Fun, Educational, and Interactive Virtual Field Trips

We build incredible virtual field trips for thousands of students. We love history and we love working with kids. Every virtual field trip includes six components:

  • Interactive storytelling and unique games
  • Live, on-location guides at important historic locations
  • Small group breakout rooms to connect and have fun
  • Hands-on activities and treats that kids adore
  • Teachers’ guides e-mailed to the organizer
  • Tours designed by our award-winning historian

Unexpected Virtual Tours exceeded all our expectations for our school's 3rd-5th graders! The presentation was age-appropriate, interesting, and fun, with engaging hosts. The tour was informative and sensitive about racially significant issues, and I heard from parents afterward how wonderfully everything was presented. I can't recommend their virtual tours enough.

Betty T.

I was a skeptic that there really could be a deep, meaningful, fun experience virtually that kids would enjoy. I will say that AFTER the virtual tour, I'm a believer! My 10 year old daughter loved it and wants to do another one. So, that's the real litmus test!

Kanika S.

Super interactive and provided breakout opportunities for the kids to get to know each other better. The guides were energetic and engaging and did an excellent job. All the students raved about how much fun they had, and how much they learned.

Dr. Joseph

Virtual Field Trips

Civil War
Virtual Field Trip

virtual field trip

This incredible Civil War virtual field trip brings students through the history of the Civil War, from slavery to the present day, with two on-location visits to the origin of Uncle Tom’s Cabin in Maryland and Ontario.

Students will also break a quilt code, a Vignere cipher, and learn Civil War sword tactics from our stage combat choreographer. So much fun and learning!


Breakout Rooms


On-Location Guides

Music Evolution
Virtual Field Trip

Students participating in a virtual field trip

Our most popular virtual field trip transforms Zoom into “Ka-Zoom” with fun kazoo challenges while your students trace the history of music with our vibrant and knowledgeable guides.

This educational experience moves from the antebellum period to the present day with a focus on appropriation, re-appropriation, and collaboration in music. Plus, our on-location guide will take your students live to Nashville’s music scene.


Breakout Rooms


On-Location Guide

Southern Food
Virtual Field Trip

For early elementary students, our Southern Food Virtual Field Trip includes fun hands-on foodie scavenger hunts, a discussion of the history behind Southern food, and our professional puppeteer to bring the fun.

This educational tour shares how Southern food is a combination of West African, Native American, and European foods, and provides a gentle introduction to the concept of “hard history.”


Breakout Room


What is the pricing for an Unexpected Virtual Field Trip?

We provide flat free pricing of $1,000 for the entire experience for student groups from 100 to 250 students, which basically results in an experience between $4 to $10 per student.

For smaller groups, we can provide customized budgets, but pricing generally starts at around $20 per person.

Why Choose Unexpected Virtual Tours?

Virtual Field Trips should be fun, educational, AND interactive.

We’ve seen a lot of “virtual field trips” that are basically just watching a video or looking at pictures — in our mind, that’s NOT a Virtual Field Trip.

After all, when students go on real field trips, they get their hands dirty, exploring, learning, and investigating. Our Virtual Field Trips do the same thing.

Every Virtual Field Trip includes engaging and fun professional guides who make history fun and fascinating. And the research is designed by our award-winning historian who aligns the field trips with Social Studies Standards of Excellence.

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