Build Better Teams With Bespoke Virtual Events

We build fun and fascinating bespoke and custom virtual team building events for thousands of guests. Every experience includes four completely customized elements:

  • Interactive storytelling and games based on your custom ideas
  • On-location guides that share unique places
  • Small group breakout rooms to connect and have fun
  • Hands-on activities and gourmet treats in your custom branded box

Fun, high-energy agenda that kept us engaged and learning. Would 100% work with them again.

Jamie G.UPS

Such a great break from the craziness that is work.

Jess K.Emory

A blast! Everyone had a great time! Easy to plan and the box had awesome goodies.

Jackie G.Cigna
Don’t See the Virtual Team Building Event You’re Looking For?
We’ll build it for you!

We have built incredible custom virtual experiences for dozens of companies. Our clients dream it and we design it.

For example, a Fortune 100 company came to us and asked for a Masters-themed experience with a four week turn-around. Our design team built and shipped a gorgeous golf box with items from Augusta National.

And, the production team built and performed a high-energy trivia experience that included a live look at the gravesite of the founder of the Masters.

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“WOW! Working with Unexpected Virtual Tours was an absolutely amazing experience! Your diligence in creating a superior virtual event experience was evident throughout the planning process! Magnificent Event”

MikeSenior Event Planner

How it works

You come up with an idea that your group will love.

Not sure what they might like? Check out our catalog below.

Our production team builds an interactive experience with trivia, stories, and fun.

We also have a pre-event meeting with you so you can make changes.

Our design team creates a beautiful thematic Treat Box with gourmet treats, hands-on activities, and goodies sourced from small businesses.

You provide the mailing addresses and we produce and ship the Treat Boxes 10 days before your event.

Everyone has a blast, interacting and noshing with each other during your custom virtual event!

We include fun break-out room activities so you can get to know your clients or team better.

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Why Choose Unexpected Virtual Tours?

If you simply ship your employees and best customers a gift box, you aren’t connecting with them.

On the other hand, if you only provide an experience, they don’t get the joy of opening a box and having something tangible to remind them of your gratitude.

Unexpected Virtual Tours combines the best of both worlds: a virtual experience with an on-location guide, plus a gift box. The result is a spectacular custom virtual event that will wow everyone, with little work on your part!

Begin Building Your Custom Virtual Event

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Frequently Asked Questions About Unique Virtual Events

Details About Custom Virtual Events

What does a custom virtual event include?

First, think beyond the typical happy hour. Instead, we can create something that will dazzle your teams.

Simply come to us with your virtual event ideas, and our team will handle the planning and logistics!

For example, our online events include gorgeous gift boxes, gift cards, real-time virtual experiences, breakout sessions, world tours, and much more. Our focus is on a stellar attendee experience that meets your company’s unique goals.

How do we come up with a unique virtual event idea?

Our team members love helping clients come up with unique virtual event ideas. We are radically creative and always building new programs.

But, if you need help thinking of something unique, start by thinking about your team:

  • What do the people in your company like to do?
  • What are your corporate values?
  • Does your team get excited about sports? Or arts? Or nature?
  • Who makes your team laugh?

Once you have thought through these questions, consider the return you hope to achieve from your event. Is this a team building event to foster connection and trust? Or, is this a client appreciation event to “wow” your VIPs?

These questions should help you come up with some potential theme ideas. Additionally, explore our Free Resource Guides for more team building ideas!

Do your virtual experiences increase engagement?

Research says: yes! Studies show that virtual team building events can boost employee engagement and satisfaction.

For instance, Gallup found that only 36% of the workforce is actively engaged. Furthermore, having a highly engaged team can boost profits by more than 20% while helping employees feel happier and more connected. Companies with a thriving corporate culture can see 4x higher revenue growth.

Virtual team building events are a way to help your team connect and build your corporate culture. For instance, Forbes recommends virtual team building events to keep remote and hybrid teams communicating and engaged while having fun.

What type of software do you require?

Our standard event platforms are on Zoom. In general, we find that most people know how to use Zoom so there is minimal learning curve for new event apps. Further, research has shown that the best event experiences use simple and streamlined technology.

Prior to the event, we will send you an event website with everything your attendees will need to join the experience.

Why do you suggest live-streaming guides?

Live-streaming guides create another element of fun to a virtual event. By placing our engaging hosts in unique locations, your guests feel like they are in person.

We have guides located in Europe, Africa, and across the United States. They are all fun and knowledgeable hosts. In addition, all of them have a relationship to the location they are presenting.

Planning the Custom Virtual Events

What is the planning process like?

The planning process begins with an in-depth discussion between your team and the Unexpected Virtual Tours team. In general, we want to identify your team’s goals, budget, and overall vision.

Then, our designer creates a unique custom box, brochure, and marketing materials.

How much does a custom virtual event cost?

A bespoke virtual event starts at $10,000.

The pricing varies based on event type, as well as items in the Treat Box.

How much time does the planning process take?

The planning process takes at minimum 10 weeks from start to finish. We do not recommend less than 10 weeks.

First, the team will design a custom box and then order that box. After that, the team will work with you to create an event outline. Plus, the team will order unique products that will supplement the outline.

While your team is getting ready for the event and sending out invites, the guides will be practicing and perfecting the virtual experience.

How often do we meet with the UVT team?

Unexpected Virtual Tours designates a specific virtual event planner to help guide you through the custom event process.

That event planner will be available on-call via e-mail and phone. We generally ask for a four-hour response time since we may be working with other clients.

In addition, we always designate one preliminary one-hour meeting, as well as a pre-event run-through.

Custom Treat Boxes

What is the design fee for the Treat Boxes?

The Treat Boxes include a number of design elements. First, you’ll work with our designer to customize the exterior of the Treat Box.

Second, while the virtual event is being prepared, our designer will create a custom brochure.

Third, all of the Treat Box elements will be pulled together to create a complete hands-on experience that your guests will enjoy.

What do the Treat Boxes include in a custom virtual event?

On our unique virtual events, custom Treat Boxes can be fun and delicious. For example, custom Treat Boxes can include food, games, and thematic items. For an additional fee, some customers choose to include beer or wine in their custom Treat Boxes.

How many Treat Boxes can we ship out?

We can ship anywhere between 10 to 500 Treat Boxes at a time.

In general, our maximum shipping amount is 500 Treat Boxes because we usually limit our virtual events to a max of 500 people. We have found optimal engagement with 500 guests.

Some attendees have food restrictions. Can you create special boxes for them?

Because our Treat Boxes are built in volume, any changes to the Treat Box would be an upcharge.

That being said, our boxes are generally vegetarian and include non-perishable items. The boxes may include items containing gluten or dairy.

Is there a minimum order for custom Treat Boxes?

Custom designed boxes require an order of 200 Treat Boxes.

For small groups who want custom items, a custom upgrade fee is required and then we will utilize standard boxes.

During the Event

Do the attendees enjoy themselves?

First, we work to provide an incredible attendee experience. While many think it’s not possible to throw a fun social event in the virtual space, we disagree.

A carefully planned virtual environment can increase engagement even beyond in-person events. We hope to work with you soon to host a virtual event.

What do the Treat Boxes include in a custom virtual event?

On our unique virtual events, custom Treat Boxes can be fun and delicious. For example, custom Treat Boxes can include food, games, and thematic items. For an additional fee, some customers choose to include beer or wine in their custom Treat Boxes.

Who are the hosts for the virtual event?

Professional performers host the virtual event. These performers utilize stories and games based on your company’s interests.

We are worried about technical difficulties. How do you handle that?

On our virtual experiences, we have three hosts. Plus, on custom events, we have a hospitality coordinator who manages people entering the Zoom room and ensuring that there are no technical difficulties.

Our staff ensures that we are able to create a seamless experience with minimal issues.

Do the virtual events start promptly?

In general, we recommend starting promptly. Virtual guests do not like to be kept waiting. We suggest starting immediately at the start time with a 5-minute introduction.

During that introduction, guests will filter in.  Our hospitality coordinator will admit attendees throughout the event.