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11+ Zoom Team Building Games for Remote Teams

Zoom Team Building Games for Remote Teams

Discover 11+ Zoom team building games to help your crew connect, learn, laugh, and build communication skills together.

These days, many remote workers spend large parts of their day on video calls. Whether you’re meeting with clients or internally, video calls can be draining at times. In this guide, you’ll find unique Zoom team building games to liven up your video calls and add some fun.

See your team from a fresh perspective with fun activities that encourage trust, personal connections, and a shared sense of culture and excitement. Read on to discover how!

A few of our favorite Zoom team building games:

Read on for more information on these virtual team building games, and more ideas!

  • Play alongside the Masters with a golf activity
  • Level up with a Lego building challenge
  • Play modern versions of classic games like “Guess Who”
  • Learn more about each other with a safe-for-work game of Truth or Dare
  • Race against each other in timed challenges

In this guide, you’ll find:

  • Online team building games for hybrid and remote teams
  • Ideas to engage remote employees and new hires
  • Activities to help your team feel connected with each other and build trust
  • Games and icebreakers to add fun and excitement to conference calls
  • Virtual happy hour ideas to get everyone chatting and encourage team bonding

Zoom Team Building Games

Virtual Golf Game Virtual Zoom Games

1. Play Alongside the Masters – One of Our Favorite Zoom Team Building Games!

Wish your team was at the Masters or the U.S. Open this year? Miss playing a game of golf with your colleagues? Get into the golfing spirit with the Design-A-Golf-Course virtual team-building event from Unexpected Virtual Tours!

In this fun experience, you and your team will learn about golf design history. Test your skills by building a golf hole at your desks. And, get a live look at locations important to golf legend Bobby Jones.

Even if your team isn’t full of golf fanatics, this 90-minute Zoom experience will get everyone working together, laughing, and creating. Plus, you can even have thematic treat boxes including Lindt golf ball chocolates, the Golf Mug, and more shipped to each players’ door!

Learn more and book your Design-A-Golf-Course session.

2. Get Competitive with Bingo

Bingo is a classic game and one that everyone knows. But, you may have not known that bingo can be a great and easy team building game to play on Zoom!

To prepare for game play, provide all players with a bingo card. Find free online bingo cards in our bingo blog post!

Additionally, you can utilize an online Bingo number generator. Finally, you’ll need to assign an announcer to call out the selected numbers.

During your video call, begin calling numbers and see who reaches “bingo” first! Enjoy fun and laughter together during this nostalgic game that pushes your team members’ listening and attention skills. Bonus fun: ask your team if anyone has a Bingo ball spinner to use!

Get even more virtual bingo ideas in our blog post: Virtual Team Building Bingo Ideas.

LEGO Team Building Challenge Virtual Team Building Games

3. Level Up with the Lego Building Challenge – One of Our Favorite Zoom Team Building Games!

Challenge your team to a game all about building Legos! With the goal of being the best builder, your entire team is in for a competition like no other.

Ahead of the game, ship each participant their own Lego kit, along with a game Zoom link. Then, take turns challenging the team to different builds! For instance, you might ask everyone to create a Lego version of their favorite animal or a pet, or their favorite vacation spot.

Alternatively, your team can vote on a special edition Lego kit to each build. Options include your favorite video games, movies, and more.

Share challenge creations and vote for best design amongst your team. This hands-on game will bring a whole new meaning of building to team building! Additionally, everyone will get a fun keepsake that can spark creativity in the future.

This Classic Lego Kit is a great, budget-friendly place to start!

4.Who Can Guess Who? – One of Our Favorite Zoom Team Building Games!

After several years (or maybe longer!) of working from home, your team members are probably used to seeing each other on video calls. But, could you recognize your fellow office mate from a childhood photo?

To organize a game of “Who Can Guess Who,” create a shared photo album with your team. Encourage teammates to upload baby photos, funny childhood photos, or even prom photos. This is especially fun team building for offices with a variety of generations!

On a Zoom call, have the meeting host share each picture submitted, one by one, to the entire team. Then, everyone takes a guess as to who is on screen. Be sure to give each person the opportunity to share stories and answer questions about their photo.

Encouraging communication and engagement, this is one of our favorite team building games on Zoom. That’s because this activity will give your group the chance to grow more comfortable together and learn about each other’s younger days.

Zoom Team Building Games

5. Present the Perfect Pitch

This game tests your team’s elevator pitch skills and creativity! Plus, it’s perfect for larger companies with many employees.

To play, separate your team members into smaller groups utilizing Zoom’s breakout room feature. Each group is tasked with creating a “pitch” around an idea. This idea can be either selected by themselves or given by a host. For example, you could ask everyone to pitch the company’s next product or social media post!

Give teams a set amount of time to create their “pitch” before live presenting in front of the whole group. The team with the best pitch wins! Additionally, use Zoom’s voting tools to make selecting the winner easy.

Requiring collaboration and communication, this may become a staple idea process for your team!

6. Get Creative with StopotS

Similar to the game Scattegories, the online game StopotS is the ultimate virtual version! The aim of the game is to quickly produce a word starting with a specific letter within a given category.

Great for Zoom, this game is easily hosted through a video call. Plus, your team can play rounds of the game individually or in teams. It’s a perfect virtual team building activity for quick thinking skills and team camaraderie. Additionally, this is a great icebreaker to get minds flowing for a creative session.

By the end, you may just have your next successful campaign – all from a game!

Get started playing StopotS online.

5 Things Zoom Team Building Games

7. Can You Name Five Things?

Challenge your team to the improv game, Five Things. Players will need to be quick-thinking and ready to get creative!

Joining together via Zoom, designate a team member to serve as the game host. The host picks a topic and a participant on the call. The chosen person has 15 seconds to name five specific items with the given topic. Then, that player chooses another topic and the next player.

For instance, the host might choose the topic: Breakfast Foods. Then, the chosen person might name pancakes, waffles, cereal, muffins, and fruit. Categories can range from company products to sports to movies, pop culture, music, and more!

Any player who can’t think of 5 things before time runs out is eliminated. You might be surprised how quickly 15 seconds goes by when you’re under pressure!

Teams love this high-energy activity that builds stronger connections and encouragement skills between coworkers.

8. Play Truth or Dare (Safe-for-Work!) – One of Our Favorite Zoom Team Building Games!

When is the last time you played Truth or Dare? Play this nostalgic game with your team to foster connections and become better acquainted.

To begin the game, join a Zoom call and designate a dare-master. The dare-master’s job is to call out truths or dares each round. Players who do not wish to take on the challenge must turn off their video camera.

For the remaining team members brave enough to keep their cameras on, the dare-master will select one person to complete a “safe-for-work” challenge. For easy play, utilize an online Truth or Dare generator. Or, create a list of your own to make the game more personal.

Create memories and foster conversations with one another through this silly team building game!

Ready to dive in? Try this safe-for-work online Truth or Date idea generator.

Bet on the Crowd Virtual Zoom Team Building Game

9. Bet On The Crowd

Bet on the Crowd is an engaging team building game that’s all about wagering on the majority opinion. To prepare the challenge, create a list of opposite or differing personal preferences to quiz the team with each round. Utilizing Zoom’s polling feature, opt for a two-answer format, or bump up the challenge with the four-answer format.

For example, brainstorm preferences like:

  • Cats, dogs, birds, or reptiles
  • Skiing or surfing
  • Early bird or night owl
  • Text messages, emails, dm’s or phone calls

Next, have the team hop on a Zoom call and start a poll for players to cast their opinions. Before revealing the responses, prompt teammates to guess which answer will win. The player who correctly predicts the most rounds wins!

Great for teams new and seasoned, this game will bring your team together and reveal your similar, or differing, interests!

10. Compete in Virtual Rock, Paper, Scissors

Opt for another classic game: Rock, Paper, Scissors! Utilizing Zoom’s reaction features, compete with a modern twist to the game.

Refresh your team on the game rules: scissor cuts paper, paper covers rock, rock crushes scissors. Then, share this key with your team to be ready to play.

👏 = Paper

👍 = Rock

Teammates cross arms = Scissors

Prompt the group with the classic game chant, “rock, paper, scissors, shoot!” On shoot, all players submit their response. Pool the winning reactions each round to see who advances. By the end, you’ll have one single winner to reign as champion.

Turn this game that your team is probably already familiar with into the ultimate competition that garners camraderie and excitement amongst your entire team.

Team Building Games on Zoom Virtual Activities

11. Who Will Win the Bracket? – One of Our Favorite Zoom Team Building Games!

This game is for the teams who love a tournament bracket. “Who Will Win the Bracket?” pits your team’s best ideas against each other to name an ultimate winner.

To play, pick a category for your bracket. For example, categories might include:

  • Best superhero (or villain!)
  • Best Disney character
  • Best 90’s song
  • Best movie

Then, team members submit an answer to be entered into the bracket. As a team, work down the bracket on a Zoom call as coworkers weigh in on which answer is to advance. Once the category’s winning answer is determined, celebrate the team member who’s pick is chosen!

This is a great low-key activity for teams to enjoy together. Or, it may just turn into a fierce competition!

Hosing a large group, company-wide meeting, or conference? Find ideas, activities, games, and more with our guide: Virtual Activities for Large Groups!