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The Pride Virtual Team Building experience celebrates incredible LGBTQ+ people who have always been a part of America’s history.  Be amazed by the story of America’s first gay marriage — from the year 1807! — as well as the bravery of a transgender Civil War soldier.

Discover America’s first gay neighborhood of Greenwich Village in New York City and see important sites associated with Harvey Milk in the Castro neighborhood of San Francisco.

Plus, your team will love our live-streaming guide at the Stonewall National Monument, America’s first national monument associated with LGBTQ+ rights, and the location of the groundbreaking Stonewall Uprising. Cap it off with some Pride-themed trivia.

And, make it an extra special event with our Pride Celebration Box featuring LGBTQ+-owned and allies’ products.

This is NOT a lecture, but an interactive experience. It is a unique celebration of LGBTQ+ history.

This event is available year round!

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Pride Month Celebration box featuring LGBTQ+ and Allies owned products

Average attendee rating from 0-10: 9.4

Items inside of virtual pride month activity box

“What a breath of fresh air! I loved how entertaining, engaging, and knowledgeable everyone was. History presented this way is a game changer! I learned a lot but it kept me wanting more. I look forward to the next experience!”

Deven C.

Experience Details


The Pride Month Team Building event ranges from $20 to $90 USD per person.

Lower pricing is available for large groups and virtual-only events.

Higher pricing includes our thematic gift boxes and custom changes.

We provide discounted pricing for schools and nonprofits.

Fill out the information below. We will help you create a team building event that best matches your budget.

What’s included:

  • 60 minute engaging Pride month work event
  • 2 live in-studio guides and 2 live-streaming virtual tour guides
  • Optional Treat Boxes shipped directly to your guests via UPS Ground (extra cost)
  • Shipping going out at least 10 days prior to your virtual team building event
  • Resource guide supplied after the event

Treat Box Includes:

Advance notice needed for box orders.

  • Modern Soapmaking rainbow soap
  • Capital Candy Co. gummy bears
  • Capital Candy Co. rainbow fudge
  • Pride flag Micropuzzle (proceeds to the Trevor Foundation)
  • custom corporate card with your logo and information extra

Sales deadline:

To ship boxes, we need at least 14 days notice before your event. Otherwise, we have flexibility if you want a virtual only event.

Highlights Include:

  • Fascinating and untold stories of LGBTQ history
  • Live-streamed visits to locations in Greenwich Village, New York, and the Castro neighborhood, San Francisco
  • The story of Harvey Milk and early LGBTQ leaders like Charity Bryant and Sylvia Drake
  • LGBTQ-owned small businesses and allies featured in the Treat Boxes
Capital Candy Jar Candied Popcorn and Soap So Co. products

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Frequently Asked Questions About the
Pride Virtual Team Building

Pride Virtual Tour Details

What are the Pride Month activities?

The Pride Month activities include a deep look at two historic gay neighborhoods. Greenwich Village is an important historic gay community where the Stonewall riots occurred and the first Pride parade, as is San Francisco.

This experience showcases historic LGBTQ+ leaders. For example, learn more about Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon and Harvey Milk.

Is this a boring lecture?

No, we are sure your team will have a great time.

First, this experience highlights incredible history. And, this experience fosters an inclusive workplace.

For example, check our reviews.

Could we give a short introduction?

Corporate groups are welcome to provide a short introduction. We allocate about five minutes to the introduction.

Could you provide a video promo to get our employees excited?

First, you will receive a show flow to distribute within your organizing team. Second, we also will provide a quick 1-minute promo to share with your employees.

Can you start the event late if our team is running behind?

Your event will start promptly to ensure that your event ends on time. We will admit your team members throughout the event.

Is this an uplifting experience?

The Pride Month virtual experience is an uplifting experience. It traces how LGBTQ+ individuals have always been an important part of our American society and their perseverance led to significant social change. With live-streamed visits to incredible sites, your team will be inspired to lead change.

What ROI does this experience provide?

The embedded corporate value in this experience is the importance of amplification.

Specifically, this experience answers many important questions. For example, why should businesses tell stories of diverse leaders? Or, why do diversity and equity committees have impact? Lastly, how do DEI committees provide ROI for companies?

This event shows how being open about being LGBTQ+ and supporting LGBTQ+ individuals led to gay rights. Amplifying minority achievement led to significant social change.

Pride Booking Details

Is this event only appropriate for LGBTQ+ employees? Should we open this event to all employees?

First of all, we encourage you to invite employees — all of them of all sexual orientations! — to your event. Secondly, this is a celebration of LGBTQ+ achievement that everyone will enjoy.

Can we add on guest speakers?

If you would like to add guest speakers, that is possible.

However, we have found that teams get optimal engagement with a 60 minute event. Our Pride-themed experience is one hour in length.

Do you have other virtual Pride month ideas?

Yes, we have many virtual Pride month ideas, including preparing a Pride playlist, holding lunch and learn events (including our own), holding Pride month Happy Hours, or creating a book club.

Further, you can see all of our suggestions for Pride celebrations for Employee Resource Groups and Diversity and Inclusion groups at the following links:

And, reach out to us if you have more questions on how to celebrate Pride Month!

Are the guides on the Pride experience LGBTQ+?

At least two of the four guides on this experience will be LGBTQ+ employees. We do not have drag queens on our events.

That being said, as a company focused on inclusion, we include diverse guides.

Is this a family-friendly experience?

Yes, this experience is a family-friendly way to support the LGBTQ community. The event does mention the hardships faced by early gay leaders like Harvey Milk and Eve Abbott, as well as how perceptions of gender identity have changed over time. We recommend this experience for children who have a basic knowledge of the discrimination faced by LGBTQ leaders in the past (typically 8 years old and up).

Can you offer a shorter event?

Because our Pride events include two live-streaming guides, it cannot be less than 60 minutes.

Pride Treat Box Details

What do the Treat Boxes include?

First, LGBTQ+-owned restaurants provide the food in the Treat Boxes. In addition, we include treats or items from queer business owners.

In fact, companies love being able to support LGBTQ+ businesses. Plus, the small business treats from the United States will be shipped to your team.

Do we need the Treat Boxes?

No, the Treat Boxes are optional to enhance the experience. However, the Treat Boxes allow your team to support awesome LGBTQ+-owned small businesses and support the LGBTQ community.

Can you accommodate food restrictions?

First, with advance notice, we can accommodate some food restrictions.

But, please get in touch if you have specific requirements.

Specifically, all of our Treat Boxes are vegetarian.

In addition, all boxes include non-perishable foods.

Is there a limit on Treat Boxes?

Contact us for large orders. In general, we can provide up to 500 Treat Boxes for a single company.