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14+ Halloween & Fall Team Building Activities

14+ Fall & Halloween Virtual Activities 2022

Explore 14+ Fall and Halloween virtual activities for your team! Celebrate the season of beautiful foliage, cozy beverages and sweaters, fall football, and more!

In this guide, you’ll find creative ways to embrace the season with your virtual team. Additionally, we’re including ideas and activities to celebrate fall holidays, including DEI-focused holidays and heritage months!

Read on to discover the many ways your team can grow better-connected during this season.

A few of our favorite fall & Halloween virtual activities:

Read on for more information on these virtual fall and Halloween activities, and more ideas!

  • Host a “marvel-ous” superhero party
  • Tell stories around a virtual campfire
  • Stream a fall football game
  • Host a pie bake off or virtual potluck
  • Celebrate Oktoberfest together
  • Honor DEI holidays & observances

In this guide, you’ll find:

  • Fall virtual activities for remote and hybrid teams
  • Halloween virtual ideas for a spooky good time
  • Ideas to celebrate DEI fall holidays, like Indigenous Peoples Day & Hispanic Heritage Month
  • Ideas and activities to get employees engaged, connecting, and having fun
  • Creative ways to get to know new employees and interns

Halloween Team Building Activities

Halloween fun isn’t just for children – the love for Halloween spans generations!

During a typical year, around 70% of adults participate in some type of Halloween activity. In fact, 31% of Millennials (who represent 35% of the U.S. labor force) spend more money on Halloween than any other holiday. That means this seasonal celebration is a must for your team.

Superhero Halloween Team Building Event

1. Host a Superhero Halloween Party & Optional Wine Tasting

Throw a Superhero-themed Halloween party for your team! During this “marvel-ous” Unexpected Virtual Tours event, your team will experience an interactive virtual movie tour with two expert live-streaming guides.

Your crew will get a special on-location look at iconic superhero movie filming locations. Then, everyone will go into breakout rooms to create your own superhero character. As a special surprise, our talented animator will draw two of your teams’ superhero designs, live during your session!

Superhero Halloween Wine Tasting

If you’d like, you can add on a special superhero themed wine tasting box for your team! The tasting was uniquely curated for this event by Voluptuary + Lucid Wines, and kits are mailed directly to your team members.

Make this event even more fun by turning it into a costume contest with your team. Show up in your best superhero or comic book attire!

Learn more and book the virtual Superhero experience!

2. Solve a Murder Mystery

Looking for an activity that’s engaging and captures the eerie spirit of Halloween? An online murder mystery is just the thing!

For this activity, there are dozens of potential mysteries available. This means there’s a mystery that’s perfect for every team! Options like Murder Mystery Zoom Parties are great for teams with 8-12 participants looking for a beginner’s pace. Here, Detective Ness will guide your team along the case.

Or, go for a hardcore mystery like Zombie Cannibal Asylum. Your crew of up to 100 will set out to survive during the apocalypse. Don’t have a budget? Check out free options like The Movie Murder Mystery or The Business of Murder.

With a little suspense, this activity is sure to bring smiles and maybe a scream or two.

s'mores for a virtual campfire

3. Tell Spooky Stories Around a Virtual Campfire

During Unexpected Virtual Tours’ virtual Ghost Stories experience, your team will hear spooky stories and hone their storytelling skills! Each of your team members will receive their very own treat box, allowing everyone to make their own s’mores at home. Then, enjoy your treat around the virtual campfire with your coworkers!

A warm, knowledgeable guide will facilitate your Halloween themed fall experience. In addition to hearing and telling ghost stories, your team will get a live, on-location look at a Victorian cemetery. Additionally, your session includes storytelling contests and other paranormal fun, making it the perfect blend of laughter and learning.

The Ghost Stories virtual experience from Unexpected Virtual Tours has so much team bonding, fun storytelling, and craft projects all combined in one incredible experience. It’s a perfect way to celebrate Halloween for remote teams!

Learn more and book your virtual Ghost Stories experience here.

DEI Fall Team Building Activities (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion)

Indigenous People's Day

4. Honor Indigenous People’s Day

Indigenous Peoples Day in the United States is a time to honor and celebrate Indigenous peoples. On October 10th, honor the day as a team by participating in a variety of activities.

Many people use the day as an opportunity to lift up and celebrate Indigenous culture, history, and teachings. At the same time, this can be a somber day to learn about and reflect on the historic atrocities perpetrated against Indigenous communities and the inequities continuing today.

Activities to recognize and uplift Indigenous communities great for your virtual team include:

  • Acknowledging the land you are on
  • Reading books by Indigenous authors
  • Participating in online classes on traditional skills

Check out these 9+ engaging ways to commemorate Indigenous Peoples Day with your team this year!

Hispanic Heritage Month

5. Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Brand-new offering from Unexpected Virtual Tours: Hispanic Heritage Month Virtual Event

Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to reflect on the importance of Hispanic culture. Additionally, it’s a time to celebrate and grow together while supporting Hispanic friends and colleagues.

Hispanic Heritage Month starts on September 15. That’s because September 15 is independence day for five Spanish-speaking countries; Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Today, we celebrate the holiday from September 15 through October 15.

Celebrate Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month in Unexpected Virtual Tours’ new virtual DEI event! This fun, interactive session features live streaming guides in important Latinx communities. Discover America’s untold stories of Latinx entrepreneurs, creators, and musicians.

Learn more and book your Hispanic Heritage Month team building experience.

Virtual Fall Team Building Ideas

Fall Potluck

6. Plan a Fall Potluck

Hearty meals are a staple of fall. With a potluck, your team can virtually share the homecooked tastes of the season together!

For the best experience, have each team member pick their favorite, delicious recipe that reminds them of autumn. Once your putlock date is set, hop on a video chat together while you dig into the savory dishes. Then, encourage team members to share their chosen meal and the memories they have associated with the dish.

Learn and connect while chatting about favorite seasonal flavors, recipes, and traditions!

7. Stream a Fall Football Game

Fall is without a doubt football season in the U.S. – and your virtual team can get in on all the fun!

The sport brings people together year after year to watch and support their favorite teams. Though you and your crew might not be able to crowd together for a tailgate, you can still enjoy the sport together virtually!

With streaming services, online game days are a great virtual fall activity for sports loving teams. To stream a game, simply join a video call. Then, either share screens or use an app like Watch2Gether to sync video.

For added fun and rivalry, encourage team members to rep their favorite team jerseys or colors. Plus, you can enjoy live commentary and comradery via conversation or a text chat box.

Bonus activity: start a fantasy football league for the football fanatics on your team!

Pie Bake Off

8. Host a Pie Bake Off

Autumn is a popular time for warm, tasty desserts. Host a pie bake off for your team to enjoy the sweet and savory tastes of the season!

Furthermore, this activity doesn’t require your team to be expert bakers. Encourage everyone, at every experience level, to show up on a video call with their best, tasty fall pie. Or, the entire team can follow the same recipe, enjoying the entire process from prep through bake live on the call.

Once pies are finished, have everyone hold up their warm creation for the entire group to view. Then, using the voting tools built into many video call systems, have a vote on whose pie has the best presentation.

Ready to get baking? Explore this list of 85 Fall Pie recipes for classic and creative recipe ideas!

Bob Ross Painting Tutorial

9. Paint a Magical Fall Scene with Bob Ross

This activity is perfect for those interested in less spooky experience and more fun relaxation during a fall or Halloween party!

The Magic of Fall is an autumn-themed Bob Ross painting tutorial. To organize this virtual activity, ship a Bob Ross painting kit to each of your team members. Then, invite the team to a video call to paint along with the free video tutorial. Everyone will complete their own autumnal scene, all while being relaxed by the soothing voice of the beloved Bob Ross.

By the end, you’ll have a masterpiece full of happy accidents ready to display for the season!

10. Host a Foliage Photo Contest

One of the many highlights of fall is the changing of leaves. Enjoy the beauty of the season’s brilliant yellow, red, and orange hues with a team photo challenge.

To organize this virtual activity, create a shared photo album with your team. Teammates can then upload photos they snap of the autumn scenery in their neighborhood for everyone to enjoy. This is especially fun for teams that live in many geographical areas!

Furthermore, you can incentivize your employees to join in the collection by launching a photo contest. To start, set up a system of votes or likes for each picture. For the picture that receives the most recognition, award a prize! Perhaps a coffee shop gift card so that your coworker can indulge in a hot fall drink.

This activity encourages virtual teams to get out from behind the desk and enjoy the nature of the season!

Virutal Holiday Gift Shopping

11. Plan a Virtual Holiday Gift Shopping Session

With the holidays coming up in a few months, now is a great time to plan ahead for stress-free gifting! Make this a collaborative effort by planning a holiday shopping team video call during the fall. For this idea, everyone can come with a few ideas of who they need to shop for and an approximate budget. For instance: “I need a holiday gift for my mother-in-law who loves gardening, for under $50.” Then, everyone can collaborate on gift ideas and suggestions! Use the chat feature of your video call to share product links and share screens when needed to present ideas.

This is a fun way to get to know your team better and boost collaboration while also accomplishing a stress-relieving, real-world task. Plus, feel free to copy and share each other’s gift ideas. After all, your cousin will never know they’re getting the same gift as your colleague’s roommate!

12. Enjoy Fireside Chats

Fireside chats are a great outlet for intimate, informal talks. And the nature of virtual teams often trend towards conversations being more professional than casual.

Combat this by hosting virtual fireside chats amongst your team to build deeper relationships this fall. Plus, nothing is more fitting than a roaring fire during the cooler months. For this simple activity, an internet connection is all that’s needed to provide the virtual fireplace ambience. Access unlimited fireplace videos like this one on YouTube.

Paired up, team members can join for chats to foster conversations next to the fireplace. This is especially great for groups with new team members. For added charm, we suggest pairing the chat with a fun fall coffee or cocktail!

More Fall Holidays to Celebrate with Your Team

Boss's Day

13. Let Your Boss Know You Appreciate Them on Boss’s Day

Mark October 16th on your calendar for Boss’s Day! This day is dedicated to recognizing the hard work that bosses do for the team year-round.

Perfect for teams of all sizes, showing thanks and appreciation for managers is a great activity to bring teams together! Plus, this is a fun way to build intra-office relationships between managers and their employees. Celebrating the day supports virtual groups looking to build team spirit.

The celebration possibilities are endless! Order lunch for your leader, send a creative e-card, or have a gift delivered to their home office. No matter how your team shows appreciation, your boss with love it!

14. Celebrate Oktoberfest with Your Team

Another fall hit is the famous Oktoberfest! Together, celebrate alongside millions of others from around the world in this annual festival.

Oktoberfest hails from Munich, Germany and originated on October 12, 1810. The celebration is held over a two-week period starting in September and running through the first Sunday of October. Since its beginning, the event has continued for centuries and spread throughout the world.

A few virtual Oktoberfest activities to enjoy as a team include:

  • Sampling beers together
  • Snacking on pretzels, wurst, or other German delicacies
  • Checking the official Oktoberfest webcam to see the crowds of the actual festival

Join the 187th Festival from September 9th to October 3rd this year!

For more fall & Halloween virtual team building ideas, explore our list of virtual Halloween party activities! Mix up potions, tour the Paris Catacombs, make Halloween candy, and more!