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Women’s History Month Social Media Toolkit

Use this Women’s History Month Social Media Toolkit to celebrate Women’s History Month on your company’s public social media platforms. Posting about Women’s History Month on social media is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion while supporting female creators, businesses, and more.

In this post, you’ll find tips and best practices to plan a successful Women’s History Month social media campaign. Read on to see how your team can celebrate respectfully, spark meaningful conversations, uplift female voices, and learn something new!

A few of our favorite Women’s History Month social media ideas:

Read on for more details on these ideas, and additional ideas!

  • Include your team in the planning process
  • Share quotes and interesting facts to educate audiences
  • Re-share (with permission!) posts from female influencers, leaders, and creators
  • Collaborate with female content creators

In this list, you’ll find:

  • Steps to plan a successful social media campaign to educate and engage audiences during Women’s History Month
  • Ways to amplify female voices and creators
  • Tips and best practices to brainstorm, plan your content calendar, and create posts

Integrating Women’s History Month into Your Social Media Strategy

group pairing their Women's History Month social posts with meaningful action

Pair Your Social Media Posts with Meaningful Action

Before planning your Women’s History Month social media content, determine how you can use your campaign to create meaningful action. After all, actions speak louder than words. This is an important step to ensuring that your campaign is not simply performative. 

By pursuing meaningful action, your company is investing in diversity, equity, and inclusion. A recent article by Forbes highlights 15 key benefits that companies gain when putting importance on DEI issues. The article quoted Claire Schmidt, from AllVoices: 

DEI efforts are incredibly important for retention. Highly inclusive companies are more likely to hit their financial target goals by up to 120%, so there are very strong business reasons for prioritizing DEI.”

There are many ways to pair your posts with action. For instance, your company can plan a volunteer day with a local organization focused on women’s issues. Or, take part in a local Women’s History Month celebration.

Plus, you can back your support with monetary contributions to further your action. This could be an event sponsorship or ongoing donations to advocate for change. Be sure to ask for employee input on how you will take action.

Amplify Women’s Voices

After you diversify your company’s social media feed, take the step to amplify women’s voices to your audiences. Re-share content from female creators you follow to share with your audience an expanded view of women’s issues. This is an easy way to create more content on your social media platforms that takes little effort, all while supporting women!

Be sure to always ask ahead of time when sharing other people’s content. As a best practice, gaining approval to share content helps to ensure that your company is respectful of female creators. Furthermore, gaining a creator’s approval shows respect for the time, energy, and resources they have poured into their content.

Plan a Women’s History Month Virtual Team Building Experience & Share It on Social Media! 

Planning a fun activity to celebrate Women’s History Month together is a great opportunity to learn and grow together.

The “She Innovates” virtual event from Unexpected Virtual Tours and Training celebrates the spirit of female ingenuity. Your team will learn about important historic lessons in a way that’s fun and engaging.

During the activity, be sure to snap a few photos to share later on social media. Recapping your team’s learning moments and what you most enjoyed are great takeaways to share with your network!

If you want to rock out to female muscians throughout history, the She Rocks! Music Evolution virtual experience will have your team singing along and learning about iconic women musicians who introduced entire new genres of music to the world!

Above all, it is important to ensure your team’s privacy and comfort when posting. Not all team members may be comfortable having their images or quotes shared on your company’s social media platforms. Consider asking participants to sign a photo release form before the activity. Or, create optional photo and feedback opportunities that employees can engage in. 

Furthermore, it is best practice to share any content you plan to post with employees featured in the content. Gaining content approval ensures your team’s comfort and privacy throughout your social media campaign. 

Use Women’s History Month Hashtags

Make the most out of your Women’s History Month social media posts by using hashtags. Using relevant hashtags helps your content reach the right audiences and makes you part of the conversation during the month. 

Women’s History Month Hashtags to Boost Your Social Media Post Visibility:

  • #WomensHistoryMonth
  • #WomensHistoryMonth2024
  • #womeninhistory
  • #internationalwomensday
  • #herstory

three smiling women walking down a hallway

Be Respectful of All Women & Avoid Stereotypes

It is important to be respectful and inclusive in your Women’s History Month social media posts. Be sure your content does not exclude any women or perpetuate stereotypes and sexist ideas. 

Sometimes, it can be tricky to know what is acceptable – especially in a workplace environment. Consider collaborating with your company’s diversity resource groups or an external DEI consultant to review your content plans. By working together, your content can be peer-reviewed to follow today’s best practices. 

During Women’s History Month, be sure to include perspectives from women of all backgrounds and life experiences. It’s important to recognize that women from different cultures, countries, and communities may have different experiences.

More so, your content can show a variety of topics highlighting a range of unique histories, customs, and viewpoints. As you create your content, be sure you are respectful of all of these aspects. 

Share Women’s History Month Quotes on Social Media

Your audiences might enjoy content highlighting quotes from noteworthy female figures. By featuring voices from the past and present, quotes can bring attention to key issues and inspire your followers. 

Plus, social media posts that feature quotes are easily “shareable” by your audiences. Today, one of the best ways to be seen on social media algorithms is by having your content shared. With a share, your message will be amplified and it is a great way to boost your engagement to gain new followers. 

This Women’s History Month, share quotes from influential women across the globe or within your company! From activists, authors, public figures, and more the possibilities are endless. When designing quote graphics, we suggest working with your company’s marketing team to use your brand fonts and colors.

In this blog post, you can browse some of our favorite quotes for Women’s History Month: 90+ Quotes for Women’s History Month.

Share what you are listening to

Share What You’re Watching, Reading, & Listening to This Women’s History Month

Enjoy women’s history by watching, reading, and listening to pieces of work by female creators. Opt to engage in work as a team or individually. Once finished, share your thoughts and takeaways with one another. After debriefing, collaborate together to pick favorite themes and inspiring ideas to post about on your company’s social media accounts. 

Sharing what you are enjoying as a company offers topics to build connections with your audiences on. Plus, you’ll be highlighting important DEI initiatives with your followers in real time. 

When posting, consider encouraging your followers to interact with your content. For example, invite people to comment, engage in a poll, or ask questions to your team. Great questions to ask your followers are, “What books are you reading this Women’s History Month?” or “Tell us your favorite female content creators in the comments!”

Recommendations to share on social media during Women’s History Month:

  • Women’s History Month book recommendations by female authors
  • Songs by female artists and playlists highlighting female artists of the past and present 
  • Your favorite women-owned and run magazines, e-zines, and poetry journals 
  • Films or documentaries about women’s history and culture around the world
  • Podcasts hosted by women that focus on women’s issues 

Share About Women’s History with Your Followers

During Women’s History Month, take the opportunity to share knowledge and promote women’s issues on your social media platforms rather than content about your company. There are many ways to share women’s history and ongoing issues on social media. 

Ideas to share about women’s history:

  • Share this interactive timeline, Women of the world, unite! exploring women’s activism from generations past and present from UN Women. This is a fantastic activity for your team to engage in learning more about women’s history together, too.
  • Invite a noteworthy female author, industry leader, or activist to speak to your company and share the experience live or in later posts.
  • Highlight facts about women’s history that your team found surprising. Check out this Women’s Day article, 35 Fascinating Women’s History Month Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know to get started.

Collaborate with Female Content Creators

Collaborate with Women Content Creators

Today, partnering with content creators is a great resource for companies and brands. Collaboration can be a mutually beneficial option for your next Women’s History Month social media campaign. 

There are many ways to collaborate with a content creator. Options may include sharing your products with female markets with an influential female creator. Or, you may consider sponsoring a female content creator who is an activist on issues that your company supports. 

If you have never worked with a content creator, we suggest learning more about the industry before jumping in. Check out Influencer Marketing Hub’s article, An In-Depth Guide to Successful Content Collaboration to learn more.

Share How Women’s History Month fits into Your Company’s DEI Goals

Women’s History Month is a great time to bring attention to DEI initiatives your company has that support women’s issues. For instance, your company might regularly support nonprofits serving women in your local community. Or, you might choose to work with specific vendors that employ and support a strong female workforce.

Women’s History Month is a great time to internally review why sharing about women’s issues is important to your company. Discuss what steps you may want to take to turn your Women’s History Month activities into long-term initiatives.

Some organizations to support during Women’s History Month (and year-round!):

  • Women for Women International: This organization is comprised of a global community committed to investing in women around the world who are survivors of war and conflict. With the mission to provide social and economic skills, the organization works to support women in transforming their lives and creating a more just world.
  • Girls Who Code: This nonprofit’s mission focuses on closing the gender gap in today’s technology industry. The organization offers programs across the United States for young women to learn coding and make connections for careers in technology. 
  • National Women’s History Alliance: As a leader in promoting women’s history, this organization is committed to sharing women’s history and the empowerment of women’s stories from the past and present. Highlighting women’s roles in historical events like the 19th amendment, the equal rights amendment, international women’s day, and more, this organization is an educational hub for the history of women.
  • Connect with organizations in your local area by reaching out to your local Women’s Chamber of Commerce. Your local chamber can connect your company with organizations involved in women’s issues in your local community!

Diversify your social media followers

Diversify Your Social Media Feed by Following Women Creators

Women’s History Month is a great time to diversify your social media feed. Take the opportunity to do so both for your company and your personal social media accounts. 

Taking only a few minutes, review who your company accounts follow. By scrolling your company’s “Following” list, note how many women you follow. Does your account follow industry and world leaders representing women from different backgrounds and life experiences? 

If not, take the opportunity to diversify the creators you follow. Even after Women’s History Month is over, seek out a diverse array of content creators year-round to learn more about different points of view and issues involving women across all races, backgrounds, age groups, and more.

To get started, check out this Forbes guide of 30 Inspirational Women from a wide variety of industries!

Explore an interactive virtual program that celebrates Women’s History Month! “She Innovates” from Unexpected Virtual Tours is an immersive session that engages teams of all backgrounds.

Book your session and see why our DEI team building programs are trusted by companies like Google, Coca-Cola, UPS, Salesforce, and more!