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15 Exciting Hybrid Team Building Activities, Games & Ideas

15 Exciting Hybrid Team Building Activities, Games & Ideas

Searching for exciting hybrid team building activities, games, and ideas to strengthen your corporate team and culture? Look no further!

Our list of 15 fun ideas will not only bring your team together but also promote learning and help build team connections and morale. With hybrid work teams becoming increasingly popular, leaders are recognizing the need for team building activities that foster camaraderie and unity among their employees – whether remote or in-person.

While hybrid work offers numerous benefits, it can also create feelings of disconnection and isolation. However, there’s no need to fear a hybrid team arrangement!

The following hybrid activities are here to save the day by breaking up the routine and providing valuable opportunities for social connection. Even better, these activities can be done on a budget, ensuring that your hybrid employees remain engaged and connected on an ongoing basis!

In this post, you’ll find:

  • Team building activities for work meetings
  • Free ways to keep hybrid teams connected
  • Quick and easy ways to boost employee morale and camaraderie
  • Team building activities for hybrid meetings
  • Team building games for remote workers
  • Free hybrid games for teams of all sizes

Hybrid Team Activities

The Importance of Team Building for Hybrid Teams

Hybrid teams refer to work teams that consist of a combination of on-site employees and workers joining remotely. In hybrid teams, some members are physically present in a traditional office setting, while others employees are working from various locations using digital tools.

Compared to traditional teams, which typically operate within a shared physical workspace, hybrid teams introduce an additional layer of complexity. Traditional teams primarily rely on face-to-face interactions and in-person collaboration. In contrast, hybrid teams require a seamless integration of remote and on-site work to ensure effective communication, collaboration, and coordination.

Engaging hybrid teams requires a thoughtful approach that addresses the specific dynamics of both on-site and remote team members. Maintaining a sense of connection is particularly important in hybrid teams. When team members are physically separated, there is a risk of decreased social interaction and a sense of isolation. By building community, organizations can promote trust, collaboration, and a sense of belonging among team members.

By investing in team building initiatives, organizations can create a positive work environment and boost employee satisfaction. Plus, improve productivity and enhance employee retention. In a hybrid setting, team building becomes even more critical to bridge the gap and foster a sense of community among all team members.

15 Hybrid Team Building Activities & Ideas to Try

Read on for a collection of team building ideas specifically designed to engage and unite hybrid teams. These activities aim to bridge the physical and virtual divide, fostering collaboration and communication.

Plus, hybrid team building activities offer creative and effective ways to build relationships and enhance the overall productivity and satisfaction of your hybrid team. Get ready to explore a range of engaging and inclusive activities that will bring your hybrid team closer together and create a thriving work environment!

Hybrid Activity

1. Play a Hybrid Scavenger Hunt

Hybrid scavenger hunts are a great team building activity for teams with in-person and remote employees. Plus, this activity can be tailored to groups of any size.

Scavenger hunts can be designed to include a mix of physical and digital clues, allowing both on-site and remote team members to contribute. On-site participants can search for items or solve puzzles physically, while remote participants can use video conferencing or live-streaming to guide their on-site counterparts and provide input.

This collaborative approach promotes teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills. By working together to decipher clues and overcome challenges, team members build trust, enhancing their ability to collaborate across different locations!

2. Use Virtual Reality for Team Building – A Hybrid Team Favorite!

Virtual reality games provide an immersive experience that can transport team members to new and interactive environments. Many virtual reality team building games are great for hybrid teams!

For instance, escape room experiences can be replicated in virtual reality. Here, team members can work together to solve puzzles and challenges to “escape” within a set time.

Another example is playing the classic game of charades with a virtual reality twist. First, have team members create their own online avatar using platforms like ReadyPlayer.me. Once created, use avatars to act out charades prompts while sharing your screen. 

For more ideas like escape rooms and virtual charades, check out more virtual team building activities!

Video Games

3. Host a Hybrid Video Game Session

In today’s day and age, there is a wide range of virtual gaming options available for every interest. This activity is sure to bring satisfaction to both your gamer employees and non-gamers within your hybrid team.

For example, opt to connect through Steam. This is a popular gaming platform for Windows and PC computers, offering a plethora of multiplayer games. With its built-in chat feature, team members can stay connected while immersing themselves in gameplay anywhere. Plus, you can organize a special “game night” and choose a game that emphasizes bonding and healthy competition.

Choosing this option for a fun online meeting can provide a much-needed break from hybrid teams and foster creativity!

4. Test the Team’s Trivia Knowledge

Have a great time bonding and laughing together while answering trivia questions! Trivia contests are an awesome way to bring hybrid teams closer and enjoy some good old fashioned fun.

Check out Jackbox Games, a fun website where everyone can join in the trivia fun through video conferencing. All you need is your phone to participate. For added enjoyment, you can purchase a party pack bundle of games, which usually costs around $30.

Alternatively, you can use an online Random Trivia Generator. Simply select a host to share their screen with the group to display trivia questions and answers. Just remember one important rule for online trivia: no Googling the answers!

Exciting Hybrid Team Building

5. Take on Jeopardy Icebreaker Questions

Organize a custom game of Jeopardy for your hybrid team! Use Fact Tile to set up a jeopardy game with questions and categories about your own team members.

For example, designate categories such as Where We Live. Then, an answer could be Orlando, Florida. The player who gives the Jeopardy question, “Where does Team Member X live?” would win the points!

Here are few more suggestions for Team Jeopardy categories:

  • Who hates this
  • Who has a certain type of dog
  • Who wears what
  • Work or personal anniversaries
  • Employee positions

6. Complete a Virtual Volunteer Project Together – One of Our Favorite Hybrid Team Building Activities

If your team is looking to strengthen their bond while making a positive impact in the community, consider engaging in a virtual volunteer project!

Virtual volunteer opportunities provide flexibility, allowing team members to contribute their skills and time from anywhere. Plus, they can accommodate employee’s diverse schedules and time zones.

Explore VolunteerMatch, where you can discover various virtual volunteering opportunities. For example, your team could assist with administrative tasks, event planning, assembling supply kits from home, and much more! Then, get everyone together on a video call to share about their experiences.

Basketball Game

7. Stream A Big Game or Tournament Together

Teams feel closer when they have shared connections. For sports-loving hybrid teams, host a corporate watch party for the next big game or sports tournament.

Your team can cheer, joke around, and bond together from the office or their living rooms. Provide in-person team members with a yummy snack spread. Plus, you can offer remote employee a gift card to enjoy their favorite take-out for the big game. While watching, everyone can share their treat of choice and use the group chat to communicate.

Need a guide on how to host a watch party? Explore Wired’s guide to hosting a virtual watch party

8. Plan a Virtual Board Game Session

Organizing a classic game night or game session is an excellent approach to foster bonding within your hybrid team. In today’s digital era, there is an abundance of free online multiplayer game options available that offer the nostalgia of favorite board games.

One such option is Skribbl.io, a game that involves drawing and guessing. Each round, a team member takes turns drawing a random word while others try to guess the word by typing their answers in the chat box.

Or, discover the thrill of the popular board game Codenames with its free online version! Ideal for small groups of 4 to 8 players, Codenames challenges teams to unravel a mystery word by correctly identifying their assigned codenames before their opponents.

For more, check out TableTopia’s full list of online games great for groups and every interest!

Golf Course

9. Build a Mini Golf Course at your Desk

Get into the golfing spirit with a Design-A-Golf-Course experience from Unexpected Virtual Tours.

As a team, get a live look at two important golf history locations. Additionally, complete a “design your own golf course” challenge with all of the materials shipped directly to you. And, even if you don’t love golf, this creative experience will get everyone working together, laughing, and creating.

This is one of our favorite hybrid team games for sports lovers. Plus, this is a great activity for high employee engagement via video conferencing for hybrid team members located anywhere!

10. Get Competitive with Bingo – A Hybrid Team Favorite!

Bingo is a classic game and one that everyone knows. But, you may have not known that bingo can be a great and easy team building game to play on Zoom!

To prepare for game play, provide in-person and players joining remotely with a bingo card. Find free online bingo cards in our bingo blog post! Additionally, you can utilize an online Bingo number generator. Finally, you’ll need to assign an announcer to call out the selected numbers.

During a team video call, begin calling numbers and see who reaches “bingo” first! Enjoy fun and laughter together during this game that pushes your team members’ listening and attention skills. Bonus fun: ask your team if anyone has a Bingo ball spinner to use!


11. Play the Time Zone Game

Elevate the pre-conference call connection with a delightful and lighthearted activity that will have your team bonding in no time. Say goodbye to the mundane routine of asking, “What time is it where you are?” and introduce the time zone game instead!

It’s simple yet engaging—pick a team member to reveal their current city, while others take on the challenge of guessing the local time there. To add an extra layer of excitement, spice it up by challenging team members to guess the last meal the chosen employee enjoyed.

The time zone game not only sparks camaraderie but also encourages your team to discover fascinating tidbits about one another. Unleash the joy of connection and create timeless memorable moments!

12. Compete in a Worldly Game of The Price is Right

This game is perfect for hybrid teams spread across different states and countries. As you play, see how prices can vary from one area to another. For example, while mangos might be cheap in Japan, apples could be expensive, and it could be the opposite in the United States.

To start, ask each person to pick an everyday item like food or clothing. Then, one person will show the item on Zoom and give a fun, informative sales pitch. Everyone else tries to guess how much it costs in their local currency.

You can easily convert the prices using an online currency converter. The person who guesses closest to the actual price gets a turn to show their item. This is a simple and enjoyable activity for hybrid teams to connect and have a great time together while building their public speaking and sales skills.

European City

13. Explore a Foreign Destination Together – One of Our Favorite Hybrid Team Building Activities

Embark on an exhilarating adventure with your team through the wonders of virtual tours. Simply hop onto a Zoom call and immerse yourselves in captivating destinations from the comfort of your own office.

You can find lots of free tour videos on YouTube by searching for countries or historic sites. Explore different parts of the world using Google Maps too! For an even more extraordinary experience, embark on a remarkable live virtual tour with Unexpected Virtual Tours’ European Holiday experience.

The virtual journey will transport your entire team to the enchanting cities of Prague and Rome. Enjoy seeing the streets and learning the history of these areas with a live tour guide. This hybrid team building activity will elevate your team’s virtual travel experience and create unforgettable memories!

14. Tour a Museum Together

Together, discover the wonders of world-famous art museums no matter where you are! Your team can now explore captivating virtual tours that bring these prestigious galleries to your screens.

Dive into the vast collection of artwork and virtual tours on Google Arts & Culture. Visit The Louvre or other renowned museums with your coworkers. For added excitement, organize a digital scavenger hunt to find hidden treasures in the virtual galleries. Or, have everyone share their favorite artwork via video call for a fun and interactive experience.

To keep the creativity flowing, check out Open Culture. They offer 1,700 free online classes, 1,000 free audiobooks, 300 free language lessons, and more! Expand your knowledge and foster a community of learning with these fantastic team building resources.

Master Class

15. Take Turns Hosting Master Classes – One of Our Favorite Hybrid Team Building Activities

Encourage your team members to showcase their unique skills and hobbies. Each month, give a chance for one team member to host an hour-long virtual “master class” on a topic they’re passionate about.

This allows team members to not only express their personal interests, but also learn new skills from one another. Employees are sure to love this hybrid team building activity!

Some great virtual master class ideas include:

  • Backyard gardening
  • Hiking and backpacking tips
  • Knitting, crocheting, or sewing
  • Training tips for dog behavior
  • Cooking, baking, and other kitchen skills
  • The history of rock ‘n’ roll

Team Building Ideas

How to Select and Implement the Right Team Building Activities

When choosing team building activities for a hybrid team, it’s important to consider team size, preferences, and objectives.

First, assess the size of your team to determine whether activities should be conducted as a whole group or in smaller subgroups. Large teams may benefit from activities that encourage cross-departmental collaboration, while smaller teams can engage in more intimate and focused activities.

Second, take into account the preferences of your team members. Consider their diverse backgrounds, interests, and abilities to select activities that cater to their varied preferences. This ensures that everyone feels engaged and motivated to participate.

Lastly, align the chosen activities with the team’s objectives. If the goal is to foster creativity, consider interactive brainstorming games. If building trust and teamwork is the objective, opt for collaborative problem-solving activities.

To ensure inclusivity for all team members, regardless of their location, leverage technology. Utilize video conferencing tools and online chats to enable remote participants to actively engage in real-time discussions and contribute to group activities. 

In addition, create opportunities for virtual breakout sessions where team members can collaborate in smaller groups. Be sure to promote active participation from both on-site and remote team members. Plus, provide clear instructions and guidelines before the activities to ensure that all team members understand their roles and can actively contribute.

Ensuring Continual Team Building in a Hybrid Environment

Consistent team building is essential for creating a strong and cohesive team. It’s important to embed team building into everyday practices and routines to foster continuous collaboration and relationship-building.

One way to achieve this is by incorporating regular team building elements into team meetings or huddles. For example, start each meeting with a quick icebreaker or team building exercises to promote interaction and connection.

Another approach is to encourage ongoing knowledge sharing and learning among team members. Implement practices such as mentorship programs or knowledge-sharing sessions where team members can exchange expertise and insights.

Additionally, create opportunities for cross-department collaboration and project rotations to encourage team members to work together on different initiatives. Celebrate milestones and achievements collectively to reinforce a sense of accomplishment and unity.

By integrating team building activities into everyday practices, team members can develop stronger relationships, enhance communication, and build a positive team culture over time.

Strengthen Your Hybrid Work Team

Strengthening Your Hybrid Team Through Virtual Events

In summary, hybrid teams require unique approaches to engage and connect team members in both on-site and remote locations. To do so, implement practices like clear communication channels, regular check-ins, and engaging virtual team building activities.

Team building is crucial for employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention in a hybrid setting. In addition, team building should not be limited to one-off events. Rather, they should be imbued into everyday practices and routines. By consistently incorporating team building elements, teams can strengthen relationships and foster a positive team culture.

When looking to plan fun team building events and effectively approach diversity and inclusivity topics, turn to Unexpected Virtual Tours! Our virtual experiences will take your team to new places, expand knowledge on DEI topics, and instill fun along the way! Explore our library of turnkey live programs that set teams up for success.

Additionally, check out more virtual team building activities ideas like free virtual team building activities and unique team building icebreaker questions!