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17+ Virtual Holiday Party Games for 2023

17+ Virtual Holiday Party Games for 2023

Planning a virtual holiday party? In this guide, you’ll find 17+ fun virtual holiday party games to enjoy with your team!

From scavenger hunts and friendly competitions, to game-show inspired challenges and activities to unleash your team’s creativity – there’s festive fun for everyone in this post!

A few of our favorite virtual holiday party games:

  • Compete for the title of “best holiday decorator”
  • Test holiday music knowledge with “guess that tune” and other games
  • Play “Minute to Win It” inspired games
  • Host a Gingerbread House competition
  • Crown a holiday unwrapping champion

In this guide, you’ll find:

  • Holiday party games for remote teams
  • Ideas and activities to liven up holiday-season meetings
  • Icebreakers and friendly competitions to boost team connection
  • Virtual holiday activities for large and small teams

Virtual Holiday Party Games

1. Test Your Holiday Vocabulary

Looking for an activity that is engaging and tests your team’s quick thinking abilities? Bring the group together with a holiday version of the alphabet game!

For this game, provide employees with a printable page listing each letter of the alphabet. To play, each person fills in a festive word that starts with each letter. Great for all group sizes, teams can opt to play individually or form groups to encourage collaboration.

Furthermore, you can create competition by setting a timer. Once lists are complete, encourage team members to share their festive alphabet list. Then, award prizes for categories like most creative answers!

By the end, your team is sure to be refreshed on all things festive.

Holiday Decoration Challenge

2. Compete for Best Holiday Decorator

The holidays aren’t complete without decorations. Though you and your crew might not have a collective office to decorate, you can still enjoy decorating your home offices together virtually!

Even better, gamify this seasonal pastime by hosting a decorating contest! Encourage team members to show up on a video call ready with their own seasonal items. On “Go,” let the decorating begin! Once decorations are placed, have each employee show off their festive spaces and take a vote for the winning design. 

Plus, this activity is a fantastic way to hear about employees’ holiday decorating traditions and favorite, festive items. Together, the teams’ offices will be transformed with holiday spirit to be displayed all season long!

3. Get Ready to Guess Who

After countless team video calls, you could probably spot each other out of a crowd. But, could you recognize your fellow office mate in a childhood photo? 

To organize a game of “Guess Who,” create a shared photo album with your team. Teammates can then upload photos of themself as a child during the holidays. This is especially fun for teams with a variety of generations! 

On a video chat, have the meeting host share each picture submitted to the entire team one by one. Then, everyone shares who they think is on screen. The employee with the most correct guesses is the winner!

Connect with one another while seeing your coworkers – and boss! – in festive holiday attire in their younger days.

Holiday Candy for a This Or That Party Game

4. Play a Festive Version of “This or That”

Do you have a team full of strong opinions? Whether you answered yes or no, this holiday themed game is sure to pull them out!

To play, ask players to choose between two related, but opposite options. On a video call, team members can drop their answers in the chat or share verbally. You might be surprised how strongly your staff feel about their choices! 

Here are some holiday This or That prompts to get your game started:

  • Gloves or mittens
  • Travel or home for the holidays
  • Snow or no snow
  • Die Hard is a Christmas movie or Die Hard is not a Christmas movie

Add this game as an icebreaker or use it as the main game for your holiday party!

5. Compete in “Minute to Win It” Challenges

“Minute to Win It” games bring a punchy good time to any office party! This activity encourages virtual teams to get out from behind the desk and enjoy quick, silly games together. 

These physical challenges must be completed in sixty seconds or less.

A few festive “Minute to Win It” challenges include:

  • Cookie Face: place a gingerbread cookie on your forehead and without using your hands, move the cookie into your mouth.
  • Snowball Shake: Tape a tissue box to your lower back and fill it with ping pong balls. On the mark, try to shake all of the balls out of the box. 
  • Candy Cane Magnet: Try to hang as many candy canes as possible on your body in sixty seconds.

Compete individually or team-style to make the most of the crazy, challenge fun. By the end, the entire team will have memories to last all season long!

6. Tell a Seasonal Story

How well does your team know a holiday story? Test your skills in this all things storytelling game!

To play, pair your employees into groups. Next, prompt one team at a time to tell the summary of a holiday story or movie with individual players saying one word at a time. Moreover, words cannot be repeated. As a result, each player must pay attention to every response.

Then, have all other teams take a guess at what story is being told! This activity is a great way to get your large team together and get everyone energized and communicating.

The larger the group, the harder the game gets! This story-based game is sure to bring laughs among your group, especially if team members are not telling the same story!

Name that Holiday Tune Game

7. Name that Holiday Tune

Is anything more festive than holiday music? Incorporate festive songs of the season into a virtual holiday version of “name that tune.”

To organize this game, prepare a list of holiday songs. We recommend having team members submit their favorites! Once the playlist is selected, play the first few seconds of each song to the entire group. After each song segment, encourage team members to name the tune!

Determine the difficulty of each round by the number of seconds players hear each song. The shorter the audio clip, the harder the guess.

Warning, you might get a song or two stuck in your head from this game!

8. Host a Holiday Game of “Never Have I Ever”

Never Have I Ever is a popular icebreaker game that encourages players to be truthfully to past actions. Enjoy this crowd-favorite party game with your virtual team incorporating a festive twist!

Start the game with players holding up ten fingers on screen for all to see. Then, each team member will take a turn making a statement that starts with “never have I ever….” Players who have done the act stated must lower one finger. 

The last player with fingers held up is the winner!

Here are some Holiday “Never Have I Ever” prompts to get your group started:

  • Enjoyed fruit cake
  • Missed a holiday because I got stuck in an airport 
  • Regifted a present
  • Watched “Home Alone” more than 5 times in one month

Pro tip: encourage players to rest their elbows on a table during the game. Holding your hands up for a long time can get tiring!

Guess the Holiday Song Virtual Game

9. Sing the Holiday “Doos”

Challenge your virtual team to a doo off! This musical game will test your team’s ability to not only sing on pitch, but guess hit holiday songs.

To organize this game, have players join a video call with two or three holiday songs in mind. Then, one by one, team members have to “doo” their way through a holiday song to the entire group, with the goal of having the tune named. But beware, singers must only use the word “doo” to belt their holiday hit!

Rotate singers and guessers to give everyone a chance in the spotlight. The team member who receives the most correct guesses by the end of the game is the doo champion. 

Laughs guaranteed, this activity will bring your team together with ample festive spirit!

10. Decipher Together in “Who Am I?”

From movies to music, there are countless endeared holiday characters. Favorites may include Frosty the Snowman or even The Grinch. 

Enjoy the classic game of “Who Am I?” full of clever guesses and descriptions with a festive twist. To prep, brainstorm a list of holiday characters to be randomly assigned to team members. Furthermore, determine the level of difficulty you want by your selection of characters.

Then, join a video call together and assign one “guesser” at a time. In the chat, share with everyone but the guesser their assigned character. Next, the guesser is to ask “yes” or “no” questions about themselves to the entire group. (Ex: Am I in a movie?)

Once the team member correctly guesses who they are, spread a little holiday cheer for their hard work and select a new guesser. This is a great bonding and creative thinking activity for teams of all sizes! 

Winter Gloves for a Holiday Unwrapping Party Game

11. Race for the Unwrapping Champion Title

The holidays are full of sweet treats. This challenge will test your team’s ability to dive into candies, but with a twist!

Each player will need just two things: a pair of fluffy, winter gloves and a bag of Hershey’s Kisses. If your team doesn’t live in a climate in need of winter gloves, consider providing a pair to each player ahead of time.

To play, instruct competitors to put on the gloves and set a timer. On “go,” each player races to unwrap as many Hershey’s Kisses as they can before the timer runs out. Be sure to have all participants’ hands visible to ensure no cheating!

Bonus activity: team up and create a relay version of the game to encourage team bonding.

12. Test How Well You Know Your Team

The Newlywed Game took game show television by storm in the 1960s. Famous for its partner style guessing, this game is the perfect addition to your virtual team’s activities this holiday season.

To prepare, collectively create a selection of holiday-related questions. For instance – what’s the most stressful part of the holidays? Then, pair your team off to join forces with a co-worker.

To play, the game host asks questions to all the partners like, “What’s partner A’s favorite holiday character?” Both partners individually write down their answer. Then, partners reveal their guess to see if their answers match. Matching answers win points and the team with the most points at the end of the game is crowned the winner!

Learn and connect with your team through this get-to-know-you festive game.

Decode the Holiday Emoji Message

13. Decode the Emoji Message – Holiday Edition!

This colorful activity will test your team’s picture and word association skills with holiday emojis! 

To get started, select who on your team will create the holiday-themed coded messages for the group to guess. The messages must be communicated entirely via emojis! 

For example, if the category is ‘characters’ you could write this to the group:  🔴👃🦌 The answer? Rudolph! Players earn points by guessing the message correctly and quickly.

With endless possibilities, your team’s holiday knowledge can be put to the test. This is sure to be a blast for your group!

14. Play Corporate Kringle Catchphrase

Catchphrase is a game full of making decisions under pressure. Tap into the online, seasonal spin of the game, Corporate Kringle Catchprase led by Let’s Roam.

This gaming experience challenges players to communicate quickly and effectively with teammates. Players must get coworkers to say festive words like “chestnuts” or “snowflakes” before the buzzer.

Led by a spirited host, your crew will only have to focus on the competition of the timed face-off. Furthermore, an interactive leaderboard will keep track of game points for you. Test your wits in this exhilarating experience for teams of all sizes!

Holiday Cookie Eating Contest

15. Compete in a Cookie Eating Contest

The holiday season can bring out one’s sweet tooth. Embrace this with a game all about holiday cookies!

To set up this game, team members will need a few items to get started – string, duct tape, and your favorite holiday cookies! Next, instruct all players to string their cookies along their twine and hang the string from their ceiling with duct tape.

Once the cookies are in place, each competitor must places their hands behind their back, as using hands is off limits. On “go,” start a 90 second timer and let the eating begin. Whoever can eat the most dangling cookies before the timer chimes, wins! 

This quick, race-style game will get the competition flowing for your virtual team! Those who don’t want to participate can cheer others along on-screen and in the chat box.

16. Test Your Team with a Seasonal Spelling Bee

Not all games can be won with brawn. This one is for the word-masters in the group!

All that’s needed for a holiday-themed spelling bee is a list of holiday vocab, with a gradient of easy to hard to spell words. The rules are simple. Ask each player to spell a word on their turn, and if spelled incorrectly, the player is eliminated. 

We suggest starting the game with easy words like eggnog and Blitzen. Then, escalate to challenging words like toboggan and Poinsettia!

This game with test your team’s wordsmith abilities and holiday vocabulary all in one!

Build a Gingerbread House Game

17. Compete in a Gingerbread House Build-Off

A good old-fashion gingerbread house competition is in order for any holiday party! This party game is great for virtual teams looking for a tangible activity during the winter season. 

To prep your competition, supply staff with all materials needed to build a delicious display. Shipping pre-made kits like this Mini Village make providing materials to your team easy.

Then, encourage everyone to show up on a video call ready to compete live. Once houses are finished, have everyone hold up their creation for the entire group to view. Allow each person a few minutes to explain their decorating choices and design. Then, using the voting tools built into many video call systems, have a vote on whose house is the winner!

Pro tip: use tablecloths under your building station for easy cleanup!

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