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Virtual Team Building Bingo Ideas

Virtual Team Building Bingo Ideas

Playing a game of virtual team building bingo is a fun way to get your team talking and laughing together.

But, how do you make sure your virtual team building activity is something that your employees actually look forward to? In this post, you’ll learn tips and tricks for an engaging virtual team building bingo activity.

Plus, use our free customizable bingo cards! You can add your own logo, brand colors, fonts, and more – or leave them as-is for a ready-made experience.

In this post, you’ll find:

  • free customizable bingo cards
  • virtual team building bingo ideas
  • why virtual team building matters
  • bonus ideas: team building activities for your virtual office
  • a turnkey option for top-notch virtual events

About Virtual Team Building Bingo

Why do virtual team building games matter?

When you’re working from home, it can be easy to feel disconnected from your coworkers. Even workers who are in conference calls all day might not get a chance to truly connect with their peers. In a physical office, chit-chat and banter tend to happen naturally. Additionally, office lunches and coffee breaks are times to catch up with coworkers.

In a remote work environment, a great manager or HR leader creates these social opportunities for their team. Try planning virtual team builders to stay connected. You can even start team meetings with an icebreaker activity. The goal is to get your team connecting with each other to build trust, communication skills, and rapport.

While virtual team building can boost morale, it isn’t just for fun. Games like virtual team building bingo allow your team members to build relationships with each other. As a result, your workers may feel more comfortable brainstorming through challenges together. They may also become more comfortable communicating openly with each other or voicing new ideas.

In short, a fun activity can lead to major business results when done right!

How do you play virtual team building bingo?

First, find or create your virtual bingo card. We’ve created some templates for you – read on for links!

Think about whether you plan to do a themed bingo activity. For example, autumn bingo or virtual holiday party bingo. You could even create a bingo game specific to your company or department!

Then, set the date for your bingo video conferencing. Find a time that works for everyone, and send out a calendar invite. Let everyone know that this is a team building activity, and give them a heads up of what to expect. 60 to 90 minutes is typically just the right amount of time for a leisurely bingo and team bonding session.

During your call, remember: the goal is to get to know each other, not to speed through the activity! Our bingo cards are meant to be conversation-starters. So, don’t be afraid to slow down or pause to share personal anecdotes, jokes, or more information. For example, our autumn bingo card includes squares like:

  • Jumped in a pile of leaves this season
  • Can explain what happens during the fall equinox
  • Has a fall birthday
  • Is rooting for a fall sports team

As the host, you can read off each square at random. Encourage everyone to come off mute and share if they’ve done that activity. Pause as needed for chit-chat and stories. Of course, the first person to yell “bingo” wins!

You can choose to play through multiple bingo cards if time allows. Be sure to get some prizes for the winners. E-mailed gift cards work well, and you can find them with a variety of major retailers and local businesses alike!

Can I hire someone to handle my virtual team building events?

Absolutely! Virtual team building events are our specialty. If you don’t want to go the DIY route, Unexpected Virtual Tours can plan your virtual team building activity from start to finish. Visit our pricing page to learn more.

Our live, interactive virtual experiences include games, scavenger hunts, trivia, and more. Breakout rooms get everyone to open up for deeper discussion. Additionally, our expert guides are comfortable interacting with groups of all sizes and industries. We’re trained storytellers who know how to draw in a crowd and get people talking.

Whether you’re a small business or hosting a conference of several hundred people, Unexpected Virtual Tours can make your an experience to remember!

As a result, our satisfied clients include Google, UPS, The Home Depot, Salesforce, Coca-Cola, and more!

Virtual Team Building Bingo Cards

Autumn Virtual Team Building Bingo

Autumn Virtual Team Building Bingo

Get in a fun fall mood with this virtual team building bingo card. See who on your team is a fan of fall sports, apple picking, pumpkin patches, and more. Bonus points for having a festive fall candle burning in the background! Finally, settle once and for all whether candy corn is tasty or gross.

Use Unexpected Virtual Tours’ Canva template to create your own autumn virtual team building bingo card.

Virtual Holiday Party Bingo

Jazz up your virtual holiday party with fun games! Who’s already hung up their holiday decorations – and who will admit to peeking at presents? Plus, this bingo card allows you to recognize the people on your team who have volunteered with a nonprofit or donated to a worthy cause this holiday season.

Use Unexpected Virtual Tours’ Canva template to create your own virtual holiday party bingo card.

Virtual Ugly Holiday Sweater Party Bingo

Ugly holiday sweaters are a beloved tradition, no matter what winter holidays you might celebrate. This season, get everyone feeling festive with virtual tacky sweater party bingo! Who describes themselves as a “Scrooge” – and who’s already made a New Year’s resolution?

Use Unexpected Virtual Tours’ Canva template to create your own virtual ugly sweater party  bingo card.

Spring Virtual Team Building Bingo

Spring is here, and with it comes a fresh burst of energy. Take advantage of this optimistic season by creating moments of fun and joy for your team. Learn who plans to attend a baseball game this season and who’s planting a spring garden. Plus, can you name the astrological signs with spring birthdays?

Use Unexpected Virtual Tours’ Canva template to create your own spring virtual team building bingo card.

Summer Virtual Team Building Bingo

Summer Virtual Team Building Bingo

Summer is the perfect time of year for a little break in routine. Get everyone into the summer spirit with fun games and friendly competitions. This bingo card asks everyone to share stories of nostalgic activities like water balloon fights and running through sprinklers. Plus, who has their summer reading list picked out already?

Use Unexpected Virtual Tours’ Canva template to create your own summer virtual team building bingo card.

Bonus Ideas to Enhance Your Virtual Team Building Bingo

Round out your virtual get-together with more fun ideas and free games.

  • Play pub trivia with your team. Invite everyone to dress casually and enjoy their refreshments of choice. Plan your own trivia questions, or find some online. Everyone will get a chance to show off their knowledge and connect with each other.
  • Ask each team member to take turns answering the same thought-provoking question. For example: if you could be one animal for 24 hours, what would you choose and why? Or, the classic question: if you could have dinner with anyone in history, who would you choose?
  • Host a virtual show & tell! Ask everyone to come prepared with a favorite show and tell item that displays their interests or hobbies. For example, one person might choose to show off their record collection while another shares about their pet or mountain bike.
  • Use fun video call backgrounds. Rather than seeing everyone’s home office for the umpteenth time, encourage your team to pick a fun virtual background. A few ideas: a tropical beach scene, a scene from their favorite TV show, or a tourist destination.
  • Host a virtual dance party! Each week, ask someone on your team to pick a song. Then, spend the first minute or two of your staff video call “shaking it out” to the selected song. You might feel self-conscious at first. But, vulnerability can lead to extraordinary courage and newfound confidence. Challenge your team to get out of their comfort zone in a safe environment. Plus, you’ll get some endorphins going and a mid-day release of energy!

Let Unexpected Virtual Tours & Training Plan your Experience

Prefer for someone else to handle the details? Let us take care of it!

Unexpected Virtual Tours  & Training provides unforgettable virtual team building experiences for remote teams like yours. Our live  sessions are hosted by expert guides who know how to get everyone out of their shells. Our guides can also answer questions in real time, allowing for deep discussion and learning.

Explore topics like street art, music history, golf, Black history, and much more through interactive sessions. Most experiences are 60-75 minutes, and we make the most of every minute! From hands-on craft activities to team trivia and challenges, these experiences are designed for collaboration and connection.

Unexpected Atlanta Clients

Connect with us to learn more and book your turnkey team building session:

Find more interactive virtual team building ideas on our blog. From holiday parties to DEI activities, Unexpected Virtual Tours has you covered with plenty of ideas and activities.