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I’d love to do this again.

It was fun learning about and seeing the food and traditions in Rome and Prague. I enjoyed the live interaction between us and the guides in those cities. I’d love to do this again.

Vicki H. at NerdWallet

The gold standard for not just virtual but how a tour should be!

Jen, Joy, Kristin and Emily did a fantastic tour of Atlanta. The vibe that they presented, the perfect blend of history, facts, visualization, activities, the treat box, it was all amazing. They are the gold standard for not just virtual but how a tour should be!

Jeremy H. at Tripadvisor

My expectations were blown out of the park!

I spent more time than I’ll admit trying to find a “unique” digital experience that wasn’t just your typical cooking or wine tasting. When I found this I was like “hmm, interesting”…but as soon as I reached out my expectations were blown out the park! What a top notch team! EVERYTHING was beyond great – the communication, goodies, the EXPERIENCE! We did the “Best of Atlanta” option given we have a remote team but our company HQ is in ATL, and even those in the area were raving about things they learned. Thank you so, so much to Jamie, Kevin, Emily and Kristin for guiding our team on such a fun virtual adventure!

Sarah S. at Kirkland & Ellis

Our virtual trip was flawless.

THANK YOU, Unexpected Virtual Tours for taking my team and me on an epic virtual European Holiday! Our virtual trip was flawless due in part to the very smooth coordination and transitions by our thoughtful and knowledgeable tour guides – Joy, Arielle, Robert, and Gianluca. In addition to our spectacular tour guides that pumped up the holiday cheer for our virtual holiday party, coordinating this with Margaret on ordering treat boxes and scheduling this virtual event was so easy and speedy! Thank you again, Unexpected Virtual Tours team, for making our first virtual holiday party a smash!
Keely S. at Third Sector

Unexpected Virtual Tours did all the work.

Super fun, easy for us as a company to enjoy. Unexpected Virtual Tours did all the work and provided some fun hosts Emily & Margaret who walked us through the whole event. Jason was onsite for a tour which we loved. Thank you all!!

Nicole S. at Google

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By far the best virtual experience I’ve EVER had!

This was by far the best virtual experience I’ve EVER had! The hour flew by and I found myself wishing it would go on. It was informative, fun, and a delight. Thank you Kevin, Kristin, Joy, and Jason!! 10/10 would recommend and do again!

Sarah G. at Aceable