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Virtual Travel Experiences: The Best Guided Virtual Tours Around the World

Virtual Travel Experiences: The Best Guided Virtual Tours Around the World

Did you know that virtual tours can transport you to some of the most breathtaking places on Earth without ever leaving your home? In this post, you’ll find some of the best virtual tours around the world – plus tips for how to make the most of the experience!

Virtual tours are more accessible than ever today. Thanks to technology, you can take your team building to a whole new level with spectacular world virtual tours. This is perfect for teams scattered across the globe and remote teams. Through virtual tours, you can have a unique bonding experience while learning something new. Virtual travel experiences also make great DEI events as you learn about other cultures, histories, and traditions.

Even if you can’t actually take a trip with your coworkers, you can still travel together – virtually! In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most engaging virtual tours of the world. From ancient ruins and natural wonders to famous museums and galleries, there’s something for everyone on this virtual journey. Whichever activity you choose, a virtual travel experience can satisfy your team’s need to explore together – right from your desks! 

Guided Virtual Tours of Cities and Neighborhoods

world virtual tour European Holiday

1. See Rome, Italy and Prague, Czech Republic on a European Holiday Adventure

Virtually travel to Rome and Prague with your team! This Europe virtual team building event includes on-location guides and two virtual walking tours.

First, be amazed by Roman architecture, including the Pantheon. Built in 125 CE, the Pantheon is the best-preserved ancient Roman building. An architectural wonder, the Pantheon is a nearly 2,000-year-old testimony to the brilliance of Roman architecture.

Additionally, soak up the excitement of the famous Prague holiday markets with a local guide. The festive hustle and bustle will energize your team.

Your team will also see the Prague astronomical clock, installed at Prague’s Old Town Hall in 1410. As such, it’s the oldest operating astronomical clock in the world! Finally, decide as a team how you will “choose your own adventure” with a Prague guide.

Last but not least, the European Treat Box includes unique holiday goodies. During the tour, your team will love trying gingerbread from the Czech Republic, custom espresso, and raspberry lollipops with the Prague astronomical clock. Plus, enjoy amaretti cookies – and some Dolce & Gabbana pasta to cook later!

Learn more and book your European Holiday experience!

2. Take a Virtual Trip to Napa Valley, California & Try a Virtual Wine Tasting

Napa Valley, California, is home to beautiful, rolling vineyards as well as top-tier wine. Take a virtual vineyard tour with your team, accompanied by a virtual wine tasting!

For example, Bouchaine is one well-known Napa Valley winery offering virtual tastings. Bouchaine is the oldest continuously operating winery in Carneros, a region in the southern part of Napa Valley. This special, high-tier event is sure to impress your team or clients.

Bouchaine offers four different virtual experiences, with wine shipped to your door. Choose from a wine tasting, wine and cheese, or wine and chocolate pairings. A private host will guide your team through the experience, with a panoramic backdrop view of the Bouchaine Vineyards. Cheers!

View Bouchaine Vineyard experiences and book your virtual wine tasting here.

3. See the Best of Atlanta, Georgia

Virtually explore one of the biggest cities of the southern U.S. – Atlanta, Georgia! This virtual tour includes learning about this city’s history, culture, and vibrance. Known as a music capital, home to Civil Rights leaders, and a hub for creatives and companies alike, there is so much to explore!

This unique virtual team building event lasts 60 minutes. Your team will be lead by 2 live in-studio guides and 2 live Atlanta virtual tour guides. You will explore beautiful street art, historic neighborhoods, and more!

Live-stream visits go to historic neighborhoods such as Sweet Auburn, Downtown, and Cabbagetown. Plus, get creative as a team to foster team building by making your own iconic Atlanta “tiny door.” Materials can even be sent right to your door!

Check out Atlanta Virtual Tours to enjoy a unique team building experience and a fun day in Atlanta!

Guided Virtual Tours of Museums and Galleries

Virtual tour Van Gogh Museum

4. Travel to Amsterdam for the Van Gogh Museum Virtual Tour

Located in Amsterdam, the Van Gogh Museum celebrates the life and artistic endeavors of Vincent Van Gogh. Furthermore, the museum’s virtual experiences include something for everyone – including a 4k virtual tour of the museum.

The museum’s 14-minute video tour is short enough to keep remote workers engaged. And, it allows your team to have plenty of time for deep discussion. After the virtual tour, explore some prompt questions for discussion:

  • What is your favorite Van Gogh painting, and why?
  • How do you tap into your own creativity – at work, or at home?
  • Van Gogh was thought of as a failure during his lifetime. But now, his paintings have sold for as much as 82 million US dollars. In light of this, what can Van Gogh’s life teach us about failure and success?
  • What do you think was Van Gogh’s greatest achievement? Moreover, what can we learn from it?

Learn more about the Van Gogh Museum’s virtual offerings.

5. Virtually Visit the National Museum of African American History & Culture

The NMAAHC is the only national museum devoted exclusively to the documentation of African American life, history, and culture. Located in Washington DC, the museum features virtual curator chats, video archives, and resources on talking about race. Here are a few of our favorite offerings for virtual experiences throughout the museum:

However you choose to explore this museum, you are bound to learn a new piece of history. After the virtual tour, take time for a team discussion on what was learned. By doing so, you’ll foster team bonding and DEI learning!

6. Immerse Yourself in the History of London at The British Museum

The British Museum in London provides many online resources allowing you to explore exhibitions from the comfort of home. Here, you can find legendary works of art and history. For instance, see the Rosetta Stone, the Egyptian bust of Ramesses the Great, Hoa Hakananai’a (The Easter Island Status), and more.

Head to The British Museum’s website to browse virtual galleries, including an extensive Prints and Drawings collection and digital learning resources. For example, you can learn what the Romans ate and drank, then try a recipe for honeyed bread!

To deepen your learning, listen to The British Museum Podcast, a series of recordings during the height of the pandemic. While the episodes are a few years old, the knowledge is timeless. Or, head to The British Museum’s YouTube channel for exhibition tours, curator chats, and more.

Your visit may also spark a dialogue about the ethics surrounding museum collections. Or, the concept of ownership of priceless cultural artifacts and the history of how certain artifacts came to be on display.

Explore more Virtual Museum Tours across the globe.

Guided Virtual Tours of Historical Landmarks

World Virtual Tour Taj Mahal

7. Take a Virtual Tour of the Taj Mahal

Located in Agra, India, the Taj Mahal is one of the most recognizable structures in the world. It was commissioned by Emperor Shah Jahan in 1632. The Taj Mahal was built as a monument to his late wife Mumtaz Mahal as well as a mausoleum for himself.

With Google Arts and Culture, your team can virtually explore the Taj Mahal. Learn about the history and architecture of this unique site. For example, get an up-close look at the white marble structure with inlaid stone, and see the beautiful gardens and pools throughout the grounds of this historic site.

Explore the sights of the Taj Mahal with Google Arts and Culture’s tour, Taj Mahal: A Tour from the Top.

8. Virtually Walk the Great Wall of China

As one of China’s most famous attractions, the Great Wall of China is a bucket-list tour stop. Considered a Wonder of the World, the Great Wall stretches more than 3,000 miles.

Boasting over 2,000 years of history, trek this virtual tour walk that stretches over several provinces of Northern China. Along each step, view the beauty of the lush Chinese landscape and mountain views. In addition, experience stunning views of one of the most impressive ancient structures remaining in our world today.

Explore the Great Wall of China with a self guided tour or a professional live guide. Experience this world wonder and book guided tours by The China Guide.

9. Explore the Lost City of Pompeii

No matter where your team is located, you’ve more than likely heard about the iconic city of Pompeii. Once an ordinary city, it has famously lived on centuries later after being preserved in the ash of Mount Vesuvious. Today, it serves as an archaeological site to ancient Roman life and a popular tourist destination.

As a team, explore the ruins of streets and houses that have survived this ancient thriving and sophisticated city. Once buried under meters of ash and pumice, you can now see life frozen in time.

Take a virtual tour of the city of Pompeii thanks to high definition laser scanning documenting this cultural landmark!

Guided Virtual Tours of Natural Wonders

Virtual Tours

10. See Vietnam’s Natural Wonders at UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Did you know that Vietnam is home to eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites? Sites are designated by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization and chosen for their “outstanding universal value to humanity.”

Vietnam’s UNESCO sites feature temples, caves, tombs, and more. Through the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, you can take 360-degree tours of each of these sites. For instance, see jaw-dropping panoramic views of Vietnam’s natural beauty at Hạ Long Bay.

Explore Vietnam’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites with 360 degree virtual tours.

11. Explore the Biodiverse Galapagos Islands

Located off the coast of Ecuador in South America, the Galápagos Islands are a wonderland of flora and fauna. That’s because this iconic volcanic archipelago is home to an incredible range of biodiversity across its 127 islands.

So that everyone can experience this stunning environment, Google offers a virtual tour and online resources. Here, you can see wildlife species that are found nowhere else on the planet. For example, learn about the Galápagos Giant Tortoise, with a lifespan of over 100 years.

The Galápagos Islands are also where Charles Darwin once ventured. Here, he made the observations and connections that led to his groundbreaking work on evolution by natural selection.

Discover the wonders of the Galápagos Islands.

12. Climb Mount Everest on a Virtual Adventure

Have you ever dreamed of climbing Mount Everest? Most of us have probably imagined it at one point or another!

These days, you don’t have to venture to the Himalayas to experience the magic of Everest. Instead, opt for an online excursion with your team to reach the pinnacle of team building.

A range of virtual Everest experiences are available online. For instance, explore 3D maps of Everest and take a self-guided virtual hike. Or, try the Harvard Business Publishing Education program: Leadership and Team Simulation: Everest V3, available in multiple languages!

Guided Virtual Tours of Educational and Unique Experiences

Graceland Virtual Tour

13. Get “All Shook Up” with a Graceland Virtual Tour

Put on your blue suede shoes and head to the iconic Graceland! Located in Memphis, Tennessee, Graceland is where legendary rock musician Elvis called home. In fact, the beautiful mansion and museum are set on 120 acres dedicated to Elvis’s life and legacy.

Graceland’s live virtual tours are hosted by an Elvis historian. Your team will get an up-close look at the places and artifacts of Elvis’ life – once only available to be seen in person!

Watch a tour preview and book your Graceland tour here. For more virtual music activities, check out our Music Evolution virtual team building experience

14. Explore Hampton, Virginia and Austin, Texas with a Juneteenth Virtual Experience

Virtually travel to the landmark cities of the United States’ national holiday, Juneteenth. This interactive Juneteenth Team Building experience is an approachable and engaging way to learn some of America’s most important history.

During an hour-long session, your team will learn all about the history of this important holiday. Take an unforgettable virtual field trip with two knowledgable, on-location guides. Learn about figures such as Harriet Tubman and John Brown. Plus, hear the history of Juneteenth, why barbecue and red foods are associated with the holiday, and so much more.

As an optional add-on, you can have themed Treat Boxes shipped directly to your employees’ homes with incredible products from 100% Black-owned small businesses.

This virtual Juneteenth event is a unique and educational experience that will engages your entire team!

Learn more on Juneteenth and find ways to Celebrate Black History Month through virtual team building events.

15. See the Wonders of Machu Picchu and Cusco, Peru in South America

Blend history, geography, architecture, and team building with this unique virtual experience! Virtually travel to Peru and discover some of the world’s most famous locations in South America.

This session features two virtual walking tour experiences. Your team will be amazed by one of the Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu. In addition, you’ll see the UNESCO World Heritage site of Cusco, Peru!

Explore the incredible sights of South America with stops in Cusco markets and views of Incan and Spanish colonial architecture. Plus, you can “choose your own adventure” with the Machu Picchu guide through the ancient Incan ruins.

Opt for this Virtual tour of South America to explore wonders along with traditional culture and food as a team!

How to Get the Most Out of Virtual Travel

Ensure that your team makes the most of your experience with the tips and best practices below!

World Virtual Tours

Tips for Choosing the Best Virtual Tours

There are a few key tips to choosing the best virtual places to visit for your group. First, it’s important to choose tours that align with your employees’ interests. As a result, you’ll foster excitement amongst your team for the event.

Additionally, we suggest reading reviews from other participants.By reading feedback from past clients, you can gauge whether or not the tour is a good fit for your group’s needs.

Finally, be sure to select tours with knowledgeable and engaging guides. That way, you know you are getting an informative and worthwhile tour!

Enhancing the Experience Through Technology and Engagement

Technology allows teams of all kinds and locations to engage with each other in fun ways. Enhance your virtual tour by tapping into the best technology has to offer!

First, learn more about the tourism destination of your virtual experience ahead of time with a simple online search. Plus, you can even make this a team effort to grow anticipation for your virtual tour event. Get together on a video call a week or two before your virtual travel session to research your destination together!

Second, engagement amongst employees is vital to a great virtual team building experience. Utilize video cameras, breakout rooms, hand raise features, polls, and chat boxes to engage your team throughout tours. This is a great way to create a real sense of community amongst event participants and enhance your experience!

Benefits of Virtual Travel Experiences and Tours

Virtual travel experiences and tours are a great way to get mobile and explore the world, without the hassle and expense of traditional tourism. Moreover, virtual travel offers a variety of benefits – from interactive learning, to personal safety, to flexibility, to reducing your carbon footprint. Virtual travel is a fun, cost-effective way to get everyone together!

Virtual Tour Benefits for Teams


The best virtual team building events result in your team getting the opportunity to build relationships and connect. Virtual travel experiences allow participants to interact with tour guides and other participants. Ask questions in real time, hear responses, and make connections.

Virtual tours around the world provide an engaging and immersive experiences to learn about unique destinations. Furthermore, by enjoying sites alongside a knowledgeable guide as a team you will learn more than you might in person!


Another bonus, virtual travel experiences and tours are more affordable than traditional travel. That’s because they don’t require expenses such as transportation, lodging, and meals. Such expenses can add up when engaging your entire team.

Plus, virtual tours even provide all needed materials, with many offering shippable kits to further engage your team! No matter the size of your budget, you can find a perfect paid or free virtual tour.

Upgrade your team building while saving money in your budget and enjoying a cost-effective immersive experience!

Virtual Tours Benefits for the Wortkplace

Flexible and Convenient

Virtual travel experiences are also flexible and convenient! They can be accessed at any time, from anywhere with an internet connection. In fact, you can even access tours from a mobile phone!

Enjoy tours no matter the season or weather. Plus, enjoy the convenience of not paying for parking, commuting, or keeping a large group together!

Virtual tours allow people to explore destinations at their own pace and on their own schedule. As a result, virtual travel experiences are a great option for people with busy schedules or limited mobility. 


In addition, virtual tours around the world are a safe group travel activity. They allow your team to explore destinations without risking personal safety. This is especially important in destinations that may have political unrest, natural disasters, or other safety concerns.

As a safer alternative, people who may not feel comfortable traveling to certain destinations can be involved, whether it be due to health, safety, or other concerns. As a result, your entire team can feel comfortable to engage and enjoy stunning tourism spots!


A final benefit of virtual tours are the event’s environmental sustainability! Virtual tours do not require physical travel, which can contribute to carbon emissions and other environmental impacts associated with traditional travel.

Plus, you can help reach your company’s environmental goals through team building events. Consider switching a regular company travel trip to a virtual option! 

Engaging in virtual travel offers a sustainable option for teams who want to experience travel without contributing to environmental damage. 

Looking for Team Building Virtual Experiences? Try Unexpected Virtual Tours!

Unexpected Virtual Tours logo

Unexpected Virtual Tours provides unforgettable virtual team building experiences for remote teams like yours. Our live video conferencing sessions are hosted by expert guides who know how to get remote employees out of their shells. Our guides can also answer questions in real time, allowing for deep discussion and learning.

Explore topics like street art, music history, golf, Black history, and much more through interactive sessions and walking tours. Most experiences are 60-75 minutes, and we make the most of every minute! From hands-on craft activities to team trivia and challenges, these experiences are designed for collaboration and connection.