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Discover America’s untold stories of Latiné entrepreneurs, creators, and musicians! The Hispanic and Latiné Heritage event is a fun and engaging way for virtual and hybrid groups to celebrate and learn together. Don’t miss out – Hispanic Heritage Month is from September 15 to October 15 each year!

During this session, you’ll trace the impact of Hispanic and Latiné history from the 1500s to the present day. For instance, did you know that Spanish was the first European language spoken in the United States colonies?

Additionally, this virtual Hispanic Heritage Month event focuses on the importance of Latin music in American culture. From the introduction of the guitar to modern pop icons, Latiné artists have strongly influenced music throughout history and today.

Your experience will be led by two knowledgeable and personable in-studio guides, as well as two on-location guides. Specifically, your team will be inspired by visits to St. Augustine, Florida.

In St. Augustine, your team will virtually travel to the oldest Hispanic community in the country.

Best of all, this experience is NOT a lecture. Instead, your interactive session will engage your group as you honor the cultures and contributions of Hispanic people throughout American history.

Hispanic Heritage Month Virtual Team Building

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Online museum tour Hispanic Heritage Month Activities for Workplace

“[They] hosted an amazing Hispanic/LatinX virtual tour that was not only educational but profound and most importantly fun... definitely recommend.”

Carlos, Zoro

“Our organization LOVED getting to participate in the highly educational + interactive virtual tour for Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month!! ...We really recommend Unexpected Virtual Tours for your next teambuilding + cultural heritage month celebration! Mil gracias!”

Springtide Research Institute

Experience Details


In general, the Hispanic/Latiné event ranges from $20 to $50 USD per person, with discounts for attendance over 60 guests.

Optional treat boxes are $40 plus shipping. LIMITED QUANITY AVAILABLE!

We provide discounted pricing for schools and nonprofits.

To get started, fill out the digital form below. Then, we’ll help you create an event that best matches your budget.

What’s included:

60 minute engaging Latiné Heritage Month team building experience;

2 live in-studio guides;

1 live on-location virtual tour guide

Optional Treat Box for an added price

Highlights Include:

  • Fascinating stories of Hispanic and Latinx history
  • Meaningful live-streamed visits to St. Augustine, Florida
  • A look at the impact of Tejano music in America
  • Trivia that engages and informs attendees

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Hispanic/Latiné Heritage Month Event FAQs

Details About the Hispanic Heritage Virtual Team Building Experience

What team building activities are in this virtual Latiné Heritage Month event?

The virtual Hispanic Heritage Month team building experience celebrates Latiné history.

Your team can expect live-streaming visits to St. Augustine, FL. The experience includes interactive history lessons, trivia questions, and a fun look at Tejano music.

Your team will love these virtual celebrations of Hispanic Heritage. Additionally, we’ll explore the history and significance of Latiné musicians.

What is the ROI for our company with this experience?

These days, more and more business leaders are touting the importance of virtual team building experiences and DEI training. For remote and hybrid teams, virtual events can help everyone stay connected as well as build strong working relationships and trust.

Furthermore, DEI virtual events (diversity, equity, and inclusion) can help  employees feel welcome and accepted. This can help boost morale, retention, and recruitment.

With Unexpected Virtual Tours and Training, you can rest assured you’re booking a high-quality event. Our historians spend 300 hours annually researching and putting together this event. Specifically, they update the history shared and ensure that the information and locations we are showing are impactful.

Our satisfied clients include clients Google, Coca-Cola, Salesforce, and many others. At Unexpected Virtual Tours and Training, we pride ourselves on creating engaging and impactful events for your team.

This event will help your team examine the complexity of the Hispanic/Latiné diaspora thorugh its cultural influences and challenges of the satus quo of modern understanding of indigenous heritage, all during a fun and interactive experience!

Could we give a short introduction?

Corporate groups are welcome to provide a short introduction to your group. We’ll set aside five minutes of your session for introductions.

Is this an uplifting experience?

The Hispanic/Latiné Heritage Month virtual experience is an uplifting session that will inspire your group. That’s because this interactive event shares how perseverance and allyship have created significant changes for the Latiné community.

This session is ideal for any group seeking a Hispanic Heritage Month event that combines education, reflection, team building, and fun.

The Information in the Hispanic Heritage Virtual Event

What does Latiné mean?

The term Latiné is a gender-neutral adjective used to describe something or someone from Latin American countries. For instance, you might say “Latiné communities” instead of “Latino communities” to be more inclusive. If you’ve seen the term Latinx (used in our experience last year), Latinx is a gender neutral version of Latino and Latina. However, in Spanish, x has a different meaning than in English, so Latiné is actually the appropriate linguistic usage.

What history is in this experience?

First, our historians spend over 300 hours each year updating the historical information shared during this event. They deeply research the impact of the Latiné population on America’s history, drawing on primary sources and research. Then, they put this this information into context, through the lens of modern-day life.

During this session, your team will learn about the influence of Latiné leaders and musicians on American history and culture. Additionally, this session delves into the lasting impact of Latin music.

What do the live-streaming guides show?

The live-streaming guide will take your team on a virtual adventure to historic sites important to Hispanic and Latinx Heritage. Specifically, you’ll visit St. Augustine, Florida.

In St. Augustine, your team will virtually travel to the oldest Hispanic community in the country to under the impact it had on American history.

Is the history accurate?

With three historians on staff, Unexpected Virtual Tours places a high priority on historical accuracy. Each of our team members works hard to ensure that the historical information we share is accurate.

As a best practice, we use original source documents to research the topics shared during your this event. For example, we examine newspapers, diary entries, speeches, and more.

Booking Your Hispanic Heritage Virtual Team Building Event

When do we need to book the Hispanic Heritage/Latiné Heritage Month event?

We begin opening spots for the Hispanic Heritage Month virtual event in July. While Hispanic Heritage Month is from September 15-October 15, spots book up quickly!

For that reason, we strongly recommend booking your session early. Limited space is available!

Are the guides on the Latiné experience Latiné?

Generally speaking, two of the four guides on this experience will be Latinx employees. Unexpected Virtual Tours believes that representation and inclusion are important for all of us to thrive.

In fact, we are a woman-owned and BIPOC-owned business. Our diverse team members are encouraged to bring their authentic selves to work each day.

Can you offer a shorter event?

Unfortunately we’re not able to plan your event for less than 60 minutes. That’s because your session is packed with activities, live on-location guides, and an overview of Hispanic history, culture, and music.

In fact, many clients report that their session flew by because they enjoyed it so much!

Do you have suggestions to enhance our Hispanic Heritage Month experience?

There are so many ways to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. For more ideas – or for ways to add on to your virtual session – check out this Hispanic Heritage Month blog post. You’ll find plenty of ideas to honor Latiné history with your team.