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Virtual Escape Rooms for Remote & Hybrid Teams

Virtual Escape Rooms for Remote & Hybrid Teams

Looking to boost your team’s problem-solving and communication skills while having a blast together? These virtual escape rooms offer a chance to do just that!

A virtual escape room is a fun activity that will get everyone working together to solve a mystery. Piece together the clues, solve the puzzle, and break out of the escape room!

These days, there are all kinds of virtual escape rooms to choose from. Opt for a chilling mystery, a fun adventure, or even an escape room themed around your favorite movies and books.

A few of our favorite virtual escape room ideas:

Read on for more information on these virtual escape room ideas and more activities!

  • Solve an art heist, search for treasure, and explore a mysterious undersea laboratory
  • Become detectives, hackers, and spies to figure out clues and solve a mystery
  • Break out of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry
  • Play a Minecraft themed escape room

In this guide, you’ll find:

  • The best virtual escape rooms for remote teams
  • Virtual escape room team building ideas
  • Themed online escape rooms
  • Tips to make the most of your virtual escape room experience
  • Activities to boost problem solving skills, communication, and trust
  • Virtual escape rooms for smaller groups as well as large corporate teams

Virtual Escape Rooms to Try with Your Team

Best Virtual Escape Rooms Team Building

Become Disco Detectives, Hackers, & Spies

Dubbed “America’s first escape room,” Puzzle Break offers virtual escape rooms as well as in-person experiences in Seattle, WA; Long Island and Queens, NY; and Newton, MA.

This award-winning company offers off the beaten path rooms like The Grimm Escape, The Winter Tail of Jackalope Frost, Disco Detectives, School for Spies, and more! More than 10,000 companies have used Puzzle Break to help their team connect across the world.

Break out your trench coat and browse virtual escape rooms from Puzzle Break.

Explore Virtual & In-Person Escape Room Options

The Escape Game offers escape room adventures at 25 locations across the United States – plus 7 unique virtual escape rooms to choose from!

Choose from exciting options like solving an art heist, searching for treasure, exploring the depths of an undersea laboratory, trekking through ancient ruins, and more.

Online experiences range from 60-90 minutes, with a unlimited player count – perfect for large teams. Additionally, this company has a 5-star Google rating with more than 5,000 online reviews!

Check out virtual escape rooms and in-person experiences from The Escape Game.

Break Out of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry – FREE Virtual Escape Room Experience!

Channel your inner Harry, Hermione, or Ron with this fun Harry Potter-themed virtual escape room! This low-key activity was created by Sydney Krawiec, Youth Services Librarian at Peters Township Public Library in McMurray, PA. It’s a perfect activity for Harry Potter fans, or anyone who wants to add a little magic to their day.

Play as a team, or as an individual. In this experience, you’ll be guided through a Google Form that shares a narrative story along with puzzling clues. Virtually travel to a Gringotts bank vault, practice your wand skills, travel with a portkey, and more.

Along the way, your team will test their Harry Potter knowledge along with their logic skills! Just remember – it’s leviOHsa, not levioSAH!

Step aboard the Hogwarts Express and try out this Harry Potter themed virtual escape room!

Play a Minecraft Themed Virtual Escape Room – FREE Virtual Escape Room Experience!

Like the idea above, this escape room challenge was also created by a youth services librarian! The Minecraft Virtual Escape Room is the work of Laura Escamilla, Youth Services Librarian at the Regency Park Library in New Port Richey, FL.

As many parents and gamers know, Minecraft is a popular online video game. In fact, Minecraft is the best-selling video game of all time! Players can explore and build a block-based 3D world, craft tools and other items, compete against other players, and more.

In this virtual escape room, your team will be guided through an interactive Google form to solve a series of Minecraft themed puzzles.

Play the Minecraft virtual escape room.

Custom Virtual Escape Room Team Building

Create a Custom Virtual Escape Room

If your team has a specific theme or goals in mind, why not create your very own custom escape room? Wildly Different is a company that offers custom experiences for corporate events.

With Wildly Different, you can add your own custom questions and your organization’s logo to an existing escape room. Or, create a totally custom virtual team building event with your own theme, graphics, and information tied into clues.

For example, this company created a custom James Bond-themed game to celebrate the launch of a new whiskey for one company. They also worked with a pharmaceutical company to create clues that helped the team learn training information as they escaped the doctor’s office with an order.

Browse custom virtual escape room options from Wildly Different. Looking for more custom online events? Explore bespoke team building activities with Unexpected Virtual Tours!

Play a Literary-Themed Escape Room: Nancy Drew, Frankenstein, & More!

You don’t have to be a voracious reader to enjoy the literary themed rooms from Mystery Escape Room! Choose from classics like a Nancy Drew mystery adventure, or try to break out of Frankenstein’s haunted lab.

Also available: Return to Treasure Island, The Ghosts of Christmas, and more! Mystery Escape Room also offers online escape rooms for kids, families, and friend groups – so the fun can continue beyond the workday!

See all of the offerings from Mystery Escape Room.

Sail Away with Blackbeard’s Brig

All aboard! This pirate themed experience from Confundrum Escape Rooms is a fun way to build camaraderie and morale.

During this hour-long session, your team will work together to escape from the evil pirate Blackbeard. While he’s away pillaging and plundering the mainland, you’ll have to solve clues to escape from a terrifying end.

Additionally, you can book your event with confidence since Confundrum has been rated “Travelers’ Choice” on TripAdvisor for four years in a row!

Climb aboard Blackbeard’s Brig for an exciting escape game.

Book a Seasonal Escape Room

Looking to embrace the fall and Halloween vibes, or get into a tropical spirit with summer themed escape rooms? Escapely has you covered!

To celebrate spooky season, book the “Escape the Basement” experience, or “Double, Double, Puzzle and Trouble.” Both are perfect for Halloween fun!

Or, make the most of warmer seasons with “Escape the Desert Island” and “Escape the Ice Palace: Save Summer.” In addition to seasonal adventures, Escapely also offers other virtual experiences and puzzles. With their experiences, team members can chat together and even draw on their screens (no touch screen required!) to solve the puzzle.

As a bonus, Escapely can break large groups into smaller teams who play the same game at the same time. That way, everyone can connect and talk with each other in intimate groups while still sharing the same experience.

Take a look at all of Escapely’s virtual escape room options.

Make the Most of Your Virtual Escape Room Experience

Send Some Goodies

Even though your escape room is virtual, your team can still enjoy some “in real life” fun! Boost your experience by mailing your team members a special treat. Some escape room companies offer add-ons to make this process easy. But, you can also go the DIY route and put together a small kit yourself.

Some great items to include: snacks to enjoy during your session, tea bags or hot cocoa mix, and a stylish notebook to write down clues. You can even keep the game experience going by mailing everyone a pack of UNO cards, a puzzle, or a board game!

Embrace Your Virtual Escape Room Theme

If you’re choosing a themed virtual escape room, embrace the theme throughout your experience! For instance, if you go with the Harry Potter experience above, you might encourage everyone to show up with a costume or an on-theme video call background. This might be as simple as showing up with a stick from your yard to use as a wand, or bringing your favorite “potion” to sip from!

You can also carry this theme over into your e-vite or calendar appointment by using fun graphics, images, or memes.

Make Time for a Debrief

After any team building session, it’s a great idea to host a debrief meeting to hear your team’s thoughts. What did they learn during their remote adventures? Can they share any suggestions or ideas for future team building experiences? What was their favorite part of the activity?

Gathering your team’s feedback will help set you up for future team building success – while making sure everyone feels heard and appreciated!

Looking for more unique, interactive ways for your team to connect and learn together? Browse all of Unexpected Virtual Tours team building experiences!

Includes year-round options, seasonal events, DEI team building, and more – all from expert guides who will keep your crew engaged and entertained!