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Fun Virtual Team Building Activities

Virtual Team-Building Ideas for Sports Lovers

By March 1, 2021September 8th, 2021No Comments

As spring draws near, the Master’s Tournament and U.S. open are quickly approaching. In 2021, if you can’t take your team and clients to the events, consider going virtual. Many corporate teams are seeking out virtual team-building ideas for sports lovers. These 12+ activities and experiences will satisfy everyone from golf enthusiasts to baseball fans. Even your indoorsy team members can get in on the fun with these virtual team-building activities for sports lovers!

TLDR: In this article, you’ll find:

  • Virtual team-building ideas for sports lovers
  • Virtual team building for sports fans
  • COVID-safe activities to help your team bond
  • Outdoor team-building ideas for spring
  • Sports-related team-building activities everyone will enjoy

Picnic or BBQ Virtual Team-Building Ideas for Sports Lovers

1. Host a Company Picnic or BBQ

This old-school team-building activity is making a comeback. This is one you can even do and keep everyone socially distanced if you have team members who work from home near each other. Find a scenic outdoor spot and gather your crew for a sunny picnic or barbecue. You can take COVID precautions while enjoying the outdoors and building camaraderie. Consider ordering pre-boxed lunches from a local catering company or restaurant. Be sure to include food options for vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free employees. Want to ramp up the fun and activity and keep your team engaged? Add some classic outdoor games like a potato sack race or egg and spoon race. Other COVID-friendly activities include volleyball, frisbee, or a group hike.

Helpful article: read HuffPost’s guide on how to plan a safe picnic during the Coronavirus pandemic

Unexpected Virtual Tours Golf Par-Tee Best Team-Building Activities for Sports Lovers

2. Build a Mini Golf Course at your desk – one of our favorite virtual team-building ideas for sports lovers!

Wish your team was at the Masters or the U.S. Open this year? Miss playing golf with your colleagues? Get into the golfing spirit with a Design-A-Golf-Course experience from Unexpected Virtual Tours. This fun session includes an interactive trivia game. You’ll also get a live look at two important golf history locations. Plus, complete a “design your own golf course” challenge with all of the materials shipped directly to you. And, even if you don’t love golf, this experience will get everyone working together, laughing, and creating. This is one of our favorite virtual team-building ideas for sports lovers and for client appreciation! This is a great one for high employee engagement via video conferencing.

Get ready to party! Learn more and sign up for a Design-A-Golf-Course session here.

TopGolf Virtual Team-Building Ideas for Sports Lovers

3. Take a Field Trip to TopGolf

TopGolf is a well-loved corporate outing for good reason. At TopGolf, you’ll find plenty of golfing games along with group lessons. All skill levels are welcome – no golf experience required! TopGolf is also a great destination for a client appreciation event or meeting. Their virtual courses allow you to experience some of the world’s most iconic golf courses – no travel required! When the team finishes playing, there are plenty of food and drink options on-site. Be sure to check your local TopGolf for the latest safety protocols and guidelines.

Ready for golfing fun? Find your local TopGolf location here.

Virtual 5k Virtual Team-Building Ideas for Sports Lovers

4. Run a Virtual 5k

Help build a health and exercise-minded corporate culture, even from home. Some employees love the idea of running a 5k, while others might dread it. Either way, running an optional virtual 5k with coworkers can be a meaningful shared experience. Check with local running organizations and charities to discover your local virtual race options. You could even consider sponsoring a race to gain marketing visibility. Or, visit a website like virtualrun.com to find a virtual race available anywhere. Depending on the run you choose, finishers could receive a medal, t-shirt, and other swag items to sport proudly on the next Zoom call. Your employees will feel a sense of accomplishment. They might even discover a newfound passion for running.

Pro tip: find dozens of fun virtual race options and distances at virtualrun.com!

Frisbee Golf Disc Golf Virtual Team-Building Ideas for Sports Lovers

5. Start a Frisbee Golf League

Frisbee golf is a distanced outdoor activity that’s fun for all ages. Players throw a flying disc and aim to get it into an elevated metal basket with the fewest throws. This is a game that helps workers get some steps in, enjoy the fresh air, and bond together. Whether your employees are making a hole in one or throwing frisbees with wild, unskilled enthusiasm, everyone is sure to have a good time! Consider starting a casual weekly or biweekly game. You can even encourage workers to invite their friends, family, or significant others to join the fun. Consider hosting an outdoor picnic or snack session afterward.

Check out the Professional Disc Golf Association to find a disc golf course near you

Airbnb Olympian Paralympian Virtual Team-Building Ideas for Sports Lovers

6. Learn from an Olympian or Paralympian

Searching for unique team-building activities for sports lovers? One unlikely offering is from Airbnb. The vacation rental company also offers virtual learning experiences with Olympian and Paralympian athletes. Inspire your team from the comfort of home! Your employees will learn from some of the world’s best athletes. There are dozens of topics and speakers to choose from. Options include positive thinking, mindful yoga, cooking, confidence, goal-setting, and more. These lessons are applicable to the workplace as well as the gym. Your team members will be performing at their peak before you know it.

Browse Airbnb’s sports-themed virtual learning experiences.

Water Balloons Virtual Team-Building Ideas for Sports Lovers

7. Plan a Field Day – one of our favorite team-building ideas for sports lovers and all teams!

Remember field days in elementary school? We’d all wear brightly colored team shirts, throw water balloons and dodgeballs, and enjoy popsicles. Just because we’re grown-up, doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy a good Field Day. With a modest budget, you can plan a fun and team-building Field Day for your employees. Off-the-beaten-path ideas include a giant bubble-making station and a hula-hooping contest. You could also have a dunk station and bouncy-ball races. Sidewalk chalk can also make for a fun, creative activity. Hand out prizes or trophies at the end of the day. Be sure to take plenty of photos to enjoy the memories for years to come.

Need more inspiration? Here are 15 field day games for adults. Many are COVID-safe, and others can be adapted for more distancing!

Vitual Watch Party Master's Tournament Virtual Team-Building Ideas for Sports Lovers

8. Watch the Big Game or Tournament Together

Can’t join the Master’s or U.S. Open in person this year? Host a corporate watch party for the next big game or sports tournament. Offer each employee a stipend or gift card to enjoy their favorite take-out for the big game. Nachos, wings, or burgers and dogs – everyone can share their treat of choice with the group chat. Your team can cheer, joke around, and bond together from their living rooms. Hosting a virtual Master’s viewing party? Be sure to check out Delish’s 5 easy Master’s-inspired recipes to make at home. Teams feel closer when they have shared connections.

Need some technical support? Explore Wired’s guide to easily hosting a virtual watch party.

Sky Zone Virtual Team-Building Ideas for Sports Lovers

9. Head to SkyZone Trampoline Park

With 200+ locations around the U.S., SkyZone is a popular spot for corporate and team outings. This indoor trampoline park is taking enhanced health and safety precautions, so your team can relax worry-free. Bounce around on wall-t0-wall trampolines. Or, try to sink some shots with SkySlam basketball. SkyZone also offers dodgeball, a foam zone with soft landings, SkyJousting, obstacle courses, and more.  You can rent out the whole facility, or rent a private room for your group. Sometimes, jumping around and acting silly is just what we need to let go of tension or stress. SkyZone describes its indoor activities as “the kind of play that is good for our bodies and even better for our brains.”

Ready to jump into some team-building fun? Find your local SkyZone here.

Video Game Virtual Team-Building Ideas for Sports Lovers

10. Connect for a Virtual Video Game Session

Nowadays, there are endless virtual gaming options out there. This activity will satisfy your gamer employees as well as your team’s sports lovers. Jackbox is great for gaming with coworkers, friends, and family. Their games include trivia, writing games, drawing games, and more. While Jackbox isn’t necessarily sports-focused, their games focus on healthy competition and virtual fun. Or, connect via Steam, a popular gaming platform for Windows and PC computers. Many of Steam’s games are multiplayer. A built-in chat feature allows team members to stay connected while they play. This is a great choice for a fun online meeting to get away from the grind of remote work.

Browse Steam’s collection of sports games – including EA Sports FIFA 21, PGA Tour 2k21, Madden NFL 21, and a slew of others.

Paintball Virtual Team-Building Ideas for Sports Lovers

11. Organize a Paintball Day – one of our favorite team-building activities for sports lovers!

While it might sound counterintuitive, paintball is a perfect activity for introverted team members. This activity allows everyone to spend time together without needing to maintain an ongoing conversation. Your team’s sports and adrenaline junkies will also be thrilled with this activity. If you’ve never played paintball, have no fear. Most paintball companies will walk your team through the process and provide all the equipment you need. Build camaraderie, get a little messy, and enjoy the beautiful outdoors! Pro tip: warm weather is best for this activity – nobody likes getting pegged with a near-frozen paintball!

Helpful guide: this UK-based paintball company shares 6 reasons why paintball is fantastic for team-building.

Bike Ride Virtual Team-Building Ideas for Sports Lovers

12. Host a Group Bike Ride

Much like with paintball, a group bike ride is a great way to get everyone together without the need to plan additional activities or conversation. Find a local bike rental company and hit the trail on a sunny weekend day! If your team includes Peloton owners, organize a virtual group ride. Keep each other accountable by signing up for the same group rides. You can even send out a calendar appointment to keep everyone motivated and build healthy routines together. Give each other kudos with a high-five on the Leaderboard. This is a great way to build trust and fun with your team.

Get started with Peloton’s guide to team-building one ride at a time.

13. Answer Sports-Focused Icebreaker Questions

Start your team working together on a video call with fun sports ice breakers. What is your favorite team? What did you play in high school? This is a great way to buld trust among your remote employees. And, if everyone likes it, set up a Slack channel where teams can continue chatting about sports later.

14. Set Up a Fantasy Football League

Set up a simple fantasy football league among colleagues. This is a great way to make team meetings enjoyable. And, you could even set up a virtual happy hour to discuss your league.

However your team chooses to connect, there is an incredible sense of teamwork and shared accomplishment that comes from gaming and playing together!