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The Juneteenth: Rise Virtual Tour shares the story of celebrating emancipation and the rise of the Black population in the years after the Civil War.

Featuring a look at leaders like W.E.B. DuBois and Zora Neale Hurston, this event shares a deep appreciation for Black achievement in the early 1900s, while acknowledging the hardships these leaders overcame, including the Tulsa Massacre and the Great Migration.

Throughout, we will focus on celebrations of emancipation and Juneteenth across the country and how those celebrations became a focal point for activism and achievement.

Your team will also love exploring Harlem, the center of the Black renaissance, with our live-streaming guide, and visiting important locations like the landmark Apollo Theater.

Plus, your team will enjoy trivia focused on the nationalization of soul food and how iconic dishes like fried chicken and waffles came to be.

This experience is perfect for groups who have experienced the Juneteenth: Emancipation Virtual Event, but is appropriate as a stand-alone event also.

“The Juneteenth tour was highly organized. Every piece of information was relevant in building the overall story of the tour. Our tour guides were everything you would want in tour guides. They were funny, knowledgeable, well-spoken, creative.”


Experience Details


In general, the Juneteenth: Rise event ranges from $20 to $90 USD per person.

Lower pricing is for large groups interested in virtual-only events.

Higher pricing includes our thematic gift boxes.

We provide discounted pricing for schools and nonprofits.

Fill out the information below. We will help you create an event that best matches your budget.

What’s included:

60 minute engaging Team Building experience;

2 live in-studio guides;

1 live on-location Juneteenth virtual tour guide;

Treat Boxes shipped to your guests via UPS Ground;

Shipping at least 10 days prior to your Juneteenth virtual team building event

Treat Box includes:

Small batch barbecue sauce from John Henry,

Sweet Themes Juneteenth candle,

Miss D’s red velvet popcorn,

My Resident Gourmet Juneteenth jubilee punch,

Natasha’s Just Brittle red velvet Oreo brittle,

custom corporate card with your logo and information

Sales deadline:

To ship boxes, we need at least 14 days notice before your event.

Highlights Include:

  • Fascinating stories of Juneteenth
  • Meaningful live-streaming in Harlem, New York
  • A look at the history of soul food
  • Triva games
  • 100% Black-owned small businesses featured in the Treat Boxes
Juneteenth experience

Timeline of Event:

  • Introduction (5 minutes)
  • Harlem Live Stream (5 minutes)
  • Great Migration (5 minutes)
  • Soul Food (5 minutes)
  • Harlem Renaissance Musicians (5 minutes)
  • Marcus Garvey (5 minutes)
  • Emancipation Day (5 minutes)
  • Juneteenth today (10 minutes)

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Juneteenth FAQs

Details About the Juneteenth: Rise Virtual Event

What team building activities are in this virtual Juneteenth event?

The virtual Juneteenth; Rise team building shares the history of this important holiday from the reconstruction period to the present day.

In addition, it includes live-streaming visits to Harlem, NY to meanningfu sights important to the Harlem Renaissance. Plus, the experience includes trivia questions and soul food lore.

Your team will love these virtual celebrations of Black history. Further, we help your team honor the history and significance of Juneteenth.

What is the ROI for our company with this experience?

This experience shares history of Juneteenth as Emancipation Day. Your team will understand the power of rejecting stereotypes, reclaiming history, and the importance of allyship. It will reinforce your organization’s commitment to inclusion and equity by recognizing the achievements of the Black community. Additionally, we provide a resource guide after the event with more information and discussion questions to keep the conversation going.

Could we give a short introduction?

Corporate groups are welcome to provide a short introduction. We allocate about five minutes to the introduction.

Is this an uplifting experience?

The Juneteenth:Rise virtual experience is an uplifting experiences. Specifically, it shares how Black excellence and innovation changed American culture.

In addition, companies leave inspired and often say the Juneteenth expeirence was their favorite team building event of the year. Further, schools and community foundations love it. In fact, it truly feels like in-person events.

The Information in the Juneteenth:Rise Virtual Event

What history is in this experience?

First, our historians spend over 300 hours each year reaching and updating the history. They deeply research this important day in the month of June.

Also, the live guides hosting the event describe the impact of the Great Migration and the rise of Black meccas.  In addition, the guides also share African American history and culture.

For example, the guides share the origin of soul food and it’s importance in tradition today.

What does the live-streaming guide show?

The live-streaming guide shows locations important to the Harlem Renaissance.

Getting to see locations live, in real time, enhances the experience and makes it engaging and exciting.

Guests love the live-streaming parts on this experience.

Is the history accurate?

With three historians on staff, we ensure our history is accurate. Specifically, we use original source documents to research this event. For example, we use newspapers, diary entries, and more.

Booking the Juneteenth:Rise Virtual Event

What's the difference between your two Juneteenth experiences?

Juneteenth: Emancipation discusses the importance of Emancipation Day from the Emancipation Proclimation to the end of the Civil War. It also shares the importance of the “Juneteenth food trinity” and how barbecue has always been a celebration food. This event is perfect to get an understanding of how Juneteenth came to be.

Juneteenth: Rise shares stories of Juneteenth and Black culture from the reconstruction era to the present day, with a focus on Black meccas like Harlem, New York. This event also shares the history and importance of soul food. This event is perfect for groups who have experience the Emancipation event, but is also appropriate to do as a stand-alone team building event if you have not been a part of our Emancipation event.

When do we need to book the Juneteenth event?

We begin opening spots for both Juneteenth virtual events in February.

However, spots book up soon. For that reason, we suggest booking early.

Are the guides on the Juneteenth: Rise experience Black?

In general, yes, two of the three guides on this experience will be Black employees.

Can you offer a shorter Juneteenth event?

Unfortunately, no. This event is 60 minutes long. This event could actually be two hours long! In fact, we’ve made two Juneteenth events because there’s so much story to tell. Check out Juneteenth: Emancipation for more.

Why are these products in the Treat Box?

The Treat box focuses on the Juneteenth food trinity.

Specifically, Juneteenth “food trinity” is red foods and drinks, barbecue, and watermelon.

In addition, the experience incorporates the history behind these foods and the stereotypes associated with them.

Do you have suggestions to enhance our Juneteenth experience?

Check out this Juneteenth blog post which has many ideas to honor Juneteenth for your corporate teams.