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11 Engaging Virtual Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Teams

11 Engaging Virtual Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Teams

A virtual scavenger hunt can be a fun and engaging way to bring your team together – even remotely!

Why invest in virtual team building activities? Forbes shares that remote work is here to stay as a top 2023 trend! Furthermore, a recent study by McKinsey & Company shows that over 50% of today’s employees work remotely at least 1 day during their work week.

As teams tap into remote options more than ever, team building exercises play a vital force in instilling workforce culture and team bonding. Virtual scavenger hunts are a fantastic activity to create a successful team!

In this guide, you’ll find:

  • Virtual scavenger hunts that boost team building for hybrid and remote teams
  • Ideas for larger and smaller teams to engage remote employees and new hires
  • Activities to help your team feel connected with each other and collaborate
  • Virtual scavenger hunts allowing teams to virtually travel together
  • Virtual activities to get everyone chatting and thinking out of the box

Virtual Scavenger Hunts

What is a Virtual Scavenger Hunt?

A virtual scavenger hunt is an interactive activity that tasks participants with tracking down items by solving clues. Key benefits of virtual scavenger hunts include instilling teamwork and encouraging communication skills. Plus, virtual scavenger hunts prompt teams to work toward a common goal and overcome challenges together!

Types of virtual scavenger hunts include:

  • Photo scavenger hunts
  • Holiday scavenger hunts
  • Puzzle and riddle scavenger hunts
  • Travel scavenger hunts
  • Online treasure hunts

What Makes a Scavenger Hunt the Perfect Team Building Activity

  • It’s a collaborative activity: Players must work together to solve riddles and clues. It takes collaborative teamwork to determine answers and complete challenges.
  • It’s fun and engaging: Virtual scavenger hunts test players’ knowledge in out-of-the-box ways that keep team members engaged. Every player is needed to get to the finish line!
  • It enhances communication: Virtual scavenger hunts require ample communication to decipher riddles. Team members must discuss and problem-solve with each other at every step to find the next clue.
  • It encourages creativity: Players must think creatively to solve riddles and find clues. Rhymes, location knowledge, and brain puzzles push team members to think creatively at every step.
  • It’s adaptable to different settings: Remote scavenger hunts can be enjoyed from anywhere! With adaptable features from locations to clue types, you can find a hunt that best suits your team.
  • It builds morale: Team members will bond throughout the activity as they work together to solve clues. As a result, build team morale while having fun!

Tips for Remote Scavenger Hunts

Tips for Creating Engaging Virtual Scavenger Hunts

To create an engaging virtual hunt, set clear rules and guidelines. This will set players up for a successful game.

In addition, create challenging but achievable tasks. Engaging virtual scavenger hunts should push a team’s problem solving skills but not create frustration.

Finally, be sure to incorporate team building elements! Tailor your virtual scavenger hunt to the specific needs and preferences of your team building goals. For example, you may want to enhance creativity and innovation, or cooperation and productivity. Seek specific remote scavenger hunts that will allow team members to collectively grow in these skills.

11 Virtual Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Home Office Hunt

1. Home Office Hunt

Explore home offices like never before with this virtual scavenger hunt! To play, task employees with a list of items to find in their home office. Items can include a mouse, printer, sticky notes, phone charger, headphones, and more!

Enjoy the thrill of the hunt to collect as many items as possible in 20 minutes. Hear team members hustle while video conferencing during the search and enjoy the fun together.

At the end, have participant present the items they found and share any fun facts about their items!

2. Movie Trivia Treasure Hunts

For teams full of movie buffs, play a movie trivia scavenger hunt! Start by selecting a team leader to brainstorm a list of popular movies.

Next, share the list of movies with the entire team over video call. Then, prompt players to find items that reference the movie either physically or symbolically. This might be an actual DVD (bonus points for VHS!), a food featured in the movie, or another noteworthy item.

Finish by having team members share the items they decided on for each movie. Team members’ creativity and movie knowledge are sure to be put to the test!

Think Outside Of The Box

3. Mystery Item Hunt

Test your team’s context clues and quick thinking with a few rounds of the mystery item scavenger hunt game!

To play, designate a host to create a list of popular home items. Items can be located in the kitchen, living room, garage, pantry, and more.

Next, the host will share a vague description of the items one by one. Players then must decide what they think the mystery item is and locate one in their house to present on the call!

4. Client Clues

Looking to test your team’s knowledge about your clients? A “Client Clues scavenger hunt” tasks team members with deciphering clues and puzzles about your clients.

Consider clues such as location, products or services, client mission statements, brand colors, and more. Play individually or team up for this unique game!

By the end, you’ll know more about your clients and boost collaboration skills.

Holiday-Themed Scavenger Hunt

5. Holiday Item Hunt

Enjoy a seasonal holiday item scavenger hunt with your team any time of the year.

First, determine the holiday(s) you are focusing on. Next, provide employees with a list of items that they must hunt for. Lists can include holiday greeting cards, family photos, seasonal clothing, decorations, and more. To make this an inclusive experience, stick with items that might be found in any household, regardless of the religious holidays they may or may not celebrate.

Give employees 2 minutes to find as many items on the list as possible. Then, join back together to see who found the most items and even the most creative!

6. Escape Room Hunt

Combine an escape room and an online scavenger hunt for your team building event!

Virtual Escape Quest boosts team morale and leadership skills as teams compete. Employees must work together to solve riddles and puzzles to escape a virtual room.

Plus, teams must race against the clock to win!

Music Scavenger Hunt

7. Music Scavenger Hunt

Tap into a team rhythm with a music scavenger hunt!

Get started by designating a team leader to choose a list of random popular songs across genres and decades. Then, each round of the game, the host will share a line or two from a song with all players.

Team members must race to state the title of the song based on the lyrics. Either by knowledge or Google Search, the first employee to say the right answer wins a point!

Large teams can play in virtual breakout rooms to make the game easier for all!

8. No Place Like Home Hunt

Remote teams don’t have to leave home to have fun. Enjoy in-home scavenger hunts by Let’s Roam!

Tasking players to make the most out of their home space, employees will unlock unlimited fun no matter where they are located.

To play, have all team members download the Let’s Roam app on their phone to access a range of online scavenger hunt challenges.

Pet-Themed Scavenger Hunt

9. Pet Treasure Hunts

Does your team include pet owners and animal lovers? If so, enjoy a pet-themed scavenger hunt!

To play, task team members with finding specific pet items within their home. Customize your hunt with a wide range of animal essentials, accessories, and photos that team members must find.

Be sure to include all pets, even those that crawl and swim. Set a timer and see who can find the most items the fastest!

10. Travel Scavenger Hunt

For teams that love to travel, tap into a virtual travel scavenger hunt! Hosted by Watson Adventure, explore historical locations around the world as a team.

Guided by a virtual host, your team will be given challenging puzzles that can only be answered with a little exploration. Places your team can virtually visit include the Great Barrier Reef, Miami, and more!

Hosting A Virtual Scavenger Hunt

11. Decades Scavenger Hunt

Work teams today include a variety of generations. Tap into this strength by playing a decades scavenger hunt!

Prompt employees to find items from a range of decades in their home in just 20 minutes. Once items are found, give each employee the opportunity to present their found items to the entire group. From vintage records to butterfly hair clips, you’re sure to learn more about your team members based on the decade items they share!

To customize the game, have players find all decades at once or do multiple rounds with individual decades at a time!

How to Host a Successful Virtual Scavenger Hunt

  1. Choose the right platform – Consider factors such as technology access, mobility, budget, and interest when choosing a scavenger hunt platform. With each in mind, you can find the right remote scavenger hunt for your team!
  2. Establish clear guidelines – Share all game rules and objectives with players. Establishing clear guidelines helps to eliminate confusion and frustration.
  3. Create a scavenger hunt checklist – Provide players with a clear checklist to complete during the hunt. As a result, players will have structure and clear understanding of what they should be finding.
  4. Incorporate team-building elements – Encourage team building at every step of the online scavenger hunt. Communicate that all players should be collaborating and creating an encouraging atmosphere.
  5. Offer prizes – Consider offering prizes throughout the virtual scavenger hunt as employee incentives. Prizes can be allotted for the first team to win, the number of challenges completed, and more.
  6. Follow up after the scavenger hunt – Post-game, follow up with all players to learn everyone’s insight from the day. Welcome feedback on the event and keep the team building spirit going!



Tools and Platforms for Virtual Scavenger Hunts

Various tools and platforms can be used to facilitate virtual scavenger hunts. Options include Zoom, Google Meet, and other videoconferencing platforms. Alternatively, you can use a chat platform such as Slack. Another option: enjoy a guided event if your team has a budget.

Game platforms should allow team members to communicate effectively. In addition, technology should enhance the online scavenger hunt experience. As a result, pick a game platform that team members will be comfortable navigating.

Unexpected Virtual Tours

Engaging Virtual Team Building Activities that Bring Results

Virtual scavenger hunts are a fun and engaging way for your remote team to bond! With team building perks like boosting communication skills, getting to know one another better, collaborating, and more, online scavenger hunts are a must-try!

To explore more virtual team building and group activities, check out Unexpected Virtual Tours! Offering radically creative virtual team building events for teams, Unexpected Virtual Tours will take your team to new places, expand your knowledge, and instill fun along the way!

Virtual Scavenger Hunt FAQs

1. How long should a virtual scavenger hunt last?

Virtual scavenger hunts are generally best when they’re around one hour long. Depending on team members’ availability and attention spans, this may vary. Consider polling your entire team before planning an event to gain feedback on what’s best for the group. Aim for a length that allows enough time to connect and bond, while still keeping team members’ attention.

2. How can virtual scavenger hunts be adapted for different team sizes and settings?

Remote scavenger hunts can be adapted for a variety of team needs and sizes. For example, you can use breakout rooms to facilitate dialogue and connection. Additionally, pick virtual scavenger hunt topics that will interest your team and build the skills you’re hoping to help your team develop.

3. How can I ensure that my team members participate in the remote scavenger hunt?

Ensure remote team engagement with tactics such as requiring cameras on and assigning teams that are small enough to allow for easy communication. Plus, consider providing clues that require involvement from each team member. In addition, be sure that all team members have access to the game platform and internet connection the day of the event.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt FAQs

4. What are some common challenges or issues that can arise during a virtual scavenger hunt?

Challenges can include struggles with communication, disinterest, and conflicts between team members. Or, teams may experience internet issues that prohibit active game play. Although, every team can overcome these obstacles by setting clear guidelines and proper planning.

5. How can I follow up with my team members after the scavenger hunt is over?

Follow ups can include a virtual team meeting, an online survey, and/or incorporating feedback in regularly scheduled team meetings. Feedback should allow all team members to express highlights and areas for improvement. This can include open-ended questions, numbered scales, and picture submissions.

Be sure to ask team members: What did you love most about this activity? Additionally: What would you change during a future team building activity?

6. Why should I host a remote scavenger hunt for my remote team?

Enhance team morale, increase employee engagement, and build trust and respect by hosting a virtual scavenger hunt. As a tried-and-true team building activity, online scavenger hunts provide good fun and employee benefits. Host a remote scavenger hunt for your team to make lasting memories and strengthen company culture!

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