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AAPI Heritage Month Social Media Toolkit

aapi month social media toolkit

Use our Social Media Toolkit to celebrate Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month on your company’s social media channels. Posting on social media can be a powerful way to demonstrate your company’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion while also supporting the Asian American & Pacific Islander community in meaningful ways.

In this post, you’ll find ideas, inspiration, and best practices to plan a successful social media campaign. Keep reading to see how your team can honor this occasion in a respectful way, spark meaningful dialogue, stand against racism, uplift Asian American & Pacific Islander voices, and learn together.

A few of our favorite Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month social media ideas:

Read on for more details on these ideas, and additional ideas!

  • Share meaningful quotes from leaders, innovators, and activists
  • Highlight books, podcasts, tv shows, and movies from authors, directors, etc.
  • Diversify your company’s social media feed by following creators
  • Share about Asian American history, heritage, and cultural sites
  • Support a worthy cause and encourage followers to join

In this list, you’ll find:

  • Topics to post about for Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month
  • #AAPI Month hashtags to boost engagement
  • Team building experiences
  • Inspiration for social posts

For more information about what Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month is and how your team can celebrate, check out our blog post: 11+ Ideas for AAPI Heritage Month.

AAPI Heritage Month Post Ideas & Inspiration

1. Encourage Followers & Support Asian American & Pacific Islander-Led Causes

Leading by example can be an impactful way to change the world. This month, support an AAPI-Led Cause and invite followers to join!

For instance, you can raise money for a nonprofit organization serving Asian American & Pacific Islander communities, bring awareness to a cause, sign petitions, volunteer, or join anti-racism initiatives. You can highlight the good work an organization is doing in the community, tag them, and share a link to their webpage, volunteer sign-up, or donation form.

Not sure where to start? Reach out to local organizations to see how your company can help.

AAPI Month Social Media Ideas

2. Book an AAPI Month Team Building Experience & Post About It

Connect and learn with colleagues during a virtual team building session led by an expert guide – and then share about it on social! We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the Unexpected Virtual Tours and Training AAPI Heritage Month Virtual Tour. We’ll even send you a screenshot and resource guide after the event for your company newsletter and social platforms. 

When posting about your team building session on social media, remember to prioritize your team’s privacy and comfort. Some team members may not be comfortable having their images or quotes shared on your company’s social platforms. Consider asking those who feel comfortable to sign a photo release form before the activity. Or, create optional photo and feedback opportunities.

Additionally, it is best practice to share ahead of time content you plan to post with employees featured in the content. Gaining approval ensures that everyone is on board with their involvement and how they’re being portrayed.

3. Be Respectful & Avoid Stereotypes

When it comes to Asian American and Pacific Islander history and culture, there are a number of stereotypes to avoid. When in doubt, consult your company’s HR department or an external consultant who can help you figure out what’s appropriate.

Overall, it’s important to remember that the term “Asian American” is broad and encompasses a wide variety of countries of origin, languages, cultures, diets, religious traditions, and more. Avoid grouping all Asian Americans together in such a way that implies they are a homogenous group.

In fact, the UN notes that today, Asia is made up of 48 unique countries – each with their own histories, customs, and norms. And of course, within those countries, there is diversity within various communities and families.

Acknowledging diversity within the Asian American & Pacific Islander community can lead to a more well-rounded and inclusive conversation.

4. Post Quotes on Social Media

Sharing words of wisdom from Asian American & Pacific Islander authors, innovators, and leaders can be a powerful way to inspire your audiences. 

As an additional benefit, social posts featuring quotes are easily sharable and can resonate with many people. As a result, you might find more followers than usual hitting the “share” button to amplify your company’s message. This can help broaden your reach to engage new followers.

Get started with our blog post, 45 AAPI Heritage Month Quotes for Work.

AAPI Month Book Club

5. Share Books, Podcasts, TV Shows, and Films from AAPI Creators

Engage your employees and your social media audiences at the same time! Ask employees what AAPI-authored works they’re reading, listening to, and watching. Or, choose a book, podcast, or streaming content to enjoy together.

Then, post about these works on your company’s social media accounts. You can include your team’s takeaways or a quote, share what resonated, and ask audiences what they thought of the work. You can also ask audience members for their suggestions and recommendations!

Recommendations to Share During Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month:

  • Books written by Asian American and Pacific Islander authors
  • Songs by musicians and playlists that highlight artists of the past and present 
  • Your favorite AAPI-owned and run magazines, e-zines, and poetry journals 
  • Films or documentaries about Asian American history and culture
  • Podcasts focusing on issues and topics

6. Share Asian American & Pacific Islander History and Heritage

Asian-American history can be, at times, fascinating, tragic, uplifting, and everything in between. Use your company’s platforms to share history and heritage during the month of May. You can highlight a specific historical event or subject matter – or share more broadly by linking to educational resources and museums.

Topics to learn & share about during Asian American Heritage Month:

  • The construction of the U.S. transcontinental railroad
  • The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882
  • Internment of Japanese Americans during WWII
  • Struggles and triumphs of the Fillipino American farm workers and labor movements
  • Asian American artists and their works
  • The representation of in film & television

If your company is located near Asian American & Pacific IslanderI heritage sites or museums, sharing about them can be a great way to engage your local community as well as spark a larger conversation.

Check out Frommer’s guide to The 10 Best Museums to Learn About Asian American and Pacific Islander History and Culture.

7. Highlight Innovators

In all industries, Asian American & Pacific Islander people are making valuable discoveries and creating innovative change. During Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month, highlight leaders who have made significant contributions to your company’s field. This might be a historical figure, or someone actively working in the field.

From entertainment to technology, sports to literature, and everything in between – there are so many amazing professionals your company can highlight.

Get inspired with this CNN article: “Asian American history is American history. These AAPI leaders transformed the US for generations to come.”

AAPI Businesses to Support

8. Post About AAPI-Owned Businesses

May is a great time to share about your favorite AAPI-owned businesses to support. From professional service vendors to retailers and restaurants, take the time to review your vendor list and see which businesses you could shine a light on. If your vendor list doesn’t include any AAPI-owned businesses, this can also be a great prompt to review diversity among your company’s vendors.

When posting, be sure to tag the relevant business and share a few words about why they stand out!

This list from New York Magazine includes 98 AAPI-owned businesses to support, from cosmetics and fashion to food and drink, home and office decor, client gifts, and more.

9. Use #AAPI Heritage Month Hashtags

Get more eyes on your post by using AAPI Month hashtags. Using relevant hashtags can help your posts reach audiences who are actively searching for the type of content your company is sharing.

Hashtags to Boost Social Media Visibility for Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month:

  • #aapi
  • #aapihistorymonth
  • #aapiheritagemonth
  • #aapimonth
  • #stopasianhate
  • #asianamerican
  • #celebrateaapi

10. Diversify Your Company’s Social Feeds by Following Asian American & Pacific Islander Creators

AAPI Month is an opportune time to diversify your social media feed – both for your company, and in your personal life!

Especially if you feel you’re in a “social media rut” or the content you’re consuming no longer resonates with your goals, cleaning up and adding thoughtfully to your “Follow” list can be transformational.

Browse your “Following” list and take notice of how many AAPI creators you’re following. If the list looks slim, make an intentional effort to seek out and follow creators. This is also a great time to follow accounts from other marginalized communities, too. For instance – when scrolling social media, do you see content from people living with a disability, people of all genders, Indigenous creators, and people of color?

Nowadays, there’s a lot of discussion about algorithms and how social media can create an “echo chamber” that reinforces our existing worldview. The upside? It only takes a few minutes to curate your social feed and broaden your digital horizons! This is a great year-round activity that can help ensure your company is engaging equitably on social media.

To get started, check out this guide: 13 Asian American Influencers to Follow on Instagram.

11. Amplify Asian American & Pacific Islander Voices

After you diversify your company’s social media feed (idea #10 above), be sure to also amplify Asian American & Pacific Islander voices to your audiences.

You can do this by re-sharing content from creators. This might include sharing memorable quotes, community events, messages related to current events, artwork, and more. Sharing posts from creators is an easy way to broaden your audience’s viewpoints while sharing valuable messages and resources.

Of course, it’s important to ask for permission ahead of time when you’re sharing other people’s content. As a best practice, asking for approval to share content helps make sure your company is respectful of creators. Additionally, gaining a creator’s approval is a way to show respect for the time, energy, and resources they have poured into creating their content. It can also be a way to build a new connection!


Visit a Festival AAPI Heritage Month Ideas for Work

Honor Asian American and Pacific Islander history during the month of May with a meaningful virtual experience. This session shares the history of Asian Americans from the 1800s to the present day, including leaders like Fred Korematsu and Bhagat Singh Thind.

Take a virtual field trip to San Francisco’s Chinatown, learn how Asian Americans have impacted every aspect of American life, and connect with your team.

For more ideas on how to honor AAPI Heritage Month at work, watch the short video below!