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21+ Virtual Team Building Kits

virtual team building kits

In 2023, keep your virtual or hybrid work team connected with these 21+ Virtual Team Building Kits. These ideas aren’t just another boring video call.

Instead, your team will experience new, unexpected ways to connect and learn together. Whether you’re exploring street art or going on a culinary adventure, your team will leave these team bonding experiences both entertained and inspired.

TLDR: in this list, you’ll find:

  • Virtual team building ideas
  • Ways to keep your remote team connected in 2023 and beyond
  • Virtual team-building kits for remote and hybrid teams
  • Fun, interactive activities to help build corporate culture

1.Host a Virtual Halloween Campout – One of Our Favorite Virtual Team Building Kits

Skip the bugs and the packing while still enjoying all the fun of a team campout. With this virtual Halloween team building kit, your crew will learn about the science and art of storytelling through spooky stories and fun campfire challenges.

And, no campout would be complete without s’mores. This experience includes all the ingredients you’ll need for each employee to make their decadent gourmet s’mores at home. Kits include a mini candlelight “campfire.” This experience is also a convenient option for large virtual or hybrid conferences that aim to integrate rapid networking into the experience.

Circle around the campfire and book your event here! You can also read more about the virtual campout experience in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

2. Build Terrariums with Your Team

This virtual team building kit will allow your employees to create a fun keepsake that can also serve as office decor. Build a terrarium together and learn fun plant facts. Plus, your team will receive plant care cards to help them sustain their terrarium in the weeks, months, and years to come. You can even customize your experience with options like sand art as well as adding special plant and prop options for your terrarium.

Create a little piece of nature inside your home with a virtual terrarium workshop.

3. Celebrate Juneteenth Together – One of Our Favorite Team Building Kits

Featured in Lonely Planet as one of the best ways to honor Juneteenth, this virtual team building kit is an approachable and engaging way to learn about this important chapter in America’s history. This interactive experience includes two live guides. Your team will learn about the history and traditions of Juneteenth (also called Emancipation Day). Plus, this experience includes two on-location visits to Hampton, VA, and Austin, TX.

Explore Juneteenth and sign up for your Juneteenth team building kit. Plus, discover 25+ Juneteenth Ideas for Work: 2024!

4. Learn the Origins & Roots of Modern Music – One of Our Favorite Kits

This kit is Unexpected Virtual Tours’ most popular offering. Your team will learn about the history of music with lively and engaging guides. Furthermore, diversity and inclusivity teams frequently choose this event because of its strong content related to Black music history.

During this virtual session, you’ll also participate in musical team building challenges. Plus, a Nashville, TN virtual tour guide will give your team a live look at Music City, USA!

Get the details and book your Music Evolution virtual team building kit.

5. Solve a Mystery Together

Do your employees love true crime podcasts and documentaries? Try solving a mystery together in this virtual team building experience. Your group will split up in teams of 3-5 and must solve a mystery within 90 minutes. A post-game recap helps make ths most of this experience. You can even sign up for quarterly mystery sessions to make this an ongoing team building activity.

Get on the case and book your virtual mystery game team building experience.

Street Art Team Building Ideas

6. Explore Street Art’s Culture & History – One of Our Favorite Virtual Team Building Kits

Encourage your team to explore their artistic side with this art-based virtual team building kit. In this 1.5-hour-long session, your group will be immersed in street art-themed activities. For example, you’ll use watercolor pencils to create a beautiful graffiti print keepsake.

Plus, divide into breakout groups and come up with a team name and color. Then, each participant will paint a cookie to show off their team spirit. Test your knowledge of art with a fun, team-based trivia game. Finally, you’ll get a live look at one of America’s most fascinating street art locations.

Curious to learn more? Grab a spray paint bottle and sign up here!

7. Relax Together in a Virtual Candlemaking Workshop

Many work-from-home employees are enjoying the creature comforts of a home office. For example, “WFH life” can allow your staff members to listen to their favorite music while logging data or light a relaxing candle while reviewing emails. Foster a relaxing work environment with a virtual candlemaking session. Your team members will receive all the supplies they need to each create a soy wax candle of their own. Participants can even customize fragrances and colors to suit their preferences.

Unwind together with this virtual candlemaking experience.

8. Host a Golf “Par-Tee” and Design a Golf Course

If you miss playing golf with clients and colleagues, this virtual team building kit will be a hole-in-one! In this fun experience, you and your team will learn about golf design history and stories. Then, test your skills by building a golf hole at your desks.

Your hour-long session led by an expert guide includes a live look at locations that were significant to Bobby Jones, the founder of the Masters Tournament. Kits will be shipped to each of your team members and include all activity supplies, on-theme snacks, and a custom corporate card with your logo and information.

Learn more and book your Design-A-Golf-Course experience!

9. Try Out a Virtual Escape Room

Build your creative problem-solving skills with a virtual escape room! Your team will crack codes and solve puzzles together, flexing their collaborative and communication skills while having a great time. This experience can host groups of up to 300 at a time. You can even find virtual escape rooms where you solve a murder mystery.

Learn more and choose your virtual escape room here.

10. Boost Wellness and Camaraderie with a Virtual Yoga Class

Build resilience and help your employees manage their stress with a virtual yoga class. In this experience, a live instructor will guide your team through beginner-friendly yoga moves. Or, do a recorded Video on Demand option. Never tried yoga – or tried it and didn’t jive with it? Not to worry. This experience is more about breathwork and being present than it is about nailing a specific pose.

Learn more and book your team’s virtual yoga session here.

virtual pizza making workshop

11. Become a Pizza Chef with an At-Home Pizza Party

Sometimes, team building can be cheesy in a good way. Get your crew together for a make-your-own pizza night. This hands-on class will guide your team through the process of creating, kneading, and rolling their own pizza dough. Everyone will make a delicious pie using ingredients shipped to them in an ingredient kit. Add your own toppings for extra creativity!

Get all the details and plan your virtual pizza-making team building event.

12. Create Masterpieces with a Virtual Painting Workshop

For a traditional virtual painting workshop, Painting to Gogh is a popular option. Your employees will each receive a kit with everything they need to create a beautiful painting. Follow along together with a pre-recorded video tutorial. This option allows you to pause and replay as often as your team would like! And, your team members can use the painting supplies that come with this kit over and over again.

“Gogh” create something beautiful with your team. Explore a variety of virtual paint workshop options.

13. Enhance a Team Building Meeting with Personalized Snack Boxes

If you already have a team building session or retreat planned, you can enhance your event with personalized snack boxes. SnackMagic allows your participants to select their own favorite snacks. Choose from healthy or indulgent options, sweet or salty treats, and everything in between. Or, make things easy by picking a pre-curated snack box option. You can even customize your experience with a branded box or your company’s swag.

Start your snacking journey and choose your SnackMagic box.

14. Organize a Vision Board Party

This activity is perfect for the start of a new fiscal year or to welcome new interns and employees. Mail a vision board kit to your team members. Then, organize a video call where everyone can cut, glue, and decorate their boards together. Feel free to share your ideas and visions as you create them. The process of sharing our goals can spark a dialogue and create meaningful moments of reflection.

Browse vision board kits available online. Or, go the DIY route and encourage employees to upcycle supplies they have at home, such as magazines and construction paper.

15. Do a Practical & Fun Soap Making Workshop

In the days of perpetual hand-washing, it’s a valuable skill to be able to create beautifully scented soaps at home. An experienced instructor will guide you through the process. These soap making kits include all the supplies you’ll need, including a soap mold you can use over and over again. You can also select fragrance and dye options for your team.

Get ready to suds up and check out the soap-making workshop.

needle felted mini animal virtual workshop

16. Get Crafty with Needle-Felted Mini Animals

Looking for a team building activity with a dose of whimsy? This virtual team building kit includes everything you need to create your own adorable 2-4 inch needle-felted critter. Choose the Owl or the Sheep Woolbuddy Kit. Either option includes all the materials you’ll need, including a felting mat.

Your team will be in stitches with this fun experience! Book your needle-felting kit here.

17. Wake Up with a Coffee Tasting Team Building Experience

Many of us are fueled by coffee – but when was the last time you paused to really savor a cup? Take some time to escape the work grind and smell the coffee grinds. Learn about coffee from different parts of the world in this hour-long class with an expert guide. Your employees will receive a luxury, eco-friendly coffee-making kit they can enjoy for years to come. This experience comes with a stainless steel pour-over coffee dripper, a gooseneck electric kettle, and three packets of high-quality coffee from around the world.

Pour yourself a tasty cup of coffee and explore this virtual team building experience here.

18. Learn How to Do Hand Lettering

Your team’s Post-It scribbles are about to get a lot more beautiful. With this experience, everyone can sign up for a hand-lettering workshop. The kit includes tracing paper, drawing supplies such as a brush pen and markers, and a code to redeem for a hand lettering workshop. You’ll be creating TikTok-worthy hand lettering creations in no time! If you want to do more, you can even get into Japanese marbling techniques.

Learn more and expand your skill set with the hand lettering starter kit and workshop.

19. Host a Beer & Cheese Tasting

Enjoy happy hour together, even from afar. In this live virtual guided beer experience, your team will explore the flavor profiles of a variety of beers and cheeses. Your employees will each receive a custom tasting box that includes 2-5 beers, gourmet cheeses, artisanal chocolates, and smoked meats. You can even customize your box with branded pint glasses or koozies! This also is a great care package for your team.

Learn more and book a virtual beer tasting for your team.

20. Experience a Live, Chef-Led Virtual Cooking Class

There’s something special about bonding over food. After all, humans have been sharing stories and creating memories over food for thousands of years. Why not engage your team with a virtual cooking class? Whether you have 10 participants or 100, this experience will allow everyone to learn something new. Ingredient kits will be mailed to each of your participants, making this a fun and relaxing experience. Plus, your remote working team can enjoy your made-from-scratch meal together virtually once the class is over!

Get your kitchen ready and learn more about virtual corporate cooking classes here.

LEGO virtual team building

21. Host a Virtual LEGO-Building Competition – One of Our Favorite Virtual Team Building Kits

Exercise your engineering and building skills with a virtual LEGO-building competition! Send each team member a classic LEGO Medium Creative Brick Box or allow everyone to pick their preferred LEGO kit. You can host a casual, no-pressure virtual meeting where everyone can build their own creations while chatting and sharing ideas.

Helpful article: 3 Ways to Team Build with LEGO Bricks on Zoom Video Calls.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a team building kit?

A team building kit typically refers to a set of materials and supplies for employees to use and enjoy during a team building session.

Kits can come in various formats. For instance: a physical box of items delivered to each employee, or a downloadable virtual bundle of videos, online activities, PDFs, and other digital resources.

What is included in a virtual team building kit?

A team building kit might include craft supplies for an interactive activity, a game or puzzle to play with colleagues, snacks and refreshments to enjoy during the session, a keepsake memento, company swag, and more.

Team Building Kit Ideas:

  • Puzzles or challenges to solve together
  • Building kits, such as LEGOs or other building blocks
  • Supplies for a group art project or creative exercise
  • A nice notebook and pen, to take notes during your session
  • Snacks, coffee, tea, and other refreshments
  • “Field Day” supplies – water balloons, bubbles, a kite, sidewalk chalk, etc.
  • Books, workbooks, or resources for further learning
  • A gift card to a coffee shop, restaurant, or store
  • Board games, card games, or online trivia quizzes
  • A subscription to a creative learning resource, such as Audible or MasterClass
  • Keepsake items such as a coffee mug, umbrella, tote bag, etc.

What can team building kits be used for?

Team building kits are a great way to create an interactive, fun environment for team learning. Team building kits can be used to help employees build teamwork skills through shared challenges and games. You can also deepen your learning on a particular topic by including books or resources for further learning. Additionally, you can spark dialogue and connections with snacks, keepsake items, or a special gift.

I have a remote team. How do I get a kit sent out to every address?

While handling the logistics of shipping a kit to each employee can get tricky, there are companies that will handle this for you! Outsourcing this task can allow you to focus on your areas of expertise rather than printing postage or making a trip to the shipping store.

For instance, when you book a tour with Unexpected Virtual Tours and add optional themed Treat Boxes, we’ll take care of shipping the boxes to each individual employee! All you need to do is provide the addresses and provide enough advance notice for shipping. Then – voila – beautiful Treat Boxes arrive on each team members’ doorstep, ready to unwrap!

Are these kinds of activities actually fun and engaging for employees?

When done well, engaging your employees with team building kits is an amazing way to boost team connection, communication, trust, and morale! Team building events can serve many purposes. Whether your aim is to educate employees on an important topic, welcome new hires, reconnect after a period of transition, or something else – there’s a way to make it engaging for everyone.

Team building kits help your team go beyond a simple video call or meeting. Instead, employees can participate actively, deepen their shared experience, and create memories together.

What type of kit should I choose for my employees?

The type of kit you choose can depend on a variety of factors – such as: your team culture and preferences, whether you are working in-person or remote, the type of program or activity you’re planning for your team, and your budget.

It’s a good idea to start by determining the goals of your team building session. For instance – if your goal is to grow your team’s knowledge on a particular topic, your team building kit is likely to look different than if your goal is to host a fun happy hour. Choosing a kit that aligns with your goals is a great way to set your team up for success. Ideally, the best team building kits blend both fun and learning for an enriching experience!

Browse Unexpected Virtual Tours team building experiences to find a unique virtual session with Treat Boxes mailed to your team members!