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Lunch & Learn: 50+ Topics to Explore

Lunch & Learns

A lunch and learn program is a great way to help team members make connections with each other, learn something new, and boost their professional development.

In this post, you’ll find best practices to plan an amazing fun and educational event. Then, browse 50+ lunch and learn topic ideas to get inspired!

For an easy lunch and learn session with minimal planning, explore guided programs from Unexpected Virtual Tours! With a wide variety of virtual experiences to choose from, our programs are the perfect solution for teams of any size.

A few of our favorite lunch and learn ideas:

Read on for more details on these lunch and learn ideas, and additional activities!

  • Host DEI-focused lunch & learn sessions to honor occasions like Black History Month, Pride Month, and Hispanic Heritage Month
  • Spark creativity by exploring the history of music or street art
  • Plan seasonally themed team events for fall, the holidays, and more
  • Grow your personal and professional development
  • Help employees strengthen wellness habits with sessions on meditation, healthy boundaries, rest, and more
  • Build your team members’ professional skills and confidence through lunch and learns

In this list, you’ll find:

  • Fun lunch and learn topics for corporate teams
  • Productive ways to spend a lunch break with your team
  • Guest speaker ideas and topics
  • Activities to build team connections and boost company culture
  • Unique ways to learn together with your remote employees

Best Practices: Planning a Lunch & Learn Your Team Will Love

How to Plan a Lunch and Learn

Connect with your team and learn new skills during a lunch & learn session! With a little bit of preparation and the engaging ideas in this post, you’ll be ready to plan a lunch & learn everyone will love. Here’s how!

1. Choose a topic.

Use the list below to select a topic for your lunch and learn. You can also use a tool like SurveyMonkey or Google Forms to get everyone’s input on topics! Consider who will host the event, whether you’d like to bring in a paid guest speaker, if you’ll be using breakout rooms, and what activities might be part of your lunch and learn.

Don’t want to go the DIY route? Browse guided programs from Unexpected Virtual Tours on a variety of topics! Our virtual experiences are loved by corporate teams from UPS, The Coca-Cola Company, The Home Depot, Google, and more!

2. Invite your team.

To get everyone excited, share a themed invitation that reflects the topic of your event. Include details and a bio for any guest speakers, your goals for the event, and why it matters.

Additionally, let employees know if the event will be “brown bags” (brings your own lunch) or whether lunch will be provided.

Finally, share a link to RSVP so that you can plan with an accurate head count in mind!

3. Make it memorable.

Want to take your lunch and learn to the next level? Make it a memorable experience for your team. Here are a few ideas to “wow” your team at their next learning event:

  • Send your team a gift card to get some lunch delivered in advance of your session
  • Mail a gift box of goodies to enjoy during the session (Unexpected Virtual Tours includes unique treat box add-ons with our virtual programs!)

4. Debrief and follow up.

To make the most of your event, be sure to follow up with your team for their feedback and insights. What worked well? What does your team want more of – or less of – during future lunch and learn events? Did any actionable items emerge as a result of the session?

Taking the time to debrief can help set everyone up for success during future team building events!

50+ Lunch & Learn Topics for Corporate Teams

Lunch & Learn Topics to Boost Creativity

Photograph of a person holding a can of spray paint in front of a large street art wall mural

1. Street Art

Break out your inner artist with this unique virtual team building session. Explore the history of graffiti, try out virtual paint night activities, and take part in a cookie painting challenge.

Additionally, this virtual event incorporates DEI themes through artwork and trivia. Your team will also explore beautiful murals from Black artists around the country.

Get your spray paint ready and explore our Street Art experience!

2. The History of Music

Explore the history of music with an interactive lunch and learn. With one of our amazing guides, trace the history of music through trivia, challenges, and more. You’ll also get a special look at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee – one of the most revered music venues in existence!

Because this event ties Black Music History seamlessly into the fun experience, it’s one of our most popular experiences, especially for DEI-focused teams.

Learn more about the History of Music virtual team building session.

3. Superhero Movies

Seeking a fun lunch and learn experience for your team? Superhero Movies Team Building to the rescue!

During this guided experience, your team will learn about the history of Marvel comics and get a live look at iconic superhero movie filming locations. Then, have a blast learning how to create your own superheroes. As a special surprise, our animator will draw two of your teams’ characters during the event!

Check out this unique Superhero Movie virtual experience!

4. Creative writing
5. Learning how to play an instrument
6. Poetry & Haikus
7. Color theory & psychology
8. Smartphone photography tips
9. Knitting and crochet

Seasonal Events & Ideas

Ghost Stories virtual experience

10. Ghost Stories 

Host a spooky lunch and learn – with the added benefit of boosting your storytelling skills! This Ghost Stories session combines spooky stories with exciting campfire challenges. It’s the perfect fall or Halloween team building activity.

Make gourmet s’mores while learning about the science and art of storytelling. Then, take a live-streamed virtual visit to a Victorian cemetery!

Have a hauntingly good time with this Ghost Stories virtual event!

11. European Holiday Traditions 

Celebrate the holiday season with a festive virtual trip to Rome, Italy and Prague, Czech Republic! Your team will be amazed by Roman architecture and the famous Prague Old Town Square. During the holiday season, you can also explore Prague’s gorgeous holiday markets.

Get festive and explore European holiday traditions.

12. South American Holiday Traditions

Take a virtual trip to Peru on this incredible holiday team building event! Your team will be amazed by seeing one of the Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu.

Then, enjoy the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Cusco, Peru and see the stunning holiday markets and more.

Learn more about the South American Holiday team building experience.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Topics

Black History Month Team Building Box

13. Black History Month (February)

Plan a lunch and learn your team will never forget! Follow a live-streaming tour guide on an incredible virtual field trip. Your team will see important sites related to Black history and learn the story of Dr. Carter Woodson, the “father of Black history.”

This session from Unexpected Virtual Tours is an engaging, interactive corporate experience that receives rave reviews!

Learn more about the Black History Month virtual team building experience.

14. Women’s History Month (March)

Celebrate the ingenuity of women from the 1800s through the present day with this unique virtual event. Created especially for Women’s History Month, “She Innovates” tells the stories of female inventors, artists, and leaders.

Book this event while you can – it’s only available for a limited time during the month of March!

Become inspired with the Unexpected Virtual Tours “She Innovates” session.

15. Juneteenth (June 19)

Learn about Juneteenth with your team and celebrate this important holiday together! With our Juneteenth virtual team building event, your crew will go on live-streamed visits to historic sites in Hampton, Virginia and Austin, Texas.

Additionally, learn how barbecue is related to this holiday through team trivia, delve into the meaning of the Emancipation Proclamation, learn about Harriet Tubman and John Brown, and more. Lonely Planet featured this event as one of the best ways to honor Juneteenth!

See details about the Juneteenth virtual team building session.

pride celebration team building

16. Pride Month (June)

Show your support for the LGBTQ+ community by hosing a Pride Month lunch and learn! This session celebrates incredible LGBTQ+ people who have always been a part of America’s history. Your team will hear about the story of America’s first gay marriage in 1807, the bravery of a trans Civil War soldier, and more.

You’ll also join our guide for a live-streamed look at the Stonewall National Monument, play team trivia, hear stories of LGBTQ+ leaders, and more.

Learn more about this special Pride Month virtual team building event.

17. Hispanic & Latinx Heritage Month (Sept. 15-Oct. 15)

Host a lunch and learn all about Hispanic and Latinx heritage! This unique virtual session traces the impact of Hispanic history from the 1500s to the present day.

Additionally, your team will delve into how Latin music has influenced American culture. Finally, virtually trek the Tejano Walking Trails in Austin, including the Tejano Music Legends Trail.

Celebrate Hispanic heritage with this Hispanic & Latinx Heritage Month virtual experience.

Sports-Related Lunch & Learn Topics

Design a Golf Course Virtual Experience

18. Golf course design & golfing history

This session is a “must” for golf lovers, people with golf lovers in their life, or anyone who’s ever admired the beautiful layout of a golf course!

Learn all about the history and architecture of golf course design. Then, pay your respects at the resting place of golf legend Bobby Jones, founder of the Masters Tournament.

Check out the Unexpected Virtual Tours Design-A-Golf-Course experience.

19. Sports legends & MVPs
20. Beginner hiking & camping
21. The impact of athletic activity on physical & mental health
22. The accomplishments and historic exclusion of underrepresented athletes 
23. The Greek origins of the biggest international sporting event
24. Ultramarathons, Ironman competitions, and other endurance or obstacle races

Professional & Personal Development Learning Topics

Diversity in Stock Photos Diversity and Inclusion at Work

25. How to be an effective mentor
26. Networking tips and best practices
27. Cybersecurity and safety
28. Building emotional intelligence
29. SMART goal setting
30. How to write a thank-you note

Wellness Lunch & Learn Topics

31. Meditation tips and techniques
32. Minimalism
33. How to cook a healthy meal
34. Making friends as an adult
35. Rest as a tool for health & time management
36. Setting healthy boundaries
37. Sleep hygiene, habits, and best practices

Life Skills Lunch & Learn Topics

38. How to check your car’s oil, change a tire, or jumpstart a car
39. Financial literacy: budgeting, investing, credit scores, & more
40. Basic sewing
41. First Aid & emergency kits
42. Choosing & caring for a pet (include a “pet show and tell” for your team, too!)
43. Etiquette 101

Food and Drink Team Event Topics

Cooking Class Lunch and Learn

44. Pasta making
45. Meal prepping for the week
46. Wine tasting & wine etiquette
47. Brewing the perfect cup of coffee
48. The history of tea
49. Knife skills & sharpening
50. Baking 101
51. Share family recipes & cooking demos with your team

Looking for more interactive lunch & learn sessions for your team? Explore all of Unexpected Virtual Tours’ virtual team building experiences! From music and street art to golf, history, and superheroes – there’s something for everyone!