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10 Awesome Virtual Game Show Ideas For Your Team

Virtual Game Show Ideas For Your Team

Explore 10+ awesome virtual game show ideas for your team! What is a virtual game show, you ask? Virtual game shows engage team members in challenges where players compete to win prizes.

Additionally, virtual corporate game shows can be highly effective team building activities.

Test your employees’ knowledge, skills, and teamwork in a fun and engaging way!

In this guide, you’ll find:

  • Virtual game show team building activities
  • Online game show ideas for remote and hybrid teams
  • Virtual corporate game shows
  • Fun virtual games show ideas for work
  • Game show ideas for Zoom


Why Host Virtual Game Shows?

There are many benefits of virtual game shows for team building. For example, games prompt employee engagement and communication. In addition, virtual game shows enhance problem-solving skills and boost team morale. 

In fact, an article by Forbes states, “Teams that played a collaborative (video) game together for just 45 minutes were able to increase their productivity on a task by 20%.” 

As you play, remember the importance of playing for fun while retaining the competitive spirit of the game. Doing so creates positive effects beneficial to your entire team!

Other positive psychological effects of these games can include building trust, creativity, and community. As a result, playing virtually together can be game-changing!

Types of Virtual Game Shows

There are many different types of game shows, such as trivia games, scavenger hunts, and escape rooms. Which games can be played virtually? All of them!

Plus, each type of game can be adapted to suit different team sizes, preferences, and offer unique positive effects. For instance, online game shows and scavenger hunts can strengthen communication skills and collaboration. Trivia and escape rooms push creative thinking and problem solving.

Tap into the positive effects of personalizing these games to fit your company culture, values, and team visions. 

Tips for Planning

Tips for Planning Virtual Game Shows

We’ve found a few practical tips to be helpful to plan a successful virtual game show. It’s important to choose the right platform, set clear rules and objectives, and incorporate team-building goals. Get started with this checklist: 

  • Personalize activities to suit your amount of players, using breakout rooms.
  • Share game rules and objectives with players before starting.
  • Assign team leads to keep players enthusiastic and engaged.
  • Communicate game timelines and objectives teams should incorporate.
  • Foster player input and feedback along the way to keep morale high.

Keep in mind that certain games are better suited for certain roles. For example, project managers might enjoy leadership-based games, or developers may enjoy skill-based games. Consider your team’s interests as you pick a type of online game show. 

10 Virtual Game Show Ideas

Murder Mystery Game

  1. Murder Mystery

    Let your team play detective with a Virtual Murder Mystery!

    In this game, players are put to the test to solve clues and uncover the truth of a fictional murder. Requiring teamwork and communication, a murder mystery virtual reality game show is a fantastic way to spend time together in a fun and interactive way.

    You’ll be led by a virtual guide in this game full of thrills and chills! 

  2. Family Feud

    Survey says – your virtual team will love playing “Family Feud” over Zoom!

    To play, split participants into two teams (or utilize breakout rooms) over a virtual call. Designate a host to ask random survey questions in a challenge to guess the right answers. The most popular answers win points!

    This game will put players’ knowledge to the test and foster social connections! Get started with these 105 Family Feud Questions

  3. Pictionary

    Pictionary Virtual Game Show

    Turn this drawing game into the ultimate competition! Utilize a free platform like Skribbl to virtually access a drawing board for easy game play. 

    With private group games for up to 12 people, split players into teams and assign game rooms. The selected drawer can pick from 3 word options for their masterpiece.

    Once the timer begins, all other players drop their guesses of what the picture is in the chat box. Guess correctly to win points!

  4. Trivia Challenge

    Engage employees in a classic game of trivia! We suggest customizing your game with topics your team is interested in. Ideas include industry trivia, pop culture, music, literature, and more.

    To play, join a Zoom call with a designated host to read game questions. Teams then must guess the correct answer in this fun knowledge-based game! 

  5. That’s My Jam


    Show off your song knowledge by playing virtual rounds of the hit variety game show “That’s My Jam.”

    Test whether employees can sing the lyrics of a song with only the instrumental music provided. Over a Zoom call, select players one at a time to sing lyrics upon hearing the music.

    The employee who knows the most lyrics in this virtual event wins!

  6. Bingo

    Experience an easy-going game of Bingo for your next Zoom game show! To prepare, create custom bingo cards for players to use on a virtual call. 

    Virtually join together with a designated reader for each round’s picks. Then, enjoy this game that’s perfect for bonding and casual networking!

    Bonus: check out our blog post on Team Building Bingo activities!

  7. Price is Right

    The Price Is Right Virtual Game Show

    “The Price is Right” is the perfect virtual event to test everyday knowledge and guessing skills. 

    First, appoint a host to lead the group activity. The host will show pictures of household objects for the group to see. Then, players shout their guess of the object’s price. For extra large groups, have players drop guesses in the chat!

    Win points by being the first person to guess closest to the retail price without going over. But, if a player guesses over the retail price, they are eliminated from the round. 

  8. Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?

    Reenact the popular game show “Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader” for your virtual team building!

    On a Zoom call, ask team members questions that any 5th grader may be able to answer. I bet you think you know more than you do!

    Check out Buzzfeed’s list of 83 questions to get your game started.

  9. Wheel of Fortune

    Virtual Game Shows for Team Building

    Tap into the classic game show, Wheel of Fortune! We suggest downloading this PowerPoint game template to customize your own Wheel of Fortune puzzles.

    To play, have a team host share their screen for the entire Zoom call. Then, choose 2-4 contestants or teams to decipher the puzzle!

    Keep score right on the game template to keep the virtual game show competition going. 

  10. Jeopardy

    Enjoy a virtual twist on the classic game show Jeopardy! Engage your virtual team through a range of topics from pop culture to diversity-focused themes.

    In this quiz game show, your team will be led by a host to test what you know! Customize this Jeopardy game with space for up to 100 players, each receiving an individual game link and digital buzzer.

    We know this high-energy, competitive virtual game show will be a team hit!

Best Practices for Virtual Game Shows

Best Practices for Hosting Virtual Game Shows

The best virtual game shows engage participants, create a fun and inclusive atmosphere, and provide clear instructions and feedback. 

In addition, it’s important for game leaders to celebrate players, be engaging and empathetic, and talkative. This will ensure there are no dull moments and preserve the momentum of the game.

Be prepared to handle common challenges that may arise during the game. For example, it’s important to choose the right person to lead the game. Outgoing, extroverted personalities might be better suited to be team leaders. You can help people step outside their comfort zone – but don’t force it!

Choosing Prizes for Virtual Game Shows

Prizes in virtual reality game shows can help to celebrate employee engagement. We suggest choosing prizes that motivate participants – for instance, time off, company swag, or gift cards!

To select prizes that are appealing, consider your team’s unique culture and interests. You can also survey employees to see what prizes they might appreciate most!

Unexpected Virtual Tours and Training

Run Your Next Virtual Game Show With Unexpected Virtual Tours

Virtual game shows are a fun and easy way for your team to spend time together. To explore more team building activities, check out Unexpected Virtual Tours!

Unexpected Virtual Tours will take your team to new places, expand knowledge, and instill fun along the way! Explore our library of turnkey programs that set teams up for success.

Additionally, check out more virtual team building event ideas like free virtual team building activities and unique virtual activities for large groups!

Virtual Game Show FAQs

Engaging Virtual Game Shows for Teams

  1. What are virtual game shows, and how can they be used for team building?

    Virtual game shows engage teams in challenges where players compete to win prizes. Use virtual game shows to boost team building and grow employees’ knowledge, skills, and teamwork in a fun and engaging way! 

  2. How can you ensure that virtual game shows are inclusive and engaging for all team members?

    Personalize virtual games shows for your team’s needs to get the best results. Keep games inclusive by determining team sizes, leaders, timelines, and objectives with your employees in mind. With clear communication, virtual game shows can be adapted for any team or interest! 

  3. How can you prepare your team for virtual game shows, and what should they expect?

    Prepare virtual teams by clearly communicating all game rules and objectives before starting. Plus, allow team members to ask questions and clarify if needed. As the game starts, players should expect to work together, know how to accomplish challenges, and feel engaged and supported.

  4. How can you incorporate team-building goals into virtual game shows?

    Incorporate team building goals within the aspects of your game. Elements such as employee engagement, collaboration, and coworker encouragement are easy to implement. You may even find that these team-building elements arise naturally amongst players.

  5. How long should virtual game shows last, and what are some tips for keeping participants engaged throughout the game?

    Virtual Game Shows for Team Building

    Virtual game shows should last no longer than an hour or two. Depending on team members’ availability, this may vary. Keep participants engaged with an active game host and involving every member.

  6. What are some common challenges that may arise during virtual game shows, and how can you address them?

    Challenges can include struggles with communication, disinterest, and discouragement between players. Address these obstacles by setting clear guidelines for team leads and players. We believe with proper communication and planning, all challenges can be overcome.

  7. How often should virtual game shows be hosted, and how can you ensure that they remain effective team-building activities over time?

    Virtual game shows can be hosted as often as you’d like. We suggest switching up the type of game show each time to keep your team building fresh. Ensure effectiveness over time by gauging team involvement and excitement for events, and pivot to other team building ideas when needed.

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