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35+ Virtual Team Building Activities & Ideas in 2024

Unique Team Building Activities

In this post, you’ll find a variety of ideas to celebrate major events in 2024, get creative, build camaraderie, and so much more. Whether you’re planning a fun, lighthearted virtual event or a thought-provoking educational activity, there are so many options for team building this year.

With this list, you’ll find ways to learn something new and connect with your colleagues as you enjoy team building activities for 2024.

For more fun team building fun and learning, check out our lineup of virtual team building activities trusted by teams at Google, NerdWallet, UPS, and more!

A few of our favorite 2024 team building activities:

Read on for more details on these virtual 2024 team building activities!

  • Tap into the color of the year for design inspiration
  • Compete for the hottest 2024 shoe design
  • Delve into 2024’s biggest world sports tournaments
  • Create your very own 2024 bingo card
  • Explore movies that take place in 2024

In this list, you’ll find:

  • Activities to boost your 2024 virtual team building efforts
  • Virtual team building activities to explore art and culture, history, space, and more
  • Unique virtual team building ideas for remote and hybrid teams
  • Ideas for small groups and large companies
  • Unique ways to celebrate, learn, and connect with your team
  • Video call topics geared towards encouraging communication
  • Ideas to boost your team’s communication skills and problem solving

Unique and Fun Virtual Team Building Activities & Ideas

1. Explore Music from the Past through 2024

2024 is sure to be an amazing year for music – with highly anticipated concerts and albums in a wide variety of genres. This year will see new album releases from Green Day, Sleater-Kinney, Usher, Chromeo, Jennifer Lopez, MGMT, Bleachers, Sheryl Crow, and many more.

But who inspired the sounds we hear today – and how did music evolve to get us here? Delve into this fascinating topic with our Music Evolution virtual team building session! One of our most popular experiences, this session traces music through the past – with live expert guides to lead the way and answer questions!

Participate in fun challenges, hear fascinating stories, and take a virtual field trip to Nashville, Tennessee – “Music City, USA!” Many DEI-focused teams also choose this activity because it seamlessly integrates Black history into the session.

Learn more and book your team’s Music Evolution virtual experience!

2. Dive into Superhero Movies with a Unique Wine Tasting

Marvel Movies in 2023

Treat your remote employees to a “Marvel-ous” superhero team building activity! Our virtual superhero happy hour event includes fun activities and a virtual field trip to iconic superhero filming sites. Your team will learn about the history of Marvel comics while connecting together.

Learn how to create your own superheroes in breakout rooms. Then, as a special surprise, our animator will draw two of your teams’ superheroes live during the virtual team building event! 

Add on a fun wine tasting box to make this a happy hour and tasting event everyone will enjoy. Voluptuary + Lucid Wines have curated a special superhero-themed tasting box just for this experience.

Learn more and book the Unexpected Virtual Tours Superheroes Virtual Happy Hour & Team Building experience.

3. Cheer for your Favorites in the 2024 Summer Games

Every four years, the world turns its attention to a global competition of the most highly-trained and accomplished athletes. In 2024, the summer games will bring the excitement and competition in Paris, France!

Watch together with your team and cheer on your favorite athletes together. Games will include popular summer sports like volleyball, swimming, and golf. Additionally, you can tune in for lesser-known sports like canoe slalom, rugby sevens, and even trampoline! Feeling inspired? Host your own office athletic games or Field Day to spark friendly competition, teamwork, and lasting memories.

4. Predict the Fashion Trends of 2024

Each year, fashion trends come and go. What was once popular can become the fad again. For instance – ’90s and 2000s-era trends like butterfly hair clips, tattoo necklaces, velour tracksuits, and even thin eyebrows have suddenly made reemergences in the TikTok era!

Immerse your team in a fun activity guessing fashion trends. Foster conversations with one another about what fashion items you think will be a hit once again in 2024. Plus, share your memories associated with each!

In addition, poll the team on what fashion trends you hope will NOT have a resurgence in 2024. This activity is great for teams big or small and sure to bring a laugh or two as you reflect together.

5. Honor Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Holidays and Events

Honor DEI Holidays at Work

In 2024, it’s more important than ever to embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion at work. Honoring DEI holidays and events throughout the year is one way to showcase your company’s beliefs and values. This is also a great way to educate your team, learn something new together, and encourage meaningful conversations that unite rather than divide your team.

Unexpected Virtual Tours offers live, interactive diversity training experiences for corporate teams celebrating:

Mark these events on your calendar and aim to book events and activities at least a few weeks ahead of time. This can help build excitement on your team and also allows time for optional, add-on Treat Boxes to be shipped to your team members, if you choose to include Treat Boxes in your experience!

6. Explore 2024’s Must-See Celestial Events

Explore an out of this world team building activity by looking to the sky!

Together, explore the 2024’s must-see celestial events from planets, meteor showers, solar eclipses, and more! Foster conversations with one another about these wonders of the sky throughout the year. Furthermore, explore topics of space exploration amongst your team to dive deeper into the theme. You can even create a stargazing club!

Plus, you can pair this activity with #29 in this list to also explore the sky through the lens of astrology and your Zodiac sign.

Mark your calendar with these best nights to stargaze!

7. Design with Pantone’s Color of the Year

Each year, Pantone selects a unique color of the year. The color of 2024 has yet to be announced at the time of writing – but it’s sure to spark conversations and reactions from people who both love and dislike the color!

Tap into this colorful theme by planning virtual team building activities to celebrate the selected color. For instance, poll the team’s opinion on the color and ask everyone what color they would have chosen for 2024. Or, you can encourage the use of the color in a weekly design or photo challenge. Additionally, team members can show up on a video call using a background that incorporates the color, or wearing the color. Finally, encourage everyone to bring their favorite snack or drink in the color of the year!

With endless possibilities, this activity is sure to make your year more colorful.

8. Start Meetings with Celebrating “National Days”

National Bubble Wrap Day 2023

Liven-up your company culture by celebrating unique “national days.” Each day of the year, there are multiple fun things to celebrate, such as national bubble wrap day or national croissant day! 

Encourage employee engagement with ideas like bringing related snacks to team meetings or hosting a virtual happy hour with the day’s theme.

Check out this year-long calendar to see what national days your team can celebrate! This lighthearted activity will enhance team communication and morale as you bring positivity and maybe even some silliness to your weekly meetings. 

9. Check In on Your 2024 Goals

Odds are, your team members set personal or career goals for 2024. Foster team camaraderie and encouragement as you check in on how everyone is progressing towards these goals.

For instance, you can schedule quarterly or every-other-month check ins to create an ongoing environment of support and accountability.

Challenge your team members to be honest in the steps they may have taken so far and what they look forward to continuing as the year progresses. Or, better yet, check in on any team goals you may have set for this year and how you’re progressing together!

10. Get Creative with the “Craziest Places on Earth” Contest

Challenge your team’s creative thinking by participating in the Craziest Places on Earth contest by Airbnb. The contest prompts people to submit their wildest home ideas. Past winners have included a rental in the shape of a potato!

With submissions from all over the world, put your team’s biggest ideas to the test. Enhance team collaboration and communication skills as you brainstorm a theme and create a design.

Whether you submit your idea or not, your team is sure to love this creative activity. This may even become a staple icebreaker for future team meetings!

11. Honor 125 Years of Alfred Hitchcock and His Films

Alfred Hitchcock 125th Birthday 2024

Born in 1929, Alfred Hitchcock is widely regarded as one of the most influential filmmakers of all time. A pioneer in the psychological thriller genre, Hitchcock and his films have stood the test of time. That said, modern viewers may note some perspectives and plot points that wouldn’t fly by today’s societal standards. In 2024, delve into the work of Hitchcock with your team and honor the 125th anniversary of this icon’s birth. 

Plan an in-person or virtual film screening, followed by a group discussion of the film. You can send out a poll in advance to vote on the film you’ll watch. Then, send everyone a movie-watching kit with popcorn and candy. Or, use a service like Sugarwish to give employees some snacks of their choice!

Hitchcock’s career spanned six decades, with over fifty films – so your team will have plenty of options to choose from for this team bonding activity!

12. Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Big Green Egg

The Big Green Egg (a ceramic charcoal barbecue cooker) is popular with many home chefs and barbecue aficionados. In 2024, Big Green Egg celebrates its 50th anniversary! If your company includes “eggheads” (as fans of the gadget are called) or barbecue lovers, gather everyone together on a video call to share in this occasion!

Participants don’t need to own one of these gadgets to get into the spirit of the celebration. Embrace the 2024 food trend of international barbecue (see list item #28 below) and challenge each person to show up, in person or on camera, with their favorite BBQ dish or side.

Amp up the fun and make this a must-attend event by hosting a giveaway of a Big Green Egg! As a premium item, this reward is sure to spark excitement among team members. You can also learn more about the history of the Big Green Egg here.

13. Commemorate the Year of the Dragon

Each year, the Lunar New Year takes place on the first New Moon of the year. 2024 is the year of the dragon – specifically, the wood dragon. Enjoy a team activity dedicated to learning about what that year of the dragon brings for your team in 2024.

Dive into the symbolism behind the dragon. For instance, dragons can represent strength, power, and independence. That said, your team members may have their own characteristics, stories, or emotions that come to mind when they think of dragons. Through conversation, your team is sure to bond over this yearly celebration!

Additionally, you can begin to plan ahead for celebrating Lunar New Year 2024 in February. Consider attending or supporting local festivals, participating in online programs, or treating the team to a Chinese dish in their area.

14. Create a 2024 Bingo Card

2023 Bingo Card

Challenge your team in a classic game of Bingo! Together, create a custom bingo card full of the year’s biggest or smallest tasks your team needs to complete.

Motivate your team with this activity to tackle projects big and small. For example, add administrative items like cleaning out old files or your biggest projects for the year to your boards. Be sure to celebrate your staff when someone gets “bingo” throughout the year! By the end, you’ll have accomplished needed items and energized your team along the way.

15. Make the 24th a Special Day

Every month of 2024 will have a 24th day. Utilize the monthly occurrence to help make remote work feel more connected and fun. Treat your team to a small gesture or special incentive on each 24th day of the month throughout the year.

For example, host an extended lunch with a virtual meeting to spend dedicated time together. Or, host a special training session in your industry on each 24th of the month. Another idea: surprise and delight team members who’ve gone above and beyond that month with a gift card to their favorite coffee or lunch spot, or an early end to the workday!

This unique 2024 virtual team building activity is easily customizable for your team’s interests and needs!

16. Start Meetings with Team Icebreaker Questions

Get to know everyone by starting team meetings with fun icebreaker questions. You can ask questions on everything from hobbies and personal interests to career aspirations and secret skill sets.

Take turns asking each other questions, or start meetings by having everyone share their answer to the same question. You’re sure to spark conversations and learn something new about your colleagues!

Find more than 100 questions for work in our blog post, 100+ Team Building Icebreaker Questions.

17. Explore the Looks of 24 vs. 2024

23 vs. 2023 photo game

Great for teams with a wide range of generations, explore staff pictures from age 24 to the year 2024.

Create a team PowerPoint, tasking each team member to submit 2 photos. The first photo should be from when they were 24 years old. Then, ask them to share a photo of themselves in 2024. For team members who are not yet 24, ask them to share a photo of themselves at 24 months old – or 4 years old!

Once all photos are submitted, go through the slideshow together. Share laughs as you see younger version of team members, fashion through past decades, and reminiscing on the younger years. 

18. Create a 2024 Pinterest Board

Take to Pinterest for this creative team building activity. First, ask each employee to create a workplace Pinterest board. If they don’t have a Pinterest account, they can create one – or use magazines to create an “in real life” board instead.

Then, task your team with pinning 2024 activities, ideas, workplace suggestions, and more. Pinning themes can include best desk items and employee gifts of 2024, best work from home tips, or great white elephant ideas for your 2024 holiday party. 

Enjoy this activity once, or keep it going all year long! Once finished, share your boards with one another to share great items, tips, and more building a supportive team! This is also a great way to gather employee feedback, suggestions, and insights.

19. Test Your Design Skills with Shoe Design

Art is a great way to bring everyone together. With unlimited ways to grow new perspectives and creativity, you may not think of sneakers as a typical art form. Well, think again!

Creatively energize your team with designing the hottest shoe of 2024. Or, foster healthy competition with who can create the best company-themed shoe design. Utilize free custom design software like Shoe Zero! Once masterpieces are complete, take a team vote to pick a winner.

This 2024 virtual team building exercise is great for small groups to positively impact your company culture.

20. Host Your Own 2024 “Dundies Awards”

2024 Awards to Show Employee Appreciation

Employee recognition is vital to a team’s success. It’s important to celebrate one another and share what your value amongst your personnel. 

For this fun team building activity, host your very own 2024 “Dundies Awards” based on the hit TV show “The Office.” Poll your team for which employees should win certain categories, or have the boss take the lead and surprise everyone. 

While many of Michael Scott’s original Dundie awards wouldn’t be acceptable in a modern office, a few select Dundies have aged well! If your team members are fans of The Office, consider giving out Dundies like Stanley’s “Fine Work Award,” or Meredith’s “Grace Under Fire Award.” You can even single out the person with the whitest sneakers as a tribute to Pam’s Dundie!

Find funny award ideas here to boost your team’s engagement and appreciation during your virtual event! Remember to keep the awards respectful and appropriate, giving each person an award they’ll be proud to receive. That means no “Extreme Repulsiveness Awards” allowed!

21. Make Your Predictions for 2124

What do you think the world will be like in 100 years? As a team, make your predictions for what life will hold in 2124 and beyond!

Fun team building exercises like this help build camaraderie and creativity. Imagine the future together, exploring topics like your company, your city, and the latest technology. You can also research and read predictions made by past noteworthy figures such as Nostradamus about what the future will be like in 2024.

Then, take your activity a step further by posting your compiled list on your company’s blog or social media. Now employees in 2124 or even 3024 will be able to  read your predictions one day!

22. Guess the 2024 Word of the Year

Every year, Merriam-Webster chooses a “word of the year” as the calendar comes to a close. In 2023, the word is “authentic.” Merriam-Webster also noted other popular terms that defined the year – such as “rizz” (Gen Z slang for “charisma”), coronation, EGOT (an acronym for Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony awards), and others.

Tap into the power of words with your team by creating a running prediction list of the words you think will come to define 2024! This activity lends itself to a discussion of language, pop culture, global events, and generational colloquialisms.

Collaborate as a team or compete to see who might have the closest guess. Watch out – you may even learn a few new words by the end of the year!

23. Determine your Taylor Swift Era of 2024

Taylor Swift

Do you have a team full of Swifties? Odds are, you have a few team members who are excited to attend the much-anticipated 2024 dates of pop icon Taylor Swift’s “The Eras Tour.” With the recent release of The Eras Tour movie and 1989 (Taylor’s Version) – plus anticipated “Taylor’s Version” releases of her Reputation and debut albums, Taylor is bigger than ever!

Tap into the fun of this year’s dream tour for Swift fans by determining which Taylor Swift “era” you are in. Utilize this online quiz to help find out each team member’s era based on Taylor’s past albums. 

Extend the fun by applying the quiz to different departments or even projects to make the workplace Taylor’s Version!

24. Tap Into the Magic of 24 During 2024

Need inspiration for your next brainstorming session? Whether planning your next campaign or big project, tap into the year’s number to push the limits of your team’s creativity.

Task your team to brainstorm 24 ideas for your next project. Or, use this activity to tackle any brain fatigue if you find yourself creatively stuck. First, pick a random topic. Then, have your team collectively name 24 items for the topic to get minds turning again! You can also challenge team members to take 24 minutes together for brainstorming.

Spark new ideas and turn remote work into a fun challenge with this activity.

25. Plan a Seasonal Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Add a fun twist to a virtual scavenger hunt by hosting seasonal scavenger hunts! Ask team members to find items related to the time of year you’re currently in: winter, spring, summer, or fall.

For instance, in winter you might challenge team members to find and show off their mittens, holiday decor, an ice scraper, or a winter-themed book. During summer, see who can round up a sun hat, beach ball, and flip flops. This is a fun family-friendly virtual team building activity. As a result, you can ask team members to include their families if they wish.

Of course, if your is global, these seasons may have different types of weather – so be sure to plan according to the hemisphere(s) your team is in!

26. Celebrate 50 Years of the Rubik’s Cube 

Rubik's Cube Team Building Activity

Did you know the Rubik’s Cube was invented in 1974 by Ernő Rubik, a Hungarian architect? 50 years later, the Rubik’s Cube (initially called the “Magic Cube”) is the most popular puzzle toy in the world, according to Smithsonian Magazine. Rubik notes in his book Cubed: The Puzzle of Us All, “Puzzles bring out important qualities in each of us: concentration, curiosity, a sense of play, the eagerness to discover a solution.”

This year, tap into your team’s problem-solving abilities by hosting a friendly Rubik’s Cube competition. Team members can attempt to solve a Rubik’s Cube during an in-person session, or virtually on a video call. Consider providing everyone with a Rubik’s Cube of their own – then, it’s off to the races! See who can solve the puzzle the fastest, and consider awarding a prize. Then, ask team members to work together so that everyone can solve the puzzle.

27. Host a Mocktail Mixer

In 2024, mocktails and alcohol-free options are continuing to gain popularity. Host an inclusive mocktail mixer with your team for a fun way to connect and bond!

Consider hiring a mixologist – or assign a member of the team to lead everyone in making a drink together! Share a list of ingredients ahead of time so everyone can come prepared to mix up some magic.

Using sparkling soda, juices, fresh herbs, and fruits, you can create mouth-watering mocktails your team will have a blast creating. Add a fun umbrella or even edible glitter for extra razzle-dazzle! Plus, you can combine this activity with another idea on this list for a fun evening everyone will talk about for weeks to come.

Check out The 28 Best Recipes for Mocktails from Town & Country for inspiration.

28. Host a Cooking Challenge for 2024 Food Trends

Along the same lines as the previous activity, host a team cooking challenge based around the top food trends of 2024. According to the National Restaurant Association’s “2024 “What’s Hot Culinary Forecast,” this year’s most-anticipated cuisine includes familiar favorites and comfort foods with a modern refresh. Popular items are slated to include “soups and stews, grilled cheeses, global wings, and international BBQ” along with “beverages that boost energy and health” and botanical cocktails.

Choose a dish to cook together on-camera, with one person acting as Head Chef and guide. Alternatively, ask team members to share a family recipe and take turns making dishes that are meaningful to you!

29. Explore Astrology Together

Astrology Team Building Exercise

Do you have a coworker who’s always talking about Mercury Retrograde or their “big three” Zodiac signs? (For those who aren’t astrology aficionados – the “big three” are the Sun, Moon, and Rising signs in your astrological chart!)

If so, plan a fun astrology session together! You can hire an astrologer to conduct virtual readings for your team. Or, visit a credible astrology website to generate your birth chart and research online together. The CHANI App is one popular resource in the astrology community, and you can use the free version to create your birth chart.

Before planning this activity, be mindful that creating a full birth chart requires individuals to provide their birth date, birth location, and birth time. For some people, this can bring up painful or uncomfortable memories and questions, if they do not know this information. Be sure to make this an optional activity, or welcome employees to participate more passively by observing and sharing their commentary.

30. Take a Personality Test & Share the Results

In 2024, self-awareness is “in.” Plan a virtual team building activity to explore each team member’s personality and strengths.

From the Birkman Assessment to Meyers-Briggs and StrengthsFinder, there are many online assessments you can share with your team members. Ask everyone to set aside some time to fill out the questionnaire. Then, get together on a video call to discuss your results.

Be sure to emphasize that there is no “wrong” result for these types of assessments. Rather, this exercise can shine a light on areas of strength as well as where you may need more intentionality or growth. By creating an atmosphere of support and encouraging team members’ strengths, they may feel more open about sharing vulnerabilities and challenges. As a result, virtual team bonding activities like this can have lasting results as everyone learns how best to support each other.

31. Learn a New Language with Your Team

Learning a new language can be a fun activity and a valuable skill. Start a club with teammates to learn a new language together. This activity is perfect for global companies, consulate offices, hospitality and travel teams, preparation for business trips, and anyone seeking to broaden their knowledge.

Set your team members up with a program like Duolingo, Babbel, or Rosetta Stone to immerse themselves in a new language and lessons. Then, gather with teammates on a video call to discuss what you learned, as well as challenges. As you begin to learn your new language, you can even host your meetings using only that form of communication!

Branch out and learn more about the people, history, culture, food, music, and traditions behind the places where the language you selected is spoken.

32. Host a Bake Off and Award Someone Star Baker

Virtual Bake Off Challenge Team Building

Does your team love watching The Great British Bake Off? Or maybe you just need a hands-on activity to help your employees connect. Either way, hosting a virtual bake-off event is a great way to get everyone participating together!

Invite your employees to a special bake-off video call. Ahead of the event, choose with your team whether everyone will prepare their our own unique baked goods, or whether you’ll choose one item for everyone to bake. Alternatively, you can give your attendees free reign within a theme. For instance, the theme might be a type of baked good, like “bread,” a geographic region, an ingredient, or something else. Give employees a grocery stipend or gift card to purchase supplies, and challenge everyone to a memorable baking challenge!

Remember, the goal isn’t to create the perfect masterpiece – it’s to enjoy this time together. So, don’t worry if your bread doesn’t rise or the frosting melts on your cupcakes. When you combine learning, fun, and creativity – that’s a good bake!

33. Play “Guess that Song” to Bond through Music

Add some excitement to your meetings while getting to know team members by playing “Guess that Song!”

To play, have each team member pull up a favorite “safe for work” song in Spotify, YouTube, or another program. Then, take turns sharing the first 3-5 seconds of your chosen song and see who can guess it! You’ll create some friendly competition and team bonding, while learning about your team members’ musical tastes and interests.

For another fun way to connect with your team over music, check out our Music Evolution virtual team building session! Our most popular event, this program traces the history of music with knowledgeable and vibrant live guides.

34. Boost Skills & Safety with an Online First Aid Class 

There are many positions where First Aid knowledge isn’t technically a requirement – but learning basic First Aid skills can be life-saving at work, home, and beyond.

Create an opportunity for team learning and increased safety by taking an online First Aid class together. This can be an invaluable experience for all team members – especially those who serve as school volunteers, troop leaders, community organizers, and more. With this team building activity, your crew will have the confidence and preparation to step in and respond when help is needed.

Explore online First Aid classes through The Red Cross.

35. Embark on a Shared Artistic Exploration

street art free virtual team building

Tap into your team’s creativity and artistic skills! This unique Street Art team building session is designed to spark new ideas, share about the history and culture of street art and boost confidence in your own creativity.

Led by highly-trained live guides who will facilitate your experience and answer questions, this Unexpected Virtual Tours & Training experience is not a lecture – but an interactive, fun experience! Enjoy unique paint night activities, such as using watercolor pencils on beautiful graffiti prints and participating in a cookie decorating challenge.

Learn more and book your Street Art virtual experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is virtual team building?

Virtual team building is the process of building relationships and camaraderie with your colleagues, through online communication tools and activities.

Unlike with in-person team building, virtual team building offers the flexibility to form connections from anywhere in the world. Remote, hybrid, and in-person employees can gather together virtually for collaboration, discussion, learning, and fun.

Using videoconferencing tools like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams, you can create shared experiences in a virtual space. Use whiteboard apps, survey tools like Kahoot, and interactive games to enhance your virtual team building sessions. For a turnkey program, check out virtual team building activities from Unexpected Virtual Tours!

Virtual Activities for Remote Teams

Why is virtual team bonding important?

Building strong relationships among remote team members is crucial for productivity, continuing to build team culture, and overall team success.

According to a study from Buffer, 20% of remote workers shared that their biggest struggle was communication and collaboration, and another 20% cited loneliness as their top challenge. Virtual team building activities can help employees learn to communicate more seamlessly by building genuine connection, trust, and understanding. Additionally, creating fun moments for team connection can help ease the discomfort of loneliness.

How do you incorporate virtual meetings with activities for team building?

Fortunately, it’s not difficult to build moments for virtual team building into your regular work routine!

Consider starting team meetings with a fun activity or a group game. For instance, try activity #27 to start meetings with a delicious mocktail beverage before diving into work. Or, try idea #16 above to get to know coworkers better through icebreaker questions.

What are good remote activities to try for team building?

From educational workshops to fun activities that help people come out of their shells – there are so many virtual team building activities you can try!

For a fun experience that allows employees to kick back and relax, plan an online happy hour, take a virtual field trip to a museum, or stream a concert together.

Additionally, you can help your team learn together with a virtual book club, a guest speaker presentation, or panel discussion.

What are some fun virtual ice breakers?

Lighthearted icebreaker activities are a great way to get new groups connecting and help long-time collaborators get to know each other even better.

Some fun virtual icebreaker ideas from this post that we love include hosting a team cooking class (idea #28 above) and finding which Taylor Swift “era” each team member is currently in (idea #23 above).

These virtual team building ideas and icebreakers will have everyone laughing and connecting in no time!

Looking for more interactive virtual team building activities? Browse the Unexpected Virtual Tours catalog of virtual team building experiences! From art and culture to DEI topics and cultural holidays, our virtual programs are trusted by teams at Google, Coca-Cola, The Home Depot, UPS, and more.