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20+ Virtual Halloween Party Ideas for Work: 2022

Virtual Halloween Party Ideas for Work: 2022

Show your employees a spook-tacular time with these Virtual Halloween Party ideas for work!

Halloween isn’t just for kids! In a typical year, around 70% of adults participate in some type of Halloween activity.

In fact, 31% of Millennials (who represent 35% of the U.S. labor force) spend more money on Halloween than any other holiday. Moreover, 48% of Millennials admit to buying a Halloween item just to include it in a social media post! The Halloween love crosses generations: 37% of Gen Z respondents and 30% of Gen Xers have also bought a Halloween item just for the ‘gram.

That means that your Halloween virtual team building event isn’t just a fun activity for your crew. Additionally, it can function as a powerful marketing tool for your company – and even a recruiting opportunity. When your team members are genuinely excited about Halloween fun, they’re more likely to immerse themselves in it. As a result, they may feel inspired to post about it on their own social media so friends can see!

But, participating in a lackluster team building event feels like getting raisins when you were hoping for a Snickers bar, or toilet paper strewn on your trees.

Read on to discover virtual Halloween party activities your employees will enjoy savoring and sharing. We’ll get you ready for an amazing virtual Halloween party!

A few of our favorite Virtual Halloween Party Ideas:

Read on for more information about these ideas, and other ideas!

  • Enjoy spooky stories and s’mores around a virtual campfire
  • Mix up some potions with a virtual mixology class
  • Take a virtual tour of a graveyard or the Paris Catacombs
  • Make Halloween candy with your team
  • Get creative: paint pumpkins or a Bob Ross-inspired fall scene

TLDR: in this list, you’ll find:

  • Virtual Halloween party ideas
  • Halloween virtual team building activities for remote teams
  • Creative, hands-on team building activities
  • Halloween Zoom call ideas
  • Fun Halloween activities for corporate teams
  • Halloween candy-making and mixology activities
  • Family-friendly virtual Halloween party activities

1. Enjoy Spooky Stories and S’mores Around a Virtual Campfire – One of Our Favorite Virtual Halloween Party Ideas for Work!

In this Ghost Stories virtual experience via Zoom, your team will hear spooky stories led by expert virtual tour guides. A treat box will be shipped to each participant, allowing everyone to make their own s’mores at home to enjoy around the virtual campfire. Additionally, your team will love sharing their own stories around the campfire.

This experience also includes a live, on-location guide at a Victorian cemetery, storytelling contests, and much more paranormal fun, making it the perfect blend of fun and learning. The Ghost Stories virtual experience has so much team bonding, fun storytelling, and craft projects all combined in one incredible experience. It’s a perfect way to celebrate Halloween for remote teams.

Learn more and book your virtual Ghost Stories experience here.

2. Mix Up Some Potions with a Virtual Mixology Class

Get your cauldrons bubbling with a virtual drink-making class! During this activity, your team can enjoy a unique happy hour crafting delicious cocktails or mocktails together.

For the best experience, find a class led by an experienced bartender or mixologist. You can even create a digital Halloween invitation for free using a service like Canva. The magic happens when everyone gets to learn and bond together as they prepare their elixirs!

Check out this virtual mixology class from Confetti. You can choose to have an ingredients kit shipped directly to participants. Or, go “BYOB” and allow everyone to buy their own supplies with a stipend.

Superhero Team Building

3. Host a Superhero Halloween Party & Wine Tasting

Embrace the fun of Halloween by dressing up like your favorite superhero. Then, get everyone together for a superhero inspired virtual Halloween party!

During this “marvel-ous” Unexpected Virtual Tours event, your team will experience an interactive virtual movie tour with two live-streaming guides. Get a special on-location look at iconic superhero filming sites. Then, go into breakout rooms and create your own superhero character!

As a special surprise, an animator will even draw two of your teams’ superhero creations, live during your event! As an optional add-on, your team can enjoy a special superhero themed wine tasting box. The tasting was uniquely curated for this event by Voluptuary + Lucid Wines.

Learn more and book the virtual Superhero experience with your team!

4. Mail Your Team a Halloween Treat

Most people love enjoying some sweet treats around Halloween. But, it can be challenging to navigate everyone’s dietary restrictions and palates. Many candies have dairy ingredients, gluten, animal-derived gelatin, and more. Others might wish to avoid candy altogether!

For a flexible option, allow everyone to pick their treats with a service like Sugarwish. Choose your preferred box size, from small to extra large. Then, send an e-card alerting your team they’ve received a treat! Everyone can select their favorite snack and candy choices.

For instance, your team can choose from candies, cookies, nuts, dried fruit, trail mix, and more. Hop on a video chat while everyone unwraps their treats and shares what they picked!

Explore all of the snacks available and purchase your Sugarbox snacking kits here. Keto, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free snacks are available.

Candy Halloween Virtual Team Building Activity

5. Make Halloween Candy Together – One of Our Favorite Virtual Halloween Party Ideas for Work!

Trick or treat yo’self! As much as we love store-bought candy bars, there’s something special about high-quality chocolate made by hand. This year, try making candy virtually with your teammates!

Your employees will be actively immersed in a hands-on chocolate-making experience. Be sure to gather any dietary restrictions before booking your session, so everyone can feel included.

Try Tiny B Chocolate for a turnkey virtual corporate treat-making class. Chocolate kits, step-by-step instructions, and a chocolatier guide are all part of the experience.

6. Take a Virtual Ghost Tour of Salem, Massachusetts

Home of the infamous Salem Witch Trials, Salem is a popular destination for those interested in witchcraft and history. But, you don’t have to travel there to get the Salem experience. Instead, take a virtual tour to learn all about the town’s history.

Purchase a live or prerecorded virtual Salem ghost tour experience from Salem Ghosts, a local tour business. They’ve also hosted virtual ghost tours in other cities across the U.S. – yours might be included! 


7. Explore the Paris Catacombs – One of Our Favorite Virtual Halloween Party Ideas for Work!

The Paris Catacombs are an eerie and reverent place to visit. Their story began in the late 1700s. Around this time, cemetery-related public health issues related to overcrowding led to the city moving remains (mostly bones) to an old underground quarry site spanning more than 200 miles. This process continued periodically until the mid-1800s. Today, they hold the remains of more than six million people.

Many of the bones in the public areas of the Catacombs were arranged in artful designs. Visitors have flocked to the site to get a glimpse since the early 1800s. But, did you know that you can explore the Paris Catacombs online? Hop on a screen-share video call and walk through the catacombs virtually.

Ready for an underground adventure? Start exploring the Paris catacombs.

8. Paint a Happy Little Autumn Scene – One of Our Favorite Halloween Team Building Activities!

What’s the opposite of a haunted house or scary movie? Painting along with Bob Ross! You can find many of his instructional videos on YouTube. We especially love The Magic of Fall, which features a baby squirrel at the beginning. Then, Bob goes on to paint a beautiful fall scene.

To organize this virtual activity, ship a Bob Ross painting kit to each of your team members. Then, invite your team to a video call to paint along with Bob together. This experience will remind your team that we always have the power to transform mistakes into happy accidents.

Browse all the videos and paint along with Bob Ross here.

Tarot Reading Virtual Hallowen Team Building Activity

9. Get Mystical with a Virtual Tarot Reading – One of Our Favorite Virtual Halloween Party Ideas for Work!

Tarot can be a fun tool for self-exploration and awareness. A Tarot deck consists of 78 illustrated cards, each one with a significant meaning or message. The history of Tarot began more than 1,500 years ago. Interestingly, the study of Tarot has become popular in the last few years. Google Trends shows a consistent upward increase for searches on “tarot” over the last half-decade.

For smaller teams, consider booking a virtual tarot reader to provide each of your team members with a reading during a group call. Anxious about what to expect? Share this resource with your team: 7 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Next Tarot Card Reading.

Book your team’s virtual tarot reading with Tarot NYC. They offer corporate experiences, typically with 7-8 readings per hour.

10. Host a Virtual Halloween Movie Night

Sometimes, the best part of watching a scary movie is seeing everyone else’s reactions. This is even easier during a video call, when you can take some epic reaction screenshots (with permission, of course!).

Use a free browser extension like Teleparty to enjoy a virtual Halloween movie night with your team. Everyone’s videos will sync with each other, and you can chat about the movie in real-time with a chat box. Be sure to offer a variety of choices, from family-friendly to spooky – and settle on something everyone will look forward to!

If your employees don’t use the same video streaming services, you can opt for a free ad-supported movie site. Some options include Crackle or IMDb TV, and Tubi.

Pumpkin Painting Corporate Family-Friendly Virtual Experience

11. Have a Virtual Pumpkin Painting Party – A Family-Friendly Virtual Halloween Party Activity!

Create something gourd-geous with your team! Break out the paint and have a virtual pumpkin painting party. This activity is safer than pumpkin carving, making it less of a liability concern for your company. Acrylic paint works well, as it dries quickly. Even better, it can be wiped off with a wet rag if you make a mistake.

Your team – and their families – will have so much fun making creative designs. Paint Jack-O-Lanterns, a pumpkin with your company’s logo, or something totally creative! For more pizazz, you can also add glitter, googly eyes, or tie a ribbon around the stem. Be sure to keep your finished pumpkin indoors and safe from rain!

Make this a family-friendly activity by encouraging everyone to include their children, partners, roommates, or even pets. Everyone can learn a little more about each other as well as tap into their creative side together.

Get some pumpkin painting inspiration and ideas from Martha Stewart.

12. Try a Halloween-Themed Virtual Escape Room

A virtual escape room is a fun way to help your team build their teamwork and problem-solving skills. Your crew will work together to decode clues and solve a puzzle. These days, there are all kinds of virtual escape rooms to choose from.

Your team can solve a murder mystery or explore into the deep dark of a spooky forest and break an evil witch’s spell. Or, get your “expelliarmus” spells ready and try a Hogwarts-themed virtual escape room!

Check out these six virtual escape rooms recommended by Martha Stewart for Halloween.

Virtual Halloween Party Ideas Cemetery Tour

13. Learn About the History of New England’s Cemeteries

If your team includes history buffs, this is the virtual Halloween team building activity for you! “Welcome to the Graveyard!” is a 90-minute long virtual video tour of New England’s cemeteries. During this experience, you’ll learn the art, history, and symbolism behind these sites.

Explore the colonial burial grounds from the 1600s and 1700s, through the rural cemetery movement of the 1800s and into modern locations. Learn why we have cemeteries and gravestones and why they look like they do. Additionally, you’ll see how grave styles and art have evolved over almost 400 years.

Watch the lecture and virtual experience on YouTube. Note: cemeteries and death can be a difficult topic for many people. Be mindful of any discomfort your team might feel around this topic. Choose a different activity if this one doesn’t feel suited for your group.

14. Play Scary Movie Trivia Together

Is your team filled with horror flick aficionados? If so, host a virtual scary movie trivia session. Find out who your team’s resident horror movie expert is. As part of this experience, consider awarding trivia winners with small prizes.

Alternatively, reward everyone by ending the workday early after an afternoon trivia session. You could also pair this with the virtual movie-watching experience listed above!

Find 14 free horror movie trivia games here. Includes options for classic horror movie trivia, monster trivia (think Dracula and Frankenstein’s Monster), and more. 

15. Host a Virtual Face-Painting Halloween Activity – A Family-Friendly Virtual Halloween Party Activity!

These days, online makeup tutorials have become a popular way to learn new skills and be entertained. For some unique virtual Halloween party fun, try following along with a tutorial with your team!

Everyone can try their hand at painting a fun design on themselves or their kiddo. The options are endless! For instance, you could paint a beautiful butterfly or fairy design, a creepy skeleton or monster, clown face paint, and anything in between.

Whether your team shows up with high-quality makeup or a cheap face painting kit from the drugstore, this event is sure to be a fun conversation starter. Don’t forget to take photos and screenshots (with permission!) to remember everyone’s creativity.

Get inspired with these family-friendly Halloween face painting ideas from Today’s Parent on YouTube.

16. Host a Virtual Halloween PowerPoint Party

Have you heard of a PowerPoint party? The concept is simple: each person prepares a 5-minute presentation on their topic of choice. The goal is for these presentations to be casual, fun, and even a bit silly.

Put a spooky spin on this idea by assigning each team member a different Halloween topic to research and present on. For example, you might choose the history of candy corn. Or, explore the life of Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein.

Everyone will get a chance to hone their slide deck skills while exploring a fun topic. Then, come together and share what you’ve learned with each other!

Get started with this guide: Why You Should Throw a PowerPoint Party.

Custom Virtual Halloween Party

17. Get a Custom Virtual Halloween Party Built Just for Your Team!

We’ve been there: you want to do something fun for your team, but there just isn’t enough time to organize and plan activities. You need someone you can delegate to, that you can trust to organize all the details of your virtual event.

That’s where Unexpected Virtual Tours comes in! Our bespoke custom events allow you to choose your preferred topic and goals. Then, we’ll handle the rest! Whether your audience is a few dozen people or a few thousand, our team is equipped to handle your event from start to finish.

Your custom Virtual Halloween Party can include:

  • Interactive storytelling and games based on your custom ideas
  • On-location guides that share unique places
  • Small group breakout rooms to connect and have fun
  • Hands-on activities and gourmet treats in your custom branded box

Learn more about Unexpected Virtual Tours custom team building events.

18. Learn the History & Meaning of Día de los Muertos

Día de los Muertos is a holiday that originated in Mexico, to remember and honor our loved ones who have passed on. This meaningful holiday is typically celebrated around the start of November.

Because this is such an important and even sacred holiday, it’s important to be mindful of appreciating – not appropriating – this occasion. One great way to respectfully enjoy Día de los Muertos is to learn about the history behind it.

Consider hosting a PowerPoint party (see idea #16 above!) or watching an educational video to learn about this holiday.

Learn more with this National Geographic article on Día de los Muertos history, traditions, and facts.

19. Host a Virtual Halloween Costume Contest

If your team loves dressing up, then host a virtual Halloween costume contest! Encourage everyone to show up on a video call with their best safe-for-work costumes. You can use the voting tools built into many video call systems to choose a winner. Or, set up an online survey.

To make this activity even more fun, you can choose winners in multiple categories. For example: best overall costume, most creative costume, funniest costume, etc.

As a prize, you can send each winner a digital gift card for coffee or lunch. Or, offer a fun party favor prize to each of your employees!

Get inspired with this article: 68 Work-Appropriate Halloween Costume Ideas.

20. Get Into the Theme with a Halloween Video Call Background

This is a classic option to celebrate any virtual party theme! Choose a Halloween Zoom background to instantly transform your video tile into a festive corner of the party.

One easy way to do this is to search for free stock images on a site like Pexels or Unsplash. You can filter for horizontal or landscape photos that will fit your video screen. Try searching words like Halloween, cemetery, candy, and more.

Or, get creative and design a custom background. You could include your company’s logo. Alternatively, you can design a background that matches your costume. For example, if you dress up as Batman, you might pick a Gotham City background. Or, if you dress up as Alice in Wonderland, you might create a whimsical wonderland-themed backdrop.

A few of our favorite Halloween video call backgrounds:

With these virtual Halloween party activities, you and your team will be conjuring up some fun in no time! For more spooky team building ideas, check out our post with Virtual Ghost Tour ideas!