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DEI training programs your team will love attending

Rethink diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) training with our highly immersive and engaging DEI sessions. We have:

  • 500+ thrilled clients
  • led 800+ DEI training sessions
  • trained over 44,000+ employees

During your team’s training sessions, you can expect:

  • Friendly and knowledgeable facilitators
  • Interactive storytelling that delves into important and unflinching history, culture, and concepts
  • Impactful topics that embed core DEIA curriculum within each experience
  • Live, on-location guides at historic and cultural locations
  • Interactive questions throughout the event to teach those concepts
  • Experiences designed by historians and DEI educators
  • Optional Celebration Boxes shipped to your team members

"We had our first Unexpected Virtual Tour for Juneteenth with Joy, Arielle, Jason, & Brit! It was incredible to learn so much and be taken to such significant places within the US.

I'd love to attend more of these - thanks for the educational and engaging experience!"

Rachael YohaiEdward Jones | Juneteenth Experience, 20+ Attendees

"We have engaged wiht UVT 5 times now and every time is amazing! It's one of our most popular and requested DEI events. The UVT team is phenomenal from booking to the day of the tour.

Our company learned so much in this most recent Pride Tour and we are so grateful to Dean, Denise, Emily, and Nick for being such amazing and engaging tour guides."

Kathryn AquinoJamestown | Pride, 120+ Attendees

"Their Juneteenth program was the most effective Zoom presentation I've ever attended.

Thanks to Kevin, Joy, Emily and Arielle for making history real and helping us understand the significance of this holiday."

Lori LeonardoGlobal Payments | Juneteenth, 1200+ Attendees

DEI Training Sessions & Experiences

Unique DEI training sessions loved by teams at Google, The Home Depot, LinkedIn, TripAdvisor, and more!

Black History Month Virtual Team Building

Black History Month

Available in February

DEI Team Building

Discover the roots of Black History Month with stunning art and interactive trivia. Plus, take a live-streamed visit to incredible historic Black neighborhoods in Washington DC and Atlanta.

DEIA Core Learner Concept:
The Impact of the Growth Mindset in Reducing Bias


Live-streaming Guides


Black History Month Details
Women's History Month Virtual Team Building

She Innovates

Available in March and all year

Women’s History Team Building

Play “historic shark tank” and learn about incredible female innovators in this immersive experience, with character guides who honor historic female inventors, and enjoy a live-streamed visit to Chicago.

DEIA Core Learner Concepts:
Challenging Structural Inequities, Intersectionality




She Innovates Details
AAPI Month Team Building

AAPI Month

Available in May

DEI Team Building

Learn about AAPI Heritage and Asian American culture and history with this unique event with live-streaming in San Francisco’s Chinatown. Plus, your team will love trivia focused on AAPI representation in movies.

DEIA Core Learner Concepts:
Rejecting Stereotypes, Increased Cultural Sensitivity, Challenging Systemic Inequities


Live-streaming Guides


AAPI Month Details
Music Evolution Virtual Team Building

Music Evolution

Available all year

DEI Team Building

Play kazoos in your “jam band” while learning the fascinating history of music. And, on this fun DEI event, your team will take a live-streamed visit to Nashville, Tennessee.

DEIA Core Learner Concept:
Cultural Appropriation and Reappropriation


Live Streaming Guide


Music Evolution Details
Juneteenth Virtual Team Building


Available in June

DEI Team Building

Learn the powerful history of Juneteenth or Emancipation Day, with live-streaming guides in Texas and Virginia. One of the ten best ways to honor Juneteenth – Lonely Planet!

DEIA Core Learner Concepts:
Rejecting Stereotypes, Reclaiming History, Allyship


Live-streaming Guides


Juneteenth Details
Pride Virtual Team Building


Available in June

DEI Team Building

Trace how LGBTQIA+ individuals have always been an important part of our American history, with live-streams from historic gay neighborhoods in New York City and San Francisco.

DEIA Core Learner Concept:
Unity Strengthens Impact


Live-streaming Guides


Pride Details
Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month Virtual Team Building

Hispanic and Latiné Heritage Month

Available in September and October

DEI Team Building

Celebrate Hispanic and Latiné Heritage in this fun and mesmerizing event with live streaming guides in St. Augustine, Florida, and Austin, Texas. Plus, learn about the impact of Latinx music on American culture.

DEIA Core Learner Concepts:
Authenticity and Increased Representational Diversity


Live-streaming Guides


Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Details
South American Holiday Virtual Team Building

South American Holiday

Available all year

Holiday Team Building

Take a virtual travel tour to South America with live guides! Explore the incredible Machu Picchu, one of the Wonders of the World, and the holiday markets in Cusco, Peru. This unique event will mesmerize your team.


Live Guides


South American Holiday Details
Street Art Virtual Team Building

Street Art

Available all year

DEI Team Building

Spark your team’s creativity with street art activities. Learn the history of different art form, with a focus from Black artists. Plus, get a live-streamed visit to a popular street art location.


Breakout Rooms


Street Art Details
Indigenous Month Virtual Team Building

Indigenous and Native American Heritage

Available in November

DEI Team Building

Discover Indigenous history and culture in this fascinating and impactful event that covers far more than you ever learned before. Plus, a Native American scholar will showcase the Indigenous side of the French Quarter of New Orleans.


Live-streaming Guides


Indigenous Month Details

As Seen In

Embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion at work can bring profound impacts for your employees and your business.

DEI training helps employees feel they belong, boosts your bottom line, drives recruiting and retention, and leads to a more connected culture.

According to GlassDoor, 76% of job seekers say a diverse workforce is important when evaluating companies and job offers. Moreover, McKinsey found that ethnically diverse companies are 36% more likely to financially outperform their national industry median.

Pride ERG Employee Events

Why Choose Unexpected Virtual Tours and Training?

Why Choose Unexpected Virtual Tours and Training
  • #1-rated DEI training events featured in The New York Times, Forbes, and The Guardian.
  • Research-backed training, built using the latest industry-class research on leadership training and DEI effectiveness.
  • Engaging and immersive sessions with knowledgeable facilitators.
  • Certified Woman-Owned Small Business.
  • Certified Minority Business Enterprise by the National Minority Supplier Development Council.
  • 400+ hours of research and development for a 1-hour program.
  • 8+ years of team building & training excellence.
  • 3 published historians on staff with 50 years combined research experience, specializing in underrepresented communities.
  • Intentionally inclusive, anti-racist corporate values.
Trusted By the World’s Leading Companies

What is DEI Training?

DEI training (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training) refers to initiatives that aim to create a more diverse, welcoming, affirming, and equitable work environment. From educational workshops to expert panels, lunch and learn sessions, exciting game activities, and more – there are many creative ways to make DEI training both fun and educational!

In today’s workplace, diversity training for employees can build feelings of connection and empathy, resulting in stronger teams that can work more comfortably together.

There are a variety of DEI methods, best practices, and strategies to keep in mind when launching or continuing your program. Read on to learn more, discover resources, and browse frequently asked questions!

The Goals of Diversity Training

Build Mutual Respect & Belonging

Ensuring employees feel respected, included, and welcomed is a cornerstone of a positive and productive environment.

DEI training that builds mutual respect and belonging can boost employee well-being while also promoting collaboration, new ideas, and a culture that embraces what makes us each unique.

Mutual Respect and Belonging
Boost Recruitment and Retention
Drive Retention & Recruitment

DEI training sessions and programs can help companies identify and fix inequities and challenges – which can lead to higher retention and stronger recruitment.

After all, Harvard shares that 7 in 10 workers say they’d be upset by a microagression – and half said the action would make them consider leaving their job.

Boost Your Bottom Line

Many companies are interested in the positive impacts that DEI initiatives can have on business productivity and growth.

In fact, Forbes reports that companies with diverse workforces are 2x as likely to meet or exceed their financial goals!

Boost Revenue through DEI Training
Spark Creativity and Collaboration with DEI Training
Spark Creativity & Collaboration

Engaging with diverse perspectives can open employees up to new worlds of thought, sparking innovative ideas.

Because DEI training can entail healthy vulnerability and personal connections, employees may also feel more empathy and trust for each other, leading to more seamless collaboration on future projects.

What’s the Most Successful Type of Diversity Training?

When it comes to DEI training techniques, there are many possible methods to explore. One type many people are familiar with is “unconscious bias training.” Developed in the 1970s, this type of training focuses on recognizing the internal biases we all hold. While unconscious bias training can be helpful for assessing bias and building a vocabulary of DEI concepts, research shows it’s not the most effective way to make a long-term impact.

In fact, a meta-analysis of 40 years of diversity training evaluations found that the most successful sessions increase attendees’ knowledge of different minority communities. Known as “cultural competence training,” this method has been consistently found to result in a more inclusive and empathetic workplace.

Cultural competence training (sometimes called cultural consciousness training) centers the history, culture, triumphs, and challenges of a representative group.

At Unexpected Virtual Tours & Training, we’re honored to offer a variety of cultural competence training programs. Our DEI programs delve into the successes and the roadblocks faced by historically marginalized groups using interactive, data-backed learning approaches with a focus on fun and historical accuracy. Tying historical lessons to pop culture trivia, artistic challenges, live-streamed virtual field trips, and other engaging activities can help boost engagement and further reinforce key concepts.

The Importance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace

Diversity, equity, and inclusion hold immense significance in today’s professional landscape. Beyond being mere buzzwords, these principles are integral when it comes to creating a strong, sustainable organization.

At the heart of many DEI programs is the recognition that diversity fosters innovation and creativity. By embracing what makes us each unique, welcoming diversity of thought, and amplifying the voices of historically underrepresented people, we can open ourselves to new concepts and solutions. Diversity-driven innovation can fuel growth and revenue while also helping to position your company as one that embraces new perspectives and approaches to problem-solving.

In addition to diversity, efforts toward greater equity help ensure fairness in the workplace and reduce disparities. By ensuring equal opportunities for all employees, companies can help level the playing field, empower employees to succeed, and contribute to a more just society.

Finally, an inclusive workplace cultivates a sense of respect and safety among workers. When individuals feel valued and heard, their on-the-job effort and happiness can increase, leading to improved retention and morale. Additionally, companies that see value in inclusion may be more likely to consider diverse customer groups, uses, and needs when considering their offerings.

Aside from being the right thing to do, championing DEI initiatives can also be legally mandated in some cases. Be mindful of local and national laws regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion standards as well as nondiscrimination laws.

The Importance of Diversity at Work

Featured Training Session

Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month Virtual Team Building

Hispanic and Latiné Heritage Month

DEI Team Building

Celebrate Hispanic and Latiné Heritage in this fun and mesmerizing event with live streaming guides in St. Augustine, Florida, and Austin, Texas. Plus, learn about the impact of Latinx music on American culture.

Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Details
UVTT Website Testimonial

What Are the Benefits of Workplace DEI Initiatives?

UVTT Website Testimonials (1)
Benefits of DEI Training

Build Connections & Reduce Bias

Diversity training in the workplace helps team members understand each other’s differences and our own biases. This can lead to stronger relationships and fewer conflicts and miscommunications. The Equality and Human Rights Commission found that unconscious bias training can effectively reduce bias when done properly. Through DEI training, foster a more inclusive environment where problem solving and decision making are done based on merit, not preconceived notions.

Attract Top-Notch Talent

When potential employees see that your company makes diversity a priority, they’re more likely to choose your organization over others. According to the Pew Research Center, most workers say focusing on DEI at work is a good thing – and Glassdoor found that 32% of workers wouldn’t even apply to a job at a company that lacks workforce diversity!

Higher Revenue

MarketWatch puts it simply: “The numbers don’t lie: diverse workforces make businesses more money.” In fact, they report that diverse companies have cash flows 2.3x higher than their less diverse counterparts. Furthermore, diverse companies are 70% more likely to capture new markets.

New Ideas & Innovations

DEI training encourages employees to bring their unique perspectives and experiences to the table, creating an environment where innovation and creativity are welcome. FastCompany shares how diverse teams can adapt to changes more easily, draw inspiration from different places, reduce groupthink, spark open-mindedness, and more.

Happier Employees

DEI training can lead to a more inclusive workplace culture where employees feel supported and valued. This can lead to higher employee engagement as well as reduced stress, greater work-life balance, and increased feelings of happiness at work and home.

How to Make Diversity Training More Effective

Don’t just tick a corporate box with your diversity, equity, and inclusion programs – instead, use the tips below to ensure initiatives have real, long-lasting impacts. Whether you’re working through roadblocks in your DEI training or looking for ways to take your training to the next level – here are a few best practices to keep in mind!

Ensure Leadership Commitment

Ensuring company leadership sees DEI initiatives as a priority is crucial in setting the tone for organizational change. When leaders actively champion DEI programs, they demonstrate the company’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion and motivate others to participate and get excited, too.

Ensure Leadership Commitment - DEI Training
Create a Safe Space for Discussions
Create a Safe Space for Discussions

When employees can share their thoughts, ideas, and concerns without fear of judgement, it fosters open dialogue and deeper understanding. Rely on HR professionals and external consultants when needed to help navigate potentially difficult conversations. 

Integrate DEI into Daily Work Practices

Building a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace is a year-round endeavor comprised of daily interactions. To find DEI training ideas and best practices for all year long, browse our Diversity Team Building Calendar blog post (with a free downloadable calendar!) 

Integrate DEI into Work Practices
Measure the Impact of Diversity Training
Measure the Impact of Diversity Training

There are a variety of ways to measure the impact of your diversity training. Set up an anonymous online survey, or track metrics related to pay equity, diversity in hiring, participation in DEI activities, or other stats. Above all, listen to employee feedback – especially from historically underrepresented people and groups – to shape future programs and initiatives.

Next Steps for Your DEI Training

After learning what DEI training is all about and why it matters, we hope you feel confident and equipped to move forward in creating or building upon your company’s DEI initiatives. With some thoughtful planning and teamwork, your DEI efforts can lead to big impacts for employees’ well-being and your company’s fiscal health.

Take the next step to learn more, schedule a virtual DEI training session, or reach out to us below with questions!

Reach out to learn more

(We respond quickly!)


About Diversity and Inclusion Virtual Events

Are these events diversity training?

Unexpected Virtual Tours does not offer generic diversity training. Instead, we offer live, interactive diversity experiences that embed DEI training concepts.

In other words, your employees will WANT to attend our diversity events!

Most diversity training fails because employees aren’t engaged. As a result, they don’t retain the information and put it into practice. In contrast to this, our activity based diversity experiences get your team responding, creating, and collaborating.

Our DEI sessions are designed to help your team consider perspectives and lived experiences that may be outside their own. For example, our Music Evolution experience shares these diversity training topics:

  • appropriation and re-appropriation in music
  • collaboration and collective strength
  • musicians who fought against discrimination

But, the session explores these themes through engaging, interactive music activities. In addition, your team will get a deep look at the African American influence on American music history.

In summary, your teams won’t realize that they are learning these concepts when they are focused on participating in a memorable shared experience!

How does your team write the history for the DEI events?

Unexpected Virtual Tours has three historians on our staff. Our historians focus on:

  • food history
  • the histories of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color) people in America
  • music history
  • race and social justice

As such, we never use Wikipedia research. Instead, our historians use original source documents.

In fact, it takes our historians around 140 hours to research a 1-hour virtual team building experience!

What Can I Expect From Virtual DEI Events?

Are these diversity events "boring" or "preachy?"

Unexpected Virtual Tours’ events never preach and they are designed to boost employee engagement and interaction!

First, each virtual team building experience focuses on expanding your team’s knowledge through fun, interactive activities. For example, your experience may include trivia, a craft activity, a live tour of a historic site, and fun challenges.

Secondly, each experience amplifies the stories of marginalized people. For example, our Juneteenth virtual experience shares the deep, somber history of Emancipation in the United States. Our historians spent more than 350 hours researching and developing this hour-long experience.

The content you’ll experience with Unexpected Virtual Tours is radically engaging. Our programs are presented by our expert studio guides and live-streaming guides. They can answer your team’s questions in real-time and help guide activities while sharing valuable knowledge.

Allyship is a corporate value embedded throughout your event. As a result, team members leave the experience excited to promote allyship in their own company and their community.

Are these diversity events political in nature?

Our interactive virtual events do not focus on politics or share any political leaning.

Our diversity and inclusion virtual events are meant for everyone across the political spectrum.

Instead, Unexpected Virtual Tours focuses on sharing the history as it happened.

Fortunately, we have multiple historians on staff who thoroughly research and write each of our programs. Our staff members focus on sharing history lessons in a way that is truthful, engaging, and memorable. As a result, your team will have a valuable learning experience while also building connections with each other.

Who Are Diversity Team Building Events For?

Will our corporate teams appreciate the DEI events?

Unexpected Virtual Tours provides virtual events for companies of all sizes and industries. In fact, many of the Fortune 100 companies we work with have a dedicated DEI staff.

Regardless of your size, our approach is the same. We create accessible and inclusive virtual programming that enhances your corporate goals. Specifically, we do NOT provide boring mandatory diversity training, nor do we preach.

Instead, our events are research-based, with the goal of entertaining and educating your team. Research from Harvard University has found that the most effective diversity programs spark employee engagement. We believe in interactive, hands-on virtual experiences that get everyone laughing and participating.

For example, groups love learning about music history during our Music Evolution experience. Then, our live guides discuss the DEI themes of appropriation and collaboration. We explore the fun parts of music history as well as important information about diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Are these events just for people of color or for LGBTQIA+ employees? Will I feel uncomfortable attending as a white person or a heterosexual person?

People of all races, orientations, and backgrounds are welcome and included at our virtual team building events.

First, Unexpected Virtual Tours’ events are truly inclusive. Each experience will have expert guides of different races and ethnicities. And, most importantly, there is no “us vs. them” mentality.

For example, our events are for everyone who loves food, history, and fun knowledge.

Here’s a testimonial from one of our clients:

“HIGHLY recommend for team building and educational experiences! All are incredibly smart, effective story-tellers and historians. My whole team learned so much and left feeling energized and informed.”

DEI Training Resources

Browse our library of blog topics for more resources, ideas, and best practices! From virtual diversity and inclusion activities to posts on the importance of diversity in the workplace and how to create DEI training programs – we’ve got you covered!