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10 Inspirational DEI Statement Examples

10 Inspirational DEI Statement Examples

Looking for well-crafted DEI statement examples? In this post, discover 10 example DEI statements from leading companies. Plus, learn what makes these DEI statements stand out.

In today’s workplace, DEI statements go beyond words on paper. Rather, a DEI statement serves as a compass – guiding an organization’s actions, defining its mission, and shaping its public image. Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are no longer merely legal requirements – they are also powerful strategic advantages. DEI fuels workplace vitality, attracts top talent, fosters innovation, and drives better business outcomes.

Read on to uncover 10 examples of DEI statements across a variety of industries to inspire your own DEI statement! Plus, we’ll delve into how a strong DEI statement can help transform an organization – and explore the crucial role of DEI in corporate culture and the community at large.

Keep reading for inspirational DEI statement examples, best practices, and more – such as:

  • What makes a DEI statement effective
  • Best practices for writing a DEI statement
  • DEI statement examples from companies and nonprofit organizations
  • Analysis of what makes a great DEI statement from companies like Spotify, Salesforce, REI, and more

In this post, you’ll find:

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion statement examples
  • Personal diversity statement examples 
  • Best diversity statement samples across today’s companies and organizations
  • How to create your own statement of diversity, equity, and inclusion

Effective DEI Statements

What Makes a DEI Statement Effective

An effective DEI statement includes several crucial components that not only express a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion but also set the stage for meaningful action, accountability, and innovation.

First, an effective DEI statement should contain a clear commitment to diversity. It should explicitly state that diversity is not just valued but celebrated within the organization. This commitment should extend beyond surface-level differences and acknowledge its significance in achieving organizational goals.

Second, the statement should outline clear inclusivity goals. These goals might include better representation of underrepresented groups in leadership positions, implementing inclusive hiring practices, or developing training programs to raise awareness about unconscious bias.

Third, it should incorporate concrete equity principles. A strong DEI statement should outline how the organization plans to address disparities and promote fairness in areas such as compensation, promotions, and career development.

Furthermore, transparency and specificity are crucial. Vague or generic statements may ring hollow and lack credibility. Be sure to communicate with employees about details regarding DEI initiatives, accountability metrics, and timelines.

Lastly, a DEI statement should align seamlessly with the organization’s mission and values. DEI should not be treated as a standalone initiative but rather integrated into the core fabric of the organization.

Write a DEI statement

Best Practices for Writing a DEI Statement

When crafting a DEI statement, it’s crucial to follow best practices that reflect the unique culture and objectives of your organization. Here are some recommendations:

  1. Start with an Organizational Assessment: Before writing your DEI statement, conduct a thorough evaluation of your organization’s current DEI efforts, culture, and challenges.
  2. Involve Stakeholders: Gather diverse perspectives to ensure the DEI statement is comprehensive and resonates with all members of the organization.
  3. Be Authentic: Avoid generic or hollow cliches. Authenticity is key to credibility – don’t just say what you think people want to hear.
  4. Set Realistic Goals: Overly ambitious pledges that cannot be met can lead to skepticism and disappointment. Instead, set realistic goals with benchmark steps along the way.
  5. Concrete Action Plans: Outline specific actions your organization will take to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, such as details on hiring practices, training programs, mentorship opportunities, and more.
  6. Accountability Measures: Specify how you will measure progress towards DEI goals. This can include regular reporting, surveys, or other metrics that demonstrate your commitment to accountability.
  7. Link to Mission and Values: Ensure that your DEI statement is in harmony with your organization’s mission and core values.
  8. Communicate Internally and Externally: Share your DEI statement on your website, in job postings, and during onboarding to demonstrate your commitment to potential employees, clients, and partners.
  9. Educational Initiatives: Highlight the importance of ongoing education and training on DEI topics within your organization.
  10. Regular Review and Updates: Commit to revisiting and revising your DEI statement as your organization evolves.

It’s worth noting that crafting an effective DEI statement is a complex task. To dive deeper into this topic, check out our guide on How to Write a Meaningful DEI Statement.

10 DEI Statement Examples to Learn From

DEI statement example Spotify

1. Spotify | “Empowered to do your best work.”

“At Spotify, we welcome you with an inclusion mindset, one that prioritizes growth through listening and learning. No matter where you come from, or what’s playing in your headphones, we want to create a place where you belong.”

Why This DEI Statement Stands Out – One of our Favorite DEI Statement Examples!

Notably, the statement emphasizes the cultivation of an inclusion mission mindset. Spotify goes beyond mere diversity by actively encouraging employees to create an inclusive environment. Additionally, the statement underscores the importance of growth through “listening and learning.” This acknowledges that DEI efforts are about evolving perspectives and behaviors through continuous education, engagement, and innovation.

2. Salesforce | “Let’s build a more inclusive workplace and world.”

“At Salesforce, our commitment to driving equality and greater business value does not waver. We’re working with employees, partners, Trailblazers, and customers to move closer to equality for all.”

Why This DEI Statement Stands Out

This statement conveys Salesforce’s view of diversity and inclusion as a collective effort that involves employees, partners, customers, and the wider community. This collaborative perspective reflects a comprehensive approach to driving change beyond the confines of the organization. Furthermore, the statement’s emphasis on moving “closer to equality for all” signifies an ongoing pursuit of progress.


3. REI | “Building an Inclusive Workplace.”

“At REI, we believe the outdoors is for all. While we have worked to build a more inclusive co-op and outdoor community, the reality today is that outdoor culture and the outdoor industry are still not welcoming to or representative of all people. As one of the largest players in the outdoor industry, we recognize that to drive the change we want to see in our industry and our society, we must start from within the co-op.”

Why This DEI Statement Stands Out

The statement begins with a powerful assertion that “the outdoors is for all,” setting the tone for inclusivity. Then, by openly admitting that the current outdoor culture and industry fall short of being welcoming and representative, REI demonstrates self-awareness and a genuine desire to improve. REI’s statement is also impactful because it speaks to a higher purpose – fostering inclusivity in outdoor culture – and aligns this purpose with internal actions, making it clear that the company isn’t just paying lip service to diversity and inclusion.

4. International Rescue Committee | “Diversity, Equality and Inclusion”

“At the IRC, our diverse clients, partners and staff have the power, voice and agency to shape programs and operations. Within the IRC, we actively work to end all forms of systemic discrimination and foster an inclusive working environment where everyone feels respected, heard, valued and supported. Our programs seek to reduce disparities in outcomes which are driven by systemic inequality.”

Why This DEI Statement Stands Out

First, the statement underscores a profound sense of empowerment by asserting that the IRC’s diverse clients, partners, and staff possess the power, voice, and agency to shape programs and operations. This unique approach recognizes that DEI isn’t merely about representation but actively involves and is driven by those whom the organization serves. Additionally, the statement explicitly highlights the IRC’s dedication to ending all forms of systemic discrimination. By addressing systemic issues, the organization shows a holistic approach to DEI.

DEI statement example Lego Group

5. Lego Group | “Diverse and inclusive workplace”

“We believe the LEGO Group – and LEGO® play – is for everyone, no matter where you come from, what you look like or how you identify.

It’s our mission to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow. To succeed in this mission, and help all children develop the skills that will help them fulfill their potential, we must continue to play our part in building a more inclusive and equitable world, starting with our own organization.”

Why This DEI Statement Stands Out

Notably, the statement goes beyond internal efforts, emphasizing the company’s responsibility to contribute to a more inclusive and equitable world on a global scale. Equally important is LEGO’s acknowledgment that authentic change starts within their own organization. This aspects highlights the need for internal transformation as a precursor to external impact. By doing so, the company takes accountability for their part in making their workplace and the world a more equitable place.

6. Indeed | “The future of work is equitable and inclusive”

“Indeed is working to close the opportunity gap by reducing bias and removing barriers for hundreds of millions of job seekers worldwide.”

Why This DEI Statement Stands Out – One of our Favorite DEI Statement Examples!

What makes this statement unique is its emphasis on the future. It paints a vision where work is inherently equitable and inclusive. Additionally, the statement focuses on concrete actions by highlighting Indeed’s commitment to reducing bias and removing barriers for millions of job seekers globally. This specificity is crucial, as it outlines a clear and actionable plan rather than relying on vague or aspirational language.


7. Adidas | “Diversity, Equity & Inclusion”

“We strongly believe that embedding ‘Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’ into our culture and talent processes gives our employees a sense of belonging and gives our brand a real competitive advantage.

By creating a level playing field for everyone, every individual has an equal opportunity to achieve betterment, maximize their leadership potential and unleash high performance. By recruiting the best talent and developing our people to reflect the rich diversity of our consumers and communities, we foster a culture of inclusion where we value and leverage differences to engage our employees and connect with our consumers.”

Why This DEI Statement Stands Out

The concept of creating a “level playing field for everyone” is a powerful notion. While giving a nod to the use of Adidas products in the sports world, it signifies a commitment to providing equal opportunities for all employees, regardless of their backgrounds, to achieve their highest potential. Furthermore, the statement emphasizes the importance of recruiting and developing talent that reflects the diversity of consumers and communities. This demonstrates a commitment to both internal and external inclusivity.

8. Mastercard | “Creating limitless possibilities for everyone”

“We are on a journey to create a workplace and world where everyone has equal access to connect their greatest passions with their fullest potential. That starts with our people and how we lead, with a sense of decency and inclusion.”

Why This DEI Statement Stands Out

By framing their diversity and inclusion mission as a means to empower people, Mastercard presents a compelling and relatable mission that transcends simple compliance. Furthermore, the statement’s acknowledgment that creating equal access and promoting inclusivity “starts with our people” illustrates a strategic recognition that real change begins internally. By prioritizing the well-being and growth of its employees, Mastercard communicates its understanding that an inclusive workforce is essential for driving business success and societal change.

DEI statement example Estee Lauder Company

9. Estée Lauder Company | “Inclusion, Diversity, & Equity”

“The Estée Lauder Companies’ collective vision is to be the most inclusive and diverse beauty company in the world, and to be both the employer of choice for diverse talent and the brand of choice for our global consumers. We are a people first company, respecting and caring for our employees, communities and consumers. With consumers in approximately 150 countries and territories around the world, we recognize that in order to properly serve the communities in which we live and work, our workforce and products must reflect and represent this global diversity.”

Why This DEI Statement Stands Out

First, the statement emphasizes a “people-first” approach, demonstrating a strong commitment to respecting and caring for employees, communities, and consumers. This human-centered approach is innovative as it places individuals and their well-being at the forefront. This tactic acknowledging that DEI efforts must prioritize empathy and understanding. Additionally, the recognition that their workforce and products must reflect global diversity is a showcase for the importance of aligning both the internal and external aspects of their business with DEI principles.

10. YMCA | “Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Global Engagement”

“The Y is made up of people of all ages, from all walks of life, working side-by-side to strengthen communities. Together, we strive to ensure that everyone, regardless of ability, age, cultural background, ethnicity, faith, gender, gender expression, gender identity, ideology, income, national origin, race or sexual orientation has the opportunity to reach their full potential with dignity. Our core values are caring, honesty, respect and responsibility — they guide everything we do.”

Why This DEI Statement Stands Out – One of our Favorite DEI Statement Examples!

This statement succinctly conveys a powerful message about the YMCA’s commitment to fostering an inclusive community. One aspect of this is that individuals of all backgrounds have the opportunity to reach their full potential with dignity. Plus, the statement’s alignment with core values – caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility – is a unique aspect. By explicitly connecting DEI with these values, the YMCA demonstrates that diversity and inclusion are integral to its organizational culture and not just standalone initiatives.

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In summary, cultivating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is greatly important in the landscape of today’s workplace. In this blog, we shared what makes a DEI statement effective and best practices for writing DEI statements. Plus, we examined ten DEI statement samples from a range of global corporations to grassroots nonprofits. Each of these DEI statements serves as a practical guide for leaders and employees alike seeking to create meaningful and lasting change within their own workplaces and communities.

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