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19+ Virtual Ghost Tours: Ideas for 2023

19+ Virtual Ghost Tours - Perfect for Halloween Happy Hour!

The fall season is a perfect time for team-building. These 19+ fun ideas for virtual ghost tours with your team make the perfect Halloween happy hour or virtual Halloween party!

Get everyone into the spirit of the fall and Halloween season with some spooky, interactive fun.

A few of our favorite virtual ghost tours:

Read on for more information about these ghost tours, and others!

  • Swap scary stories around a virtual campfire
  • Tour The Queen Mary, a haunted ship turned into a hotel
  • Explore the Winchester Mystery House, a haunted architectural oddity
  • Take a virtual tour of Salem, MA and learn about the Salem Witch Trials
  • See the haunted Eastern State Penitentiary and learn about social justice
  • Take a haunted tour through New Orleans

In this list, you’ll find:

  • Virtual ghost tours for remote and hybrid teams
  • Virtual Halloween party ideas and activities
  • Spooky team building activities
  • Halloween happy hour ideas for virtual teams
  • Fall team building activities and games for remote teams
  • Ideas to treat your team to a fun, rewarding experience to boost engagement

Why is fall a perfect time of year for virtual team-building?

We recommend doing virtual team-building events on a regular basis throughout the year. But, fall is an especially perfect time for your team to reconnect!

Here’s why:

  • Many people eagerly look forward to fall festivities. From ghost tours to apple-picking to watching the leaves change color, fall is sure to be a favorite season for many of your employees. As a result, fall-themed team building activities such as virtual ghost tours are likely to be well-received.
  • Fall is when students typically go back to school and reconnect with their classmates, making this a natural season for your team to reconnect as well.
  • Many of us are hard-wired to view fall as a time of learning since this season marked the start of each academic year. Channel the “back to school” energy with a virtual team building event that combines fun and learning.’

Ghost Tours to Try With Your Team

Ghost Stories Virtual Experience Box

1. Share Ghost Stories Over a Virtual Campfire

This virtual hour-long campout hosted on Zoom includes spooky ghost stories and fun campfire challenges. Additionally, each member of your team will receive a special treat box to enjoy together!

Inside the box is everything your crew needs to create decadent gourmet s’mores with a mini candlelight “campfire.” The box will also include a custom corporate card with your company’s logo and information. This experience includes an on-location expert guide and a live-streamed visit to a Victorian cemetery.

During this ghost story session, your team will delve into the science and art of storytelling. You’ll participate in seamless and fun story competitions – perfect for marketing, business development, and executive teams! Additionally, this experience is a great option for large virtual or hybrid conferences with rapid networking integrated into the experience.

Learn more and book your virtual Ghost Story experience here.

2. Uncover the Haunted History of Chicago, IL

In this 1.5-hour high-resolution video experience, you can take a delightfully spooky virtual walking tour of Chicago’s Bucktown and Wicker Park!

In Bucktown, learn the lore behind this neighborhood’s many historic buildings – including factories, churches, and taverns. Plus, hear about “the hauntings, scandals, murders, and activism that belie the quiet residential streets.” Then, head to Wicker Park to hear tales of a snake oil tycoon, a beer baron, and a crew of “artists, radicals, and mobsters that built and shaped this energetic and historic neighborhood.” Named by Time Out Chicago as “One of The Best Haunted Tours in Chicago.”

Turn this experience into a full-on virtual Halloween party! In true Chicago spirit, you can allow each team member to expense a deep-dish pizza (or whatever treat they prefer) delivered to their home. Enjoy dinner together on your video call!

Check out the Bizarre tales of Chicago here!

Plague Doctor Tour of Prague

3. Follow a Plague Doctor through Prague

In this Airbnb Online experience, your team can step back into time to learn about the Black Death and plagues of the 17th and 18th centuries. Virtually explore the empty streets of Prague with Dr. Alexander Schamsky, an unknown Czech hero who fought the plague in 1713. Learn about the “personal protective equipment” of the time as well as seeing deserted landmarks of the city. Immerse yourself in the forgotten history of the pneumonic and bubonic plagues.

The recorded video in this program has no audio because the hosts offer narration and stories in real-time. The movie was shot with a professional camera during quarantine times, and it shows the abandoned old town.

Visit the famous Charles Bridge, explore the Old Town Square, and go into the Jewish Quarter. Stop by the old St. Francis hospital and conclude the tour at the convent of St. Agnes. This experience is sure to feel poignant and enlightening for your team.

Jump in and begin your journey through Prague.

4. Explore the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, CA

The Winchester Mystery House has been named a top haunted destination by Time Magazine, Travel Channel, and USA Today. This bizarre mansion in San Jose, California is filled with design curiosities and rumors of paranormal activity. Inside the home’s sprawling 24,000 square feet, you’ll find a mind-boggling 10,000 windows, 2,000 doors, 17 chimneys, 13 bathrooms, 6 kitchens, and much more.

The home was originally an 8-room farmhouse purchased by a wealthy widow, Sarah Lockwood Pardee Winchester. She inherited the fortune of her late husband, William Winchester, heir to the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. Sarah began overseeing an enormous renovation and expansion of her home that spanned more than 35 years – from 1886 until her death in 1922. No one knows why Sarah chose to expand her home in such an enormous and unusual way.

In 1924, legendary magician Harry Houdini visited the mansion on Halloween night in an attempt to debunk the paranormal legends. He left with more questions than answers, and he famously referred to it as “The Mystery House.”

Explore the home on this video access tour and see if your team can unlock the mystery!

Pittoch Mansion Georgiana and Henry Pittoch

5. Wander the Halls of the Pittock Mansion in Portland, OR

This mansion near Portland, Oregon was once the home of newspaper publishers Henry and Georgiana Pittock. Henry transformed “The Oregonian” into a successful daily newspaper that remains in print. He was an avid outdoorsman and investor, while Georgiana was a skilled and impactful community leader. The two had nine children and were both actively involved in the community.

While Henry and Georgiana lived a happy life, their mansion is rumored to be haunted by their ghosts. They were only able to live in their beautiful home for a few years before they passed. As a result, many people think their spirits have lingered on.

Visitors have reported hearing phantom footsteps and seeing windows shutting and latching on their own. Additionally, some visitors have even reported the smell of roses, a nod to Georgiana’s role as founder of the Portland Rose Society and Portland’s Rose Festival.

Take a self-guided 3D tour of the mansion here.

6. Take a Virtual Tour of Salem, MA – Home of the Salem Witch Trials

Salem, Massachusetts is known for its gruesome witch trials in 1692. In this year, hysteria and paranoia spread throughout colonial Massachusetts. There were more than 150 accusations of witchcraft and 20 tragic killings.

In this virtual site tour, your team can explore historically significant sites in and around the area. This virtual experience includes an interactive map with photos and text of historic sites. Some areas of the tour also feature historic documents and interactive satellite map images, perfect for the history buffs on your team.

Salem, MA is rumored to be haunted by the spirits of those killed during the Salem Witch Trials. The town has become a destination for people interested in witchcraft, Paganism, mysticism, and history.

Explore the Salem Witch Trials online sites tour with Salem Ghosts, a local tour business.

7. Explore the Mysteries of the Smokies in Gatlinburg, TN

Join Gatlinburg Haunts for a virtual ghost tour of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains, Gatlinburg is a small but popular town that’s full of mysteries.

Learn more about the eerie legends of this town and its early inhabitants. The tour company notes that “Feuds, witches, and ancient Scots-Celtic traditions live on in this remote corner of the Smoky mountains.” This tour focuses on real events and real hauntings, minus the costumes and jump-scares!

Each participant will need to purchase their own viewing experience. To make this a shared team building event, hang out on a group chat and discuss the tour while you watch.

Check out the Ghost Tour of Gatlinburg.

8. Step Aboard The Queen Mary

Take a Google Earth tour of The Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. Google shares that “this former passenger liner’s ghostly residents are said to include the elegant Lady in White and a young crewman who died in the boiler room.”

Today, the ship has been transformed into a hip hotel. Guests who enjoy haunted hotels can book a comfortable stay that might include a ghoulish encounter or two! Guests report feeling the presence of spirits as well as physical signs of the paranormal.

A brush against your shoulder, a ghostly figure that fades into air, running water with no guests in the room, mysterious knocking noises… Is this ship really haunted? Your team can debate it as you venture through!

Check out this virtual Google Earth tour of The Queen Mary.

9. See the Notorious Eastern State Penitentiary

The Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was once “the most well-known and expensive prison in the world.” This gothic building was home to some of America’s most well-known criminals, including Al Capone and “Slick Willie” Sutton.

This spot is rumored to be one of the most haunted places in the U.S. In fact, NPR notes that “its 142-year history is full of suicide, madness, disease, murder, and torture, making it easy to imagine the spirits of troubled souls left behind to roam its abandoned halls.”

These days, the Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site is a nonprofit devoted to interpreting the legacy of American criminal justice reform. They lead educational and fun virtual tours for groups of up to 50 people.

During this experience, you’ll get a spooky virtual tour that also sparks a dialogue about criminal justice, equity, and redemption. Choose from topics like Organized Crime (Prohibition Era), Prison Architecture, Social Justice, and more.

View group tour options with the Eastern State Penitentiary.

10. See the Hotel that Inspired “The Shining”

In Estes Park, Colorado, The Stanley Hotel is famous for inspiring the Stephen King novel, “The Shining.” That’s because King and his wife, Tabitha, spent a spooky night at this hotel in the mid-1970s. Specifically, Room 217 inspired the popular book and movie.

In an interview, Stephen King said that he and Tabitha checked into a nearly-empty hotel as the season was winding down. The hotel’s long, empty corridors and the room’s claw-foot tub sparked King’s imagination for a book he had been working on. As a result, he decided to set the story in “The Overlook Hotel,” a fictional spot based on this hotel.

The perfect short haunted team tour? Take a 13-minute virtual trek through The Stanley Hotel! Additionally, you can turn this activity into a virtual book club by reading (or watching) “The Shining” along with it.

Take a 13-minute YouTube tour of The Stanley Hotel.

11. Take a Virtual Haunted Tour of New Orleans

Travel by video to New Orleans, a city renowned for its culture, food, and ghost stories. In this 22-minute video, your team will see 5 New Orleans sites known for their ghostly activity. These include: Muriel’s Jackson Square, New Orleans Pharmacy Museum, Le Pavillon Hotel, Charity Hospital, and Hotel Monteleone.

Hear tales of noteworthy New Orleans sites rumored to be haunted. Additionally, you can make this a more full experience for your team by sending everyone a themed gift box. Box of Care is a New Orleans-based business that creates special corporate gifts. Add Beignet mix, Zapp’s chips, hot sauce, and more iconic New Orleans treats!

Check out this YouTube tour of haunted spots in New Orleans.

12. Tour the Lizzie Borden House

Named “one of the most mysterious and intriguing murder cases in American history,” the story of Lizzie Borden’s family and their grisly end lives on today.

In 1892 Massachusetts, Lizzie Borden was tried and acquitted for the axe murders of her father and stepmother. Despite the acquittal, she was ostracized in her community. The Borden home became known for its ghostly activity in later years. In fact, the site is frequently included on lists of haunted houses for paranormal enthusiasts.

During the video tour, you’ll see the home where Mr. and Mrs. Borden were murdered, the cemetery where they were laid to rest, and the grounds of the home where Lizzie Borden lived in the years afterward.

Take the virtual tour of the Lizzie Borden House.

Boston, MA Corporate Virtual Ghost Tours

13. Go on a Wicked Good Ghost Tour through Boston, MA

Less “wicked witch” and more “wicked awesome” – take your team on a virtual ghost tour through Boston, Massachusetts!

During this experience with US Ghost Adventures, your team will explore historic, haunted sites with carefully-researched and truthful historic ghost stories. The team notes, “Boston has always been a place of passionate struggle. Religious quarrels and fiery locals mean there are endless ghost stories to bring the shining city on a hill to life – through death!”

This experience is perfect for New England-based teams, or anyone who is interested in early U.S. history.

Book your virtual ghost tour through Boston.

Add More Fun to Your Virtual Ghost Tour or Halloween Party

Looking to add more fun to your ghost tour? Here are a few of our favorite ways to add an extra special something to your Halloween happy hour or ghostly get-together.

14. Set a Fun Halloween Vibe

Find a spooky Spotify playlist to set the mood for your virtual Halloween party or ghost tour! As each person joins the video chat, they’ll be welcomed by on-theme tunes that set the tone for a fun virtual get-together.

For even more fun, play a game of Halloween “guess that tune” in the video call chat box!

Virtual Ghost Tours GhostFlix

15. Choose a Virtual Haunted Background

Join your team’s call in style with a themed video call background! Use a royalty-free stock photo site like Pexels and Unsplash to find countless image options. Then, download your favorite one for free and use it as your video call background.

A few of our favorite Halloween background options include this spooky forest, a ghoulish friend, and fall pumpkins.

16. Make it a Costume Party!

Encourage everyone to show up in their favorite “safe for work” Halloween costume, and turn your event in to a costume party! You can even award prizes for Best Costume, Most Creative, DIY Champion, and more!

Since video calls tend to only show your shoulders and face, it’s even easier for everyone to get in on the fun. Try some animal ears, ski goggles and a scarf, or face paint for an easy video call costume.

17. Get to Know Everyone with Halloween Ice Breakers

Start your ghost tour with some time for “getting to know you” games! This idea is especially helpful if you’ll be on an inter-departmental or larger company call. Allow everyone to get to know each other and form new connections.

For example, what’s your favorite Halloween candy? What was your favorite Halloween costume you’ve ever worn? What do you look forward to most about fall? Use the chat box, or come off camera one at a time to share your answers! See how many questions people can answer within a set time limit – for instance, 10 or 15 minutes – to ensure you leave enough time for your ghost tour.

18. Send Employees a Sweet Surprise

Send your employees a sweet surprise with a service like Sugarwish. You choose the size, and they can choose their favorite treats! This option is perfect for employees with special dietary needs. After all, many teams include people who are vegetarian, vegan, keto, gluten-free, have sugar or salt restrictions, and more.

A flexible option ensures that everyone can enjoy a treat together on your call!

19. Share Your Favorite Spooky Stories

Another great icebreaker? Take turns sharing your favorite ghost stories! These might be well-known, publicized mysteries – or a personal tale that you know from family or friends.

There are so many stories to choose from – or you can even make up your own! For a guided storytelling session, check out our Ghost Stories Halloween team building experience (list item #1 above)!

Book a turnkey guided Halloween experience for your team

Unexpected Virtual Tours’ Superhero Halloween team building experience!

Superhero Team Building

Experience a “marvel-ous” Unexpected Virtual Tours Halloween event! This session is perfect for superhero aficionados, creatives, comic book fans, and more.

During your session, your team will get a virtual tour of iconic superhero movie filming locations with two live-streaming guides! Then, everyone will gather in breakout rooms to create a new unique superhero character!

As a special surprise, our professional animator will even draw two of your teams’ superhero creations, live during your event!

Superhero Halloween Team Buiding

As an optional add-on, your team can enjoy a special superhero themed wine tasting box. The tasting was uniquely curated for this event by Voluptuary + Lucid Wines.

Superhero Halloween Wine Tasting

Learn more and book the virtual Superhero experience with your team!

With these virtual ghost tours, your team is sure to get into the fall spirit! Show your employees a frightfully good time while boosting morale and collaboration skills.

Craving more fall team building ideas? Check out our post: 31+ Virtual Halloween Party Ideas for Work.