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23+ Virtual Activities for Large Groups

Virtual Activities for Large Groups

This guide is filled with nearly two dozen virtual activities for large groups!

From interactive games and trivia to icebreakers, challenges, and art projects – there’s something for everyone!

Infuse your large group session, conference, or all-staff meeting with a dose of fun, creativity, and connection. Here’s how!

A few of our favorite virtual activities for large groups:

Read on for more information on these virtual activities for large groups, and more ideas!

  • Take a virtual museum tour, field trip, or European holiday
  • Create a shared team map to learn more about each other
  • Explore the history of music or street art
  • Play games like virtual Pictionary, “guess that song,” and Codenames
  • Plan a virtual volunteer day to give back

In this guide, you’ll find:

  • Virtual conference ideas and activities
  • Large group activities for virtual and hybrid teams
  • Virtual group bonding activities and team building activities for large groups
  • Networking ideas for large virtual events
  • Virtual engagement activities for large groups, including games and icebreakers
  • Fun ideas to liven up your next conference call or video meeting

Virtual Activities for Large Groups

1. Learn Something New with Airbnb Experiences

Even if your team is working from home, you can still explore the world together! Did you know that Airbnb offers online experiences for groups? With hundreds of private group experiences to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect activity for your team.

One that caught our eye is Pasta with Grandmas! Hosted by Chiara & Nonna, take a step-by-step pasta cooking class, live from Nonna’s home in Italy. Together, you’ll cook pasta from scratch and learn traditional, authentic pasta techniques.

From cooking classes featuring world-wide cuisine, to sightseeing tours, to crafting how-tos, and more, the possibilities are endless!

2. Play a Nostalgic Guessing Game with “Is the Price Right?”

Who doesn’t love a nostalgic game show? “Is the Price Right?” is the perfect virtual activity to test your everyday knowledge and guessing skills.

First, you’ll need an appointed host to lead this virtual group activity. The host will hold up various random household objects for the entire group to see. Then, players shout out their best guess of the object’s price. Or, for extra large groups have players drop their guess in the chat!

The first person to guess within 5 cents of the actual retail price without going over gets a point. But, if a player guesses over the retail price, they are eliminated from the round.

Play multiple rounds and even create teams to keep the fun going!

3. Explore the History of Music

Trace the history of music with Unexpected Virtual Tours’ “Music Evolution” virtual team building experience! During your 1.5-hour session, your team will participate in fun musical challenges and learn about music history with vibrant and knowledgeable guides.

Additionally, our Nashville-based virtual tour guide will give your team a live look at the Ryman Auditorium, home of the Grand Ole Opry. Each participant will receive a Treat Box to enjoy during the session. Interactive activities and snacks will enhance your musical team building experience.

Pro tip: many diversity and inclusion teams pick this event because it ties Black music history seamlessly into the fun experience.

4. Test Your Spelling Skills with The Longest Word Challenge

The Longest Word is a quick virtual activity that’s great for groups ready to flex your spelling skills! To play, assign everyone into teams. Then, challenge each team to spell a very long word that is outside of their everyday vocabulary. For example, Steganophthalmata – a division of jellyfishes!

The team that gets closest to the correct spelling wins a point for the team! For an added layer of quizzing, the winning team can opt to bet their points, double or nothing, by guessing the meaning of the word.

Pro tip: use a random word generator to help preselect your words.

Create a Collaborative Map Virtual Activities for Large Groups

5. Create a Collaborative Map

A collaborative map is a simple yet engaging way to bring a large team together. Plus, this idea is perfect for remote teams with lots of distance between team members.

Simply create a collaborative map using Google Maps (here is a step-by-step guide!) to mark different locations representing individual team members. For instance, using categories like current city you live in, where you grew up, and where have you traveled are great! The best part? The options are endless!

This activity is a visually unique way to learn more about one another and even bond over shared locations! You’re sure to learn something new about your team members and their experiences.

6. Guess the Masked Singer

Is your team musically minded? If so, playing your very own version of “The Masked Singer” is sure to create fun for your team! Perfect for video calls, replace the hit show’s masks by asking everyone to turn off their camera. Then, elect someone to be the singer. As their voice shines, others have to decide who they think the voice belongs to.

Once the singer has finished performing, have everyone turn on their camera. Then, let the guessing begin! By the end, you may find that some of your team has a real talent for singing!

Note: if you’re using a video conferencing tool that visually displays which participant is speaking, you may need to tell everyone to close their eyes while the singer is performing!

European Holiday virtual tour

7. Take a Trip to Europe Together

Virtually travel to Europe with your group! This is one of our favorite large group virtual activities. Unexpected Virtual Tours’ “European Vacation” event includes on-location guides and two virtual walking tours.

First, you’ll be mesmerized by Roman architecture, including the Pantheon. This is the best-preserved ancient Roman building, built in 125 CE. An architectural wonder, the Pantheon is a nearly 2,000-year-old testimony to the brilliance of Roman architecture.

Then, soak up the excitement of the famous Prague Old Town Square. Additionally, see the Prague astronomical clock, installed at Prague’s Old Town Hall in 1410. As such, it’s the oldest operating astronomical clock in the world! Finally, your team will be able to “choose your own adventure” with our Prague guide, adding fun and excitement to the trip.

Last but not least, the European Treat Box includes unique goodies. During the tour, your team will love trying cookies from the Czech Republic, custom espresso and raspberry lollipops with the Prague astronomical clock, Dolce & Gabbana pasta, and amaretti cookies.

Learn more and book your European Holiday experience!

8. Play Virtual Pictionary

Opt for another classic game, Pictionary! Turn this game that your team probably already knows into the ultimate competition. Use a drawing app like Paint to play a virtual game of Pictionary. This is a fun way to start virtual meetings with a dose of inspiration and fun.

The selected artist can pick from 3 word options for their masterpiece. Then, they’ll share their screen and draw the word. Once the timer begins, all other players can drop their guesses of what the picture is in the chat box. Guess correctly and you win a point!

This classic game is a fun activity to get the creative mind moving for your large group.

9. Explore Virtual Museums Across the Globe

Virtual museum experiences are ever-growing! These days, you can travel as a team to world-class museums without leaving the virtual office.

Using Google Arts and Culture, access over 3,000 museum options from across the globe! Not only is this an awesome option for large virtual groups, but it is also free of charge! Peruse as a team on a shared screen or let people go at their own pace on their own devices. Additionally, this is a fantastic way to view highlights from team members’ hometowns!

Bonus tip: Add an extra element to the activity by creating a scavenger hunt for your museum location. A scavenger hunt can give your team members direction as they navigate through galleries and exhibit halls with 3D maps!

10. Play a Game of “Read My Lips”

Read My Lips is a hit group activity that’s great for virtual teams. Different from classic word games like telephone, this alternative activity tests your group’s lip reading skills.

First, assign a team member to play the role of reader. Then, the assigned reader must determine the word or phrase that all other players are to guess. Next, the reader mutes their mic and says the selected word(s).

By lip reading, all other players can take guesses as to what word was said! For an added challenge, set a one minute timer for all guesses. Points are awarded for the correct and fastest guesses. Before long, you will see who is the best lip reader on the team!

Street Art Mural that says "Be The Best Version of You" for Unexpected Virtual Tours

11. Get Creativity Flowing with an Interactive Street Art Experience

Unexpected Virtual Tours’ Street Art Virtual Team Building event is perfect for a creative workday break or virtual happy hour bonding! This employee engagement idea combines trivia, hands-on painting activities, and lots of team-building challenges.

In this activity, your employees will participate in fun, interactive street art-themed activities. The session is guided by two live, knowledgeable, engaging guides, who will help your team learn about the history and culture of street art. For instance, participate in an artistic team challenge, and get a live-stream look at one of America’s most fascinating street art locations.

Ready to book your live, interactive Unexpected Virtual Tours Street Art team building experience? Learn more and book your spot today!

12. Test Your Musical Knowledge with “Guess That Song”

Add a test of your team’s musical knowledge with this activity to your weekly team calls!

To play, have one person share the first few seconds of a song. After the clip stops, participants can guess what song they think was played as quickly as they can. Shouting answers out or sharing in the chat is encouraged! Then, reveal the mystery tune.

Whoever guesses the most songs correctly, and the fastest wins! The best part? The options are endless! Pro tip: Share the decade the tune hails from to make the activity easier. Or, keep the challenge for your team!

Guess Whose Crib It Is Virtual Activities for Large Groups

13. Guess Whose Crib It Is

This activity is one of our favorite virtual team building activities, because it will prompt your team to see how well they know each other. Gaining its name from the hit show MTV Cribs, this activity is sure to be a group favorite!

First, get ready to play by having each team member send a picture of their living room to one person who will be the host. Or, use photos of people’s home offices!

To play, the host will show one submitted photo at a time to the entire group. Then, team members are tasked with guessing whose “crib” it is. The player with the most correct guesses at the end wins.

This is a unique way for team members to show off their personal styles and connect further with virtual team members.

14. Get Competitive with Codenames

The hugely popular game Codenames makes a great virtual game for large groups. Tap into the free online version of Codenames here for your next group activity!

Pre-game, assign people to teams and pick a team representative. Then, join a video call where everyone can see the same screen. The game board will show 25 words, with certain cards assigned to each team. Next, each team’s representative will share one-word clues in an attempt to lead their team to guess words on the board that only they can see. Teams must be careful to not guess the opposing team’s words or hit the automatic lose card!

This online word game will challenge your team’s creativity and collective thought processes for your next group activity!

15. Host a Virtual Movie Night Series

Another option: come together by watching a movie together. Even better, you can make this a series!

First, poll the team to decide what you’ll watch. Everyone has different tastes when it comes to what they like to watch, so why not create categories to help collectively choose? Options like comedies, scary movies, or classics can help the group decide.

Then, host a virtual screening with video sync apps like Scener. This is a great low-key activity for large groups to enjoy time together. You can share your commentary and reactions in the chat box!

16. Can You Guess the Shapes?

Get ready for an activity in which success rides on your team’s ability to communicate. A fun twist to the classic game of Pictionary, play this drawing game for your next large group activity.

First, split team members into groups of two. One person will be the describer, and the other will be the drawer. Next, the describer explains to the drawer how to draw an item using only simple shapes. For example, if the word to be guessed is sun, the describer might say, “Draw a circle with triangles surrounding it.”

Then, the drawer takes their best artistic license as to what the item is and shares the picture with the entire group. For the pair to earn points, the group must guess the item correctly. As a result, this virtual game taps into your team’s inner artists and relies on communication to win!

17. Become an International Monster Hunter

International Monster Hunter is an online team game unlike any other. Combine the fun of an escape room and murder mysteries as you become sleuths traversing the globe. To play, divide your large team into squads and have each create a team name. Then, teams work together to solve puzzles and find clues. Following clues, your crews of detectives will locate strange monsters around the world like the Loch Ness Monster and the Chupacabra.

This 90-minute activity can be reserved for groups of all sizes. And, you’ll be led by a host so your team will be engaged along the entire journey of tracking infamous and illusive creatures.

18. Plan a Virtual Volunteer Day

Volunteering is a tried-and-true way to bring people together. A virtual volunteer day allows large groups to collaborate with each other in a new way. Furthermore, this activity sparks the chance to learn more about each team member’s passions.

During this activity, you can collectively make an impact for a local or national organization through an activity that excites your whole team. Virtual volunteer activities range from writing letters, leading an online class, or hosting a fun activity, just to name a few.

19. Gamify Traveling with GeoGuesser

Challenge your team’s critical thinking skills with GeoGuesser. This free online game shows a street-view picture of somewhere in the world. Then, players guess the location by placing an icon on a world map. This challenge game will bring large teams together as you traverse the globe one photo at a time.

Additionally, this activity opens the door for fun conversations about team members’ own travel history or future plans. This may even become a staple icebreaker for future team meetings!

20. Host a Pottery Class

Is your team willing to get your hands a little dirty? If so, then immerse your group in a creative activity, great for destressing and expression, through pottery-making!

Companies like Crockd make it easy with mailable pre-made kits. Plus, the kit includes a step-by-step pottery guide to help you create a masterpiece with any skill level. These pottery kits will get your team’s creativity flowing and bring everyone alongside one another to learn a new skill. Join via video call to create something beautiful together. By the end, you may even have a team of potters!

21. Stay On Your Toes with “A String of Things”

This activity is a great way to get your large team together and get everyone energized and communicating. Perfect for a quick icebreaker or the beginning of a brainstorm session, A String of Things is sure to get everyone amped up for a productive meeting.

To play, have everyone submit ideas to one person via email or chat to create a pool of topics. For examples, think of listicle items like:

  • Things you buy at the grocery store
  • Must-have items to take when going camping
  • Office supplies you might find in a desk drawer

Then, start by having one person read out a topic to start the round. Team members then have to go around the the virtual “room” and give a one-word answer that fits within the topic (ex: cereal or tent.) If a person cannot find an answer, they are eliminated. Moreover, words cannot be repeated. As a result, each player must pay attention to every response.

The larger the group, the harder the game gets! This fast-paced game is sure to bring laughs among your group.

22. Decode the Emoji Message

This colorful activity will test your team’s picture and word association skills through emojis! To get started, select who will be the creators for the game. The creator is tasked to come up with a sentence, but only communicate the answer in emojis.

For example, if the category is ‘movies’ you could write this to the group:  🍳☕🍩♣️ The answer? The Breakfast Club!

Earn points by guessing the movie correctly and quickly! With endless possibilities, your messages can be company based or anything pop culture. This is sure to be a blast for the whole group!

23. Dig into Conversations with Donut for Slack

Looking for an activity that encourages large teams to get to know each other better? Use the Donut app for Slack! Donut randomly pairs up team members from a preset list and sends an email notification to the pair. Team members can choose to eat lunch virtually together, or take a virtual coffee break.

This is a great option to help large teams overcome hurtles of feeling distant from one another.

Seeking more unique team building ideas for your large group? Check out our Virtual Tours page to explore live, interactive virtual team building experiences for groups of all sizes, from Unexpected Virtual Tours!