they have children or spouses or not.

Above all, Women’s History Month is about equity and inclusion. By bringing an intersectional lens to your activities, you’ll more fully embrace the spirit behind the occasion. And, you’ll deepen your team’s learning while also creating an affirming, welcoming space for all your employees.

You can find a wide variety of resources and interactive activities on intersectionality here. Another good jumping off point is this article: How bell hooks Paved the Way for Intersectional Feminism.

Frequently Asked Questions about Women’s History Month

Virtual Ideas for Women's History Month

What is Women’s History Month?

Women’s History Month is a time to honor and recognize the achievements of incredible women throughout history. Additionally, this is a time to recognize the ways in which women and women’s rights have been suppressed. Finally, Women’s History Month is a time to push forward toward further equity and celebrate the women and girls who are leading us into the future.

When is Women’s History Month?

Women’s History Month is celebrated in March. For an easy way to remember what month is Women’s History Month, just think of the Women’s March.

Where is Women’s History Month celebrated?

Women’s History Month is celebrated in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

In Canada, Women’s History Month is celebrated during October. That’s because October corresponds with Persons Day on October 18. This holiday commemorates the day in 1929 when Canada’s highest court formally decided to include women in the legal definition of “persons.”

Additionally, many people around the world celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8.

How did Women’s History Month begin?

Women’s History Month stems from International Women’s Day, first celebrated on March 8, 1911. Decades later the local school district in Sonoma, CA celebrated Women’s History Week in 1978.

Shortly after, in 1979, several organizations celebrated and advocated for Women’s History Week together: Sarah Lawrence College, the Women’s Action Alliance, and the Smithsonian Institution.

In 1980, President Jimmy Carter declared the week of March 8, 1980, as Women’s History Week, by presidential proclamation. In the following years, Congress passed joint resolutions proclaiming Women’s History Week.

Then, in 1987, Congress passed Pub L 100-9, which officially designated March 1987 as the first Women’s History Month. Since then, Presidents from 1988 onward have all made an annual proclamation of Women’s History Month.

What is the theme for Women’s History Month 2022?

The Women’s History Month theme for 2022 is “Providing Healing, Promoting Hope.” This theme recognizes the many ways in which women have provided healing and hope to humanity for countless generations.

Additionally, this theme brings to mind the many ways in which women are currently overburdened with caretaking duties and in need of relief.

We wish you and your team a celebratory Women’s History Month filled with learning and fun. Looking for more virtual DEI team building ideas? If so, explore our Diversity and Equity Virtual Team Building resources and ideas!