U nexpected Virtual Tours offers #1 rated virtual team building events, featured in the New York Times, Forbes, and the Guardian. We are former attorneys and executives and passionate storytellers who care about building better teams. We have been building radically creative team building events since 2015 for the world’s largest companies.

We can’t wait to get your team bonding, laughing, and connecting.

This was an AMAZING virtual tour! So informative and such a cool experience to be shown physical locations as well as a well put together presentation. Joy Emily and Kristin were so knowledgeable and kind! Definitely recommend them! 10/10!

Imani C.User Testing

WOW!!! Today I participated in this amazing journey through the Black History Month Virtual Tour and what an experience it was! Joy, Kristen and Emily's passion and presentation matched the RICH content that I would employ everyone to experience for your self.


Our group had an amazing time celebrating our virtual holiday gathering hosted by Unexpected Atlanta Tours. Kristin, Jamie, and Kevin were our hosts and they were great! Very enthusiastic. We enjoyed the ugly sweater party in a box along with the local treats. Highly recommend for your virtual company gatherings!

Monica M.FinSync

Meet The Team


Akila McConnell

Drink of Choice: Dirty martini with blue cheese stuffed olives

Akila McConnell is the founder and owner of Unexpected Virtual Tours. She has also had many jobs: attorney, accountant, journalist, and culinary historian. Unexpected Virtual Tours is the culmination of years spent attending (often lousy) team building events and thinking about how team building can and should be better.

Akila is passionate about team cohesiveness and creating radically inventive events that bring people together through powerful storytelling, history, food, and fun.

Akila grew up in Alabama and has lived in Atlanta for almost 20 years. In between, she spent three full years traveling across the world. Akila spends most of her free time reading biographies and cooking with her two micro-foodies.

General Manager, Host, Storyteller

Margaret Spencer

Drink of Choice: Gin
Margaret has a passion for good food, great people, and meaninful connections. When she’s not leading tours or supporting the Unexpected Virtual Tours team, she’s puttering outside in her garden, learning Spanish, or walking her two dogs Gryffindor and James Potter. Margaret loves explore new places, but agrees that there's no place like home.
Storyteller and Host

Emily Pearse

Drink of Choice: Penicillin Cocktail

Emily is a comedic actress, originally from Florida. She developed a deep love for the deep south after spending her college years at Florida State University, only 40 minutes from the Georgia border! From there, she moved to the west coast for 3 years to build her acting network in Los Angeles, but the south kept calling. It was something about the southern hospitality and the incredible food that made her want to head back east. (Not to mention Atlanta's booming film and television market!)

From a young age, Emily remembers helping her mother making holiday treats from treasured family recipes, like her grandmother's coveted white fudge recipe. She believes food has a way of bringing people together and making us feel connected with our past. Now she is so excited to share her combined love of theater, comedy, and great cuisine through storytelling and hospitality events with Unexpected Virtual Tours.

Storyteller and Host

Joy Warren

Drink of Choice: Mojito

Joy Warren lives up to her name because she exudes joy in life, food, and people. She is an inspirational author of the recently published youth inspirational book “Kingdom Star”, and singer/songwriter from Virginia where she attended Hampton University. As a musician, she has worked with Grammy Award-winning producers and artists from all over the country. However, she attributes the majority of her passion and growth as a person to her time serving in her family’s church as worship leader and youth pastor for a combined total of 18 years. Joy also founded the local social activism organization called The iForgive Movement, a movement to help relieve injustice through the simplicity and foolishness of forgiveness.

Joy grew up in Virginia Beach, lived in Atlanta, and now lives in Los Angeles. She enjoys meeting new people, and making people laugh and feel loved, because hospitality is not just a southern thing: it’s a way of life!

Storyteller and Host

Kevin Saunders

Drink of Choice: Whiskey sour

Kevin Saunders was born and raised in Maryland, right outside Washington D.C. He relocated to Atlanta 3 years ago to further his acting career and has become a huge advocate for Georgia filmmaking. Georgia is one of the busiest filming locations in the world, so it only made sense to transition here. But Kevin has fallen in love with the city and all it has to offer even outside the film industry. Kevin is full of energy and fun and can't wait to work with your teams.

Storyteller and Host

Kristin Storla

Drink of Choice: Blackberry Bourbon Smash

Kristin Storla is a native Georgia peach. Brought up in Marietta, college in Columbus, and now here in Atlanta, Kristin has stayed close to home for the ever-evolving food and entertainment scene. Kristin found the perfect balance of mixing her two passions, good food and even better people, as a Storyteller.

Not just a foodie, Kristin works as a freelance actor and fight director. She’s worked with local companies such as The Shakespeare Tavern, Out of Box, Sh!t-Faced Shakespeare, and The Center for Puppetry Arts BUT her favorite roles have always been ones where she can eat on stage! Her dream in life is to host a competitive cooking tv show.

Storyteller and Host

Jamie Weiss

Drink of Choice: Cel-Ray Collins

Jamie is one of the Georgia Peachiest, born and raised in Atlanta. Coming from a family of cooks and food-people, she has eaten her way through Atlanta’s robust culinary scene her whole life with no plans of stopping! Currently a full-time student at Oglethorpe University studying Communications, she genuinely loves learning and picking up any kind of trivia to share every chance she gets. She’s probably the coolest nerd we know!

Storyteller, Host, and Researcher

Jason Weems

Drink of Choice: Yerba-Mate

Longtime Austinite, passionate tour guide, musical performer, event producer, and ambassador of the Lonestar Capital; Jason Weems is known for his honey and gravel
voice, which serves him well in his roles as a podcaster, voice-over actor, and master of ceremonies. Jason has honed his skills as a storyteller over a lifetime of live performance and through years of providing immersive guided tours.

Storyteller and Host

Jennifer Hubbard

Drink of Choice: Negroni

Jennifer is usually seen as the adventurous one in her food choices and she enjoys helping others step outside of their comfort zone and discover things they never imagined they'd like, or even try. Originally from Chicago, but having called Atlanta home for many years, the world's busiest airport makes it convenient for Jennifer to indulge her passion for travel. During the day, she advocates for underserved communities, developing programs that help them gain access to justice. As an Unexpected Virtual Tour guide, she participates in community building in a different way, sharing unexpected untold stories and hidden gems to unite people and bring them together.

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