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15 Fun Online Trivia Games For Zoom Your Team Should Try

Fun Online Trivia Games For Zoom

Online trivia games for Zoom are a great activity for teams of all sizes to enjoy together. Fostering team bonding, creative learning, and collaboration, trivia is a great way to engage teams in a remote setting!

A recent study by McKinsey & Company shows that over 50% of today’s employees work at least part of their time remotely. Furthermore, Forbes lists remote work as a top 2023 workplace trend that is here to stay!

As a result, virtual team building activities are needed to keep teams connected. Overcome declines in communication and morale while having fun. Encourage team colaboration across the globe and foster genuine relationship-building that improves company culture!

In this guide, you’ll find:

  • Virtual trivia games for Zoom that boost team building for hybrid and remote teams
  • Games to engage remote employees and new hires during onboarding
  • Trivia games that add a fun and exciting atmosphere to Zoom calls
  • Trivia for Zoom meetings to increase employee engagement

How to Host Online Trivia Games on Zoom

Online trivia games for Zoom can be a breeze to host with proper planning. First, schedule Zoom meetings in advance of game time. Invite all participants and block time on team members’ calendars.

Next, select a game that best suits your team, using this list as a guide. Consider factors such as group size and topic interest! From there, create questions and clues, download game apps, or purchase game materials.

As you play, designate a game host or leader to keep the game moving and team energy up. Plus, this person can enforce game rules, ensure all team members are engaged, and help to make the most of your time together!

15 Online Trivia Game Ideas


Fun Virtual Trivia Games for Zoom


1. Name That Tune

Test your team’s music knowledge in this trivia quiz. To play, gather your team on a Zoom call and select a game host. The game host will play 10 seconds of a song for the entire group. Then, prompt team members to name the song!

Customize the game with music genres, decades, specific artists, and more! Plus, team members can play individually or on teams to guess the tunes.

2. Trivia Murder Party

Does your team love horror movies and thrills? If so, play Trivia Murder Party if you dare! This deadly quiz show will test your general knowledge against a trivia-obsessed killer.

During this game, answer trivia questions correctly or find yourself on The Killing Floor, where players compete to stay alive.

Best for small groups, play with up to 8 players!


Virtual Trivia Activities


3. Jeoparty

Enjoy a digital twist on the classic game of Jeopardy with Jeoparty! Engage your team through a range of topics from sports teams to diversity-focused themes. In a 45 minute Zoom quiz, your team will be led by an interactive host to test your trivia knowledge!

Customize your Jeopardy game with space for up to 100 players. Each player will receive an individual game link and digital buzzer.

This high-energy, competitive online Zoom trivia game is sure to be a team favorite!

4. Trivia Crack

Test your general knowledge of classic trivia topics with Trivia Crack. To play, direct each team member to download the free Trivia Crack app from their phone’s app store.

Then, pair together on the app to compete against one another. Spin the app wheel to answer questions in one of six categories, ranging from geography to pop culture.

While video conferencing, watch the competition unfold!


Name 5 Things Trivia Quiz


5. Name 5 Things

Put employees’ quick-thinking skills to the ultimate test with Name 5 Things!

Great for remote teams of any size, join together on a Zoom call and designate a host. Each round, the host picks a topic and a player on the call. The chosen player must name 5 specific items within the given topic within 15 seconds or be eliminated.

Customize your game by choosing from a variety of topics!

6. Wheel of Fortune

Tap into the classic game of Wheel of Fortune using PowerPoint! Download this game template and customize your very own Wheel of Fortune puzzles.

To play, have the host share their screen for the entire Zoom call. Then, choose 2-4 contestants or teams to decipher the puzzle!

Keep score right on the game template to keep the game night competition going.


Heads Up Virtual Trivia Game


7. Heads Up

Heads Up is a fun trivia app that you can use for a lively team building session! To play, prompt all team members to download the Heads Up app on their phone. Next, all join a Zoom meeting utilizing breakout rooms for large teams.

Prompt team members to start a game on the app and hold their phone against their forehead. Each set of players provides clues about the unique word shown on the app for the player holding the phone to guess.

Gain points by guessing the mystery word correctly!

8. Coworker Clues

Find out how well your team knows each other in this trivia game. The objective of the game is for players to correctly match fun facts to other teammates.

To play, have employees submit a fun fact about themself to a host. The host will then place each fact in a box on a table using Word. Facts can include pet names, go-to take out orders, number of years at the company, favorite vacation spots, and more!

Over a Zoom meeting, task players to match each fact to its correct owner!


Virtual Trivia Decades Quiz Game


9. Trivia By The Decades

Engage employees in decade-themed trivia for a battle of the generations! With 4 generations actively in today’s workforce, tap into memories from the 1950s to the 2000s.

To play, join a Zoom call with a designated host. The host then reads off popular cultural references from specific decades. Questions can reference movies, music, history, and more.

Each player will be challenged to guess the correct decade!

10. Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?

Reenact the popular game show hosted by Jeff Foxworthy, Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader, for a virtual trivia night!

On a Zoom call, ask team members questions that any 5th grader may be able to answer. Check out Buzzfeed’s list of 83 questions to get your game started!

Answers may be simple, but that doesn’t mean they are easy!


Music Virtual Trivia Quiz


11. That’s My Jam

Show off your song knowledge by playing a music trivia game in the spirit of Jimmy Fallon’s hit variety game show That’s My Jam.

Test whether or not employees can sing the lyrics of a song with only the instrumental music provided. Over a Zoom call, select players one at a time to sing lyrics upon hearing the music.

If employees get the lyrics right, award a point!

12. Linkee

Linkee will bring a twist to your next team trivia night! Players are tasked to decide what answers have in common rather than answering questions.

Each round, present 4 items that have something in common. For example, you could list broccoli, leprechaun, lime, and lizards – which all are green! Quiz employees on what the items have in common!

Have fun customizing this Zoom game as you determine the items in each list.


Company trivia for onboarding new employees


13. Company Trivia for Onboarding

Level up your onboarding for new employees and interns with this Zoom trivia game! Make learning about the new job fun with a company themed trivia call.

Trivia questions can include:

  • What is our company’s mission statement?
  • What day of the week is our team meeting?
  • How often do we host our company-wide call?
  • Which email server do we use: Gmail or Outlook?

Teach new hires the essentials through this fun fact onboarding game!

14. Two Truths and A Lie

Tap into another classic group trivia game, Two Truths and A Lie!

To prepare, each player brainstorms 3 statements about themselves. 2 which are true and 1 that is a lie.

Once prepared, have employees share their 3 statements one at a time to the entire Zoom call. Next, take guesses on which of the 3 statements was the lie.

In this co-worker themed trivia game, boost employee engagement and learn new facts about one another!


Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Virtual Trivia


15. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

As a team, play the hit trivia game of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire!

To play, have teams join a Zoom call and designate a host. Then, the host shares their screen with the online version of the game ready to play.

Prompt individuals or teams to select their answer in hopes to advance to the next round. By the end, you’ll see who has the best trivia knowledge!

Tools and Platforms for Online Trivia Games

There are many various tools and platforms that can be used to facilitate an online trivia quiz. On platforms such as KahootQuizizz, or TriviaMaker create customized questions and answers. Or, look to trivia game companies like TriviaHub or Escapely for full service games. Enhance your online trivia game experience with these resources for better visuals and easy-to-use game play.

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Online trivia games are a fun and easy way for your team to spend time together. To explore more team building and group activities, check out Unexpected Virtual Tours!

Unexpected Virtual Tours will take your team to new places, expand your knowledge, and instill fun along the way! Many of our virtual team experiences include interactive trivia to keep everyone engaged, learning, and connecting together.

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Online Trivia Games for Zoom FAQs

Online Trivia Games for Zoom

1. What is an online trivia game?

Online trivia poses knowledge-based questions to players in a game format. Online trivia games can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection. With variety in question categories and styles, online trivia games are a creative way for teams to show what they know and learn new things together!

2. What are the benefits of hosting an online trivia game on Zoom?

Zoom trivia games offer various benefits such as fostering team communication, improving problem-solving skills, and promoting friendly competition. Plus, trivia games engage creative thinking and build attention skills.

Furthermore, Forbes states, “games may help reduce stress and anxiety by increasing our emotional, intellectual and creative outlets.” Tap into these perks and more as a team!

3. What are some best practices for hosting an online trivia game on Zoom?

Best practices include choosing the right game type, establishing clear rules and guidelines, and promoting team-building elements.

Plus, we suggest designating a host for each game and keeping an eye on the time. With this in mind, enjoy fun and friendly competition as a team!

4. Can I include team-building elements in my online trivia game?

YES! Easily implement elements such as employee engagement, collaboration, and coworker encouragement. You may even find that these team-building elements arise naturally as you play.

5. What are some common challenges or issues that can arise during an online trivia game on Zoom?

Common challenges include employees being disengaged in large groups. Or, team members may be distracted by other work. Counter potential issues with proper planning and communication to guide your team to a great experience!

There’s no shortage of team bonding ideas for your crew! Browse our virtual team building kits for more group-friendly ideas, and check out virtual team building bingo activities!