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Radically creative
virtual team building
for your remote team

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“By far, the BEST virtual experience I've ever had.”

Sarah G.Fortune 100 company

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Virtual Team Building Events

Creative virtual team building for creative teams.

Ghost Stories

Virtual Networking & Team Building

Make decadent s’mores and create a team spooky story. Live-stream a Victorian cemetery.


Breakout Rooms


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Street Art

Virtual Team Building

Engage team creativity with street art activities. Enjoy a live-streamed visit to a popular street art location.


Breakout Rooms


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Music Evolution

Virtual Team Building

Play kazoos in your “jam band” while tracing the history of music. Take a live-streamed visit to Nashville.


Breakout Rooms


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Best of Atlanta

Virtual Team Building

See beautiful Atlanta with two live-streaming guides. Make Atlanta’s iconic Tiny Doors.


Breakout Rooms


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Ugly Sweater Party:
’80s Edition

Holiday Team Building

Loved by the NY Times. Enjoy fast-paced festive games and team-based crafting with an ’80s flair.


Breakout Rooms


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European Holiday

Virtual Team Building

“Travel” to Europe with live-streaming guides in Rome and Prague. Perfect for inclusive holiday parties!


Breakout Room


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Black History Month

Virtual Team Building

Discover the roots of Black History Month. Explore live-streamed visits to two incredible historic Black neighborhoods.


Live-streaming Guides


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Virtual Team Building

Learn the powerful and inspiring history of Juneteenth. Streaming from Austin and Hampton.


Live-streaming Guides


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Black Empires

Virtual Team Building

Connect the legendary West African empire of Timbuktu with American music today. Coming in February 2022, with live guides in West Africa and New Orleans.


Live-streaming Guides



Design a Golf Course

Virtual Team Building

Build mini golf courses at your desk and discover the roots of golf. Fun visit to an important golf superstition.


Breakout Rooms


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Why Your Team Will Love Unexpected Virtual Tours

Fun and Engaging

No awkward Zoom happy hours. Passionate and fun studio guides lead each Unexpected Virtual Tour.

virtual team building halloween
virtual team building - golf
Treat Boxes

Ship custom gift boxes filled with treats and hands-on activities to your team.

Live-Streaming Guides

Explore the world with live-streaming guides in unique places.

virtual team building
virtual team building
Hands-on Activities

Active team challenges build engaged teams.

Loved By the World’s Largest Companies
  • Thomas Pickert AvatarThomas Pickert

    The team made our Virtual Tour a lot of fun. Really loved the joyful and energetic atmosphere they created!The whole session went by so fast, and was very informative. Recommended! - 9/11/2021 

    Christina Prudent AvatarChristina Prudent

    Jamie, Emily, Kevin and Kristin absolutely KILLED our team tour of ATL! Such great energy and lots of fun facts-- the hour flew by! I can't wait to do another one with them. It's a great mix of virtual and "live on the scene" with the segments broadcast from the different areas of the city. 10/10! - 8/16/2021 

  • Nick Gallinelli AvatarNick Gallinelli

    Jamie, Kevin, Emily, and Kristen were fantastic. Especially interacting with people walking through the beautiful streets of Atlanta. Just a very cool genuine experience all around. Happy to have done it! - 8/16/2021 

    Ohireime Eromosele AvatarOhireime Eromosele

    Had a fun time with my law firm colleagues. Jamie, Emily & Margaret were great. - 8/16/2021 

  • alena. h. Avataralena. h.

    I loved the street art tour! Jamie and Kristin are so cool and gave us a lot of information about the Colin Kaepernick murals and the Cabbagetown street art murals. Emily was able to tag our group name G.O.A.T.S. on one of the walls which is so cool 🙂 ! I had a lot of fun and learned a lot. - 8/16/2021 

    Lea Davis-Marsh AvatarLea Davis-Marsh

    I was skeptical. But they won me over Great energy Jamie and team - 8/16/2021 

  • Sarah Sehgal AvatarSarah Sehgal

    I spent more time than I'll admit trying to find a "unique" digital experience that wasn't just your typical cooking or wine tasting. When I found this I was like "hmm, interesting"...but as soon as I reached out my expectations were blown out the park! What a top notch team! EVERYTHING was beyond great - the communication, goodies, the EXPERIENCE! We did the "Best of Atlanta" option given we have a remote team but our company HQ is in ATL, and even those in the area were raving about things they learned. Thank you so, so much to Jamie, Kevin, Emily and Kristin for guiding our team on such a fun virtual adventure! - 8/16/2021 

    Kirsten Newbold-Knipp AvatarKirsten Newbold-Knipp

    Lovely experience & mini-team build! Thanks to Jamie, Kevin, Emily & Kristin for our ATL tour. Only recommendation is to send a paper map so we can 'follow along' in the city:)) - 8/16/2021 

  • Madison Eubanks AvatarMadison Eubanks

    Our team of ~15 did a virtual tour of Atlanta for a special occasion at work and it was phenomenal! We learned some amazing Atlanta history (including lots of facts that even our ATL residents didn't know) and got to see some of the city's coolest sites. The hosts (Emily, Jamie, Kristin, and Kevin) had great energy and made the hour fly by. Plus, the goodies in our boxes were super fun! Highly recommend. - 8/16/2021 

    Amanda Myers AvatarAmanda Myers

    Fantastic experience - I learned so much (and the snacks were the perfect touch). Special thanks to Emily, Kevin, Kristin and Jamie for making our event so special! - 8/16/2021 

  • Jakob Clark AvatarJakob Clark

    Amazing crew of presenters. Joy, Jen, Emily, and Jason were all just great. I learned so much and am extremely grateful for the experience. - 7/16/2021 

    Jonathan Mann AvatarJonathan Mann

    Incredible, unique, and poignant. I learned so much in our 1-hour event. I don't remember the last time I saw a more effective or compelling presentation. - 7/16/2021 

  • Sarah Grant AvatarSarah Grant

    This was by far the best virtual experience I've EVER had! The hour flew by and I found myself wishing it would go on. It was informative, fun, and a delight. Thank you Kevin, Kristin, Joy, and Jason!! 10/10 would recommend and do again! - 7/16/2021 

    Kimberly Trombley AvatarKimberly Trombley

    This virtual tour should be in every classroom across the country. So much information and the presentation was so well done. Thank you! - 7/16/2021 

  • Cara Harbinger AvatarCara Harbinger

    This experience was absolutely incredible. Jen, Jason, Joy, and Emily were great hosts and the on-site location tour segments were phenomenal. They sent us related snacks prior to the virtual event, and the history they included was so so well done. I recommend this experience to everyone! Thanks UVT! - 7/16/2021 

    Allison Blixt AvatarAllison Blixt

    What a wonderful virtual experience! Emily, Jen, Joy and Jason shared historical facts in such a compelling way, supplemented with live tours in two different places. Smooth, slick and professional. I highly recommend! - 7/16/2021 

  • Twin Born AvatarTwin Born

    such an amazing job, the speakers were spot on and kept the flame going. This was definitely the best virtual presentation I have had. The relevant history, the treats, the virtual tour. What a nice treat!! - 7/16/2021 

    Jing Wang AvatarJing Wang

    Fantastic presentation, tour, and wealth of information. Shout out to Emily and Jen for leading the experience! - 7/16/2021 

  • Angela Randle AvatarAngela Randle

    Great experience!! Kevin and Kristin were great hosts and I loved the live tours from Joy and (sorry I forgot the other guy's name). Excellent presentation! - 7/16/2021 

    Nicolette Musachio AvatarNicolette Musachio

    HIGHLY recommend for teambuilding and educational experiences! I've participated in two engaging virtual sessions with Emily, Jen, Jason, and Joy and thoroughly enjoyed both.All are incredibly smart, effective story-tellers and historians-- my whole team learned so much and left both tours feeling energized and informed. Bonus points for amazing treat boxes w/ delicious goodies from black owned, ATL based small businesses. - 7/16/2021 

  • Mike Simpson (Declinox) AvatarMike Simpson (Declinox)

    This group of tour guides goes out of their way to present loads of information in a fun, engaging way, with people 'on location'. Very enjoyable! - 7/16/2021 

    Lyndsey Harley AvatarLyndsey Harley

    It was a great experience. Kevin and Kristin are very enjoyable hosts and I learned so much that I wasn't taught in school. Jason and Joy's live tours were really informational and I loved the information they shared. Beautiful presentation! - 7/16/2021 

  • Cesar Chavez AvatarCesar Chavez

    Very informative event. - 7/16/2021 

    Sarah McDonagh AvatarSarah McDonagh

    Shout out to Kevin, Kristi, Joy and Jason! Awesome tour y'all. - 7/16/2021 

Free Virtual Team Building Resources

Why Unexpected Virtual Tours?

We have been building radically creative team building events since 2015.

That’s not just us talking. The NY Times and Forbes have been impressed with our creativity.

Our executive team are former attorneys and executives. We know how successful corporate teams work.

20,000+ corporate attendees have enjoyed our experiences.

We can’t wait to entertain your teams.

Learn More


Lonely Planet

The top 5 Juneteenth celebrations in the USA


Everything You Can Do in Atlanta This Holiday Season

The Guardian

The end of the office holiday party-or simply time to get creative?


Unexpected Virtual Tours have a culinary focus with teambuilding elements like branded gift boxes worked into the experience.

New York Times

Getting Creative for the 2020 Office Holiday Party

Travel + Leisure

This Virtual Food Tour in Atlanta Ends With a No-contact Tasting Menu Delivery (Video)

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Unexpected Atlanta launches the ATL Food Tour Box, bringing home experience of food tours


The Atlanta Food Tour Box Brings The City’s Goodies To Your Home

FAQs About Unexpected Virtual Tours

Why Virtual Team Building?

What do the virtual team building activities include?

Each virtual team building activities packs in a lot!

In general, each experience has a:

  • short introduction,
  • icebreaker questions,
  • stories about a specific topic,
  • break-out room activities,
  • and live-streaming guides from locations across the world.

Is my team going to have fun? We don't want boring.

First, check out our Google reviews and 5 star rating.  Teams love what we do.

Second, many teams tell us that this is “the best virtual experience.”

That is because we seamlessly integrate fun with knowledge.

You have a smart and creative team. We provide smart and creative team building.

How do Unexpected Virtual Tours create ROI and improve corporate culture?

In general, every experience supports company culture.

We promise: no boring team events here.

Engaged employees are less likely to seek out a new job. Plus, that hits your bottom line. In fact, replacing an employee costs 1.5 times that salary.

On the other hand, our team building experiences range from $40 to $150 per person. Simply put, that is a lot LESS!

Further, each experience integrates a specific corporate cultural goal.

For example, the Street Art experience strengthens team creativity.

We have a super tight budget. Can we afford this?

Our goal is to work with you. In fact, we hope to provide an experience within your budget!

In general, companies invest between $30 to 85 per person.

That being said, price depends on group size and Treat Box requests.

Contact us about discounts for non-profits and school groups.

Is a virtual tour enjoyable?

Virtual tours are so much fun with us!

We combine live-streamed virtual sightseeing with beautiful events. Plus, we add in fun team-building breakout rooms.

This means that:

  • team is engaged
  • avoid technology issues
  • team doesn’t get bored

Couldn't we just hire a virtual tour guide on Airbnb or Amazon?

Amazon and Airbnb usually have one person on a cell phone.

All of our experiences have at least 3 guides.

That means fun engagement and team-building games. In addition, it includes a fantastic sightseeing tour.

We use beautiful presentation software. Further, we ship Treat Boxes with many fun foods.

It results in a total virtual experience.

How Do Unexpected Virtual Tours Work?

These events sound like they have a lot of elements. How does it work?

Each virtual experience packs in many mini experiences.

For instance, you’ll answer ice breaker questions. Plus, try fun breakout activities with your team. In addition, live-streaming guides provide city tours.

Best of all, we make it seamless. In fact, you will find that the hour flies by!

Why do remote workers enjoy Unexpected Virtual Tours?

Firstly, 41% of remote team members have high stress levels. Likewise, 44% of Gen Z employees don’t have friends at work.

But, those connections are critical to retain employees.

We want to help you change those stats.

Each virtual activity includes real time guides. Plus, enjoy interesting stories.

For example, your event might include a scavenger hunt or team trivia. Or, we include story contests and paint games. Or, your team might enjoy another team building game.

How many remote team members may be on an event?

Up to 500 remote employees may join a virtual experience.

In fact, we have run events with every size of remote team members.

What do you mean by "studio" and "live-streaming" guides?

Every event includes “studio” and “live-streaming” guides.

Firstly, the studio guides act as hosts. That ensures seamless technology.

That is to say, our studio guides are professional performers. All are masters at virtual engagement. In addition, most are actors and history buffs.

Secondly, the live-streaming guide is on location in the world.

For example, in European Holiday, we have two live streaming guides. They are in Prague and Rome. In addition, these guides walk the streets of those cities.

Booking Virtual Team Building Details

What type of software is required?

We use Zoom as our standard video conferencing software.

In some cases, we can also use Google+ or Microsoft Teams. However, we may charge a small fee. Specifically, that fee allows our team to practice with your software before the event.

We want virtual sightseeing at destinations. Do you do that?

Yes, we provide live virtual sightseeing.

Our live streaming guides are on the streets of a unique place.

They share stories and sights from that location. This is not just a static presentation, either.

Our studio guides will interact with live streaming guides and your team.

Corporate travel is expensive. And, corporate travel may not be possible with a distributed work force.

We bring your remote workers together in a virtual destination.

What do I need to provide?

All we need from you is

  • time and date of the online meeting
  • total number of attendees

If you are ordering Treat Boxes, we need:

  • final number of Treat Boxes 21 days before the event
  • street addresses at least 14 days before the event

We are interested in an experience you don't have here. Will you build one for us?

We build unique custom virtual experiences for clients.

Do you want to virtually travel to Asia? Do you want a Super Bowl experience?

These are some custom virtual experiences we have created. Pricing determined based on your specs.

What if a few people need to jump on a bit late? Will you wait to start?

To support your team’s busy schedules, we start promptly.

We start with a five-minute introduction. Then, we will dive straight in to the content.

Guests are welcome to join at any time through the team meetings.

What is the booking process?

In general, booking Unexpected Virtual Tours is quick and easy.

First, fill in the contact form. Specifically, we need to know:

  • time,
  • date,
  • and number of attendees.

Second, our sales team will give you a quick call. Or, we can respond by e-mail.

Third, we will send you a proposal with pricing.

Fourth, pick the event you desire. Then, we will send you an invoice for the deposit.

Finally, once you’ve paid the invoice, your event is booked.

Virtual Team Building Details

Are the virtual experiences interactive?

Interaction is our expertise. In fact, our experiences will improve team communication skills while employees work from home.

First, every event includes engaging chat sessions.

Second, teams enjoy hands-on breakout activities.

For example, your teams may join a “virtual jam band.”

Do you offer team trivia?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer a stand-alone pub trivia game.

However, all our experiences include trivia.

In addition, guides will give out trivia points to engage the whole team.

We would like a 30 minute, 45 minute, 90 minute, etc. event? Can you customize the event time for us?

In general, we do not recommend less than 45 minutes for virtual team building games.

Most events are one hour long. But, we can customize the time for a small fee.

That being said, we have found that 60 minutes is the best time frame for most companies. Generally, one hour keeps everyone engaged and interested.

We want virtual sightseeing at destinations. Do you do that?

We provide live virtual sightseeing. For example, our live-streaming guides are on the streets in a unique location.

Further, they share stories and sights from that location. Specifically, this is not just a static presentation.

Instead, our studio and live-streaming guides will interact with your team.

Corporate travel is expensive. In addition, corporate travel may not be possible with a distributed work force.

However, with Unexpected Virtual Tours, we bring your remote work team to an amazing virtual destination.

We have a big virtual conference. What type of event could you provide?

Most experiences work for 1 to 500 attendees.

However, some virtual experiences, like European Holiday, can host 2,000 attendees.  That being said, at larger group sizes, we provide discounted rates.

Treat Boxes Details

Do we need the Treat Boxes for an event?

The Treat Box is an optional enhancement to your experience.

First, the box includes all the elements your team will need for the activity. In addition, we include yummy snacks.

What type of foods are in the Treat Box?

Each experience includes its own thematic Treat Box.

In addition, United States small businesses make all the treats.

Further, 90% of our small business vendors are women-owned or BIPOC-owned businesses.

How are the Treat Boxes packed?

All food products are pre-packaged with vendors that have a food handler license.

Further, Unexpected Virtual Tours has a gift box production space. It meets all CDC requirements for safety and handling. For instance, team members wear masks and gloves when packaging boxes.

How are the Treat Boxes shipped?

All Treat Boxes ship UPS Ground. In general, boxes reach your teams in their virtual office space within 2 to 5 business days.

That being said, we do not recommend shipping to P.O. boxes.

Can you provide options for food restrictions?

With advance notice, we can provide some alternatives.

That being said, all of our Treat Boxes are vegetarian. In addition, we do not ship perishable items.

We do NOT want to cook. This isn't a cooking class, is it?

There is NO cooking in our experiences. On the other hand, the food elements in the Treat Box enhance the experience.

For example, on our Street Art event, we provide cookies you can paint.

On the other hand, for Music Evolution, we have foods like Rap Snacks.

Can we make our own treat boxes for the event?

Most companies find that our Treat Boxes provide significant value.

In particular, we have negotiated shipping rates that we pass on.

About Diversity and Inclusion Virtual Events

Are these events diversity training?

Unexpected Virtual Tours does not offer standard diversity training. Instead, we offer diversity experiences that embed training concepts.

In other words, your employees will WANT to attend our diversity events.

Most diversity training fails because employees aren’t engaged.

On the other hand, our experiences help your guests walk in others’ shoes.

For example, our Music Evolution experience shares these diversity training topics:

  • appropriation
  • re-appropriation
  • collaboration

But, it does so with fun music activities. In addition, get a deep look at the African American influence on American music history.

In summary, your teams won’t realize that they are training when they are on our experiences.

How does your team write the history for the DEI events?

Unexpected Virtual Tours has three historians on staff. Our historians focus on:

  • food history,
  • the histories of BIPOC people in America,
  • music history,
  • race and social justice

As such, we never use Wikipedia research. Instead, our historians use original source documents.

In fact, it takes them about 140 hours to research a 1-hour experience!

Are the DEI events political-leaning?

We do not focus on politics or any political leaning.

Our diversity and inclusion virtual events are meant for everyone across the political spectrum.

Instead, we focus on sharing the history as it happened.

In particular, we are fortunate to have multiple historians on staff.

Are these diversity events "boring" or "preachy"?

Our events never preach and they are super engaging.

First, each experience focuses on expanding knowledge. Second, each experience amplifies marginalized stories.

For example, our Juneteenth experience shares the deep history of Emancipation. Our historians spent over 350 hours developing this one-hour experience.

The content is radically engaging, told by our studio guides and live-streaming guides.

Allyship is a corporate value embedded in the event. Teams leave the experience excited to promote allyship in their own company.

Will our corporate teams appreciate the DEI events?

We provide diversity virtual events for Fortune 100 companies, which have dedicated DEI staff. In addition, we provide DEI events for small companies.

Regardless of size, our approach is the same. We create accessible and inclusive programming that enhances your corporate goals. Specifically, we do NOT provide boring mandatory diversity training, nor do we preach.

Firstly, our events are research-based, with the goal of entertaining while educating. Harvard research has found that the most effective diversity programs spark engagement. This is our guiding light, as well.

For example, groups love learning the history of music in Music Evolution.

But, through the team meetings, we embed the DEI terms of appropriation, re-appropriation, and collaboration.

Are these events just for people of color or for LGBTQIA+ employees? Will I feel uncomfortable attending as a white person or a heterosexual person?

Everyone is welcome and comfortable at our DEI events.

First, our events are truly inclusive. Inclusivity is the celebration of every person in our diverse world. In addition, such inclusivity has been made possible by groundbreaking leaders and allies.

Specifically, each experience will have guides of different races and ethnicities. And, most importantly, there is no “us vs. them” mentality.

For example, our events are for everyone who loves food, history, and fun knowledge. In addition, we host many individuals of every race on every single experience.

Rather than keep saying it, here’s a testimonial from one of our clients:

“HIGHLY recommend for team building and educational experiences! All are incredibly smart, effective story-tellers and historians. My whole team learned so much and left feeling energized and informed.”

About Unexpected Virtual Tours

Are you a certified Minority Business Enterprise?

First, we are a 100% minority-owned and women-owned small business.

In addition, we are almost certified as a Minority Business Enterprise.

Is Unexpected Virtual Tours a certified Women Business Enterprise?

First, we are a 100% minority-owned and women-owned small business.

However, we do not have Women Business Enterprise certification.

Are the small businesses utilized in the Treat Boxes minority-owned or women-owned businesses?

Generally, over 90% of our vendors are women-owned or minority-owned small businesses. However, most of them do not have certificates because they are so small.

Can we pay via check?

We will provide a Quickbooks invoice. Further, most companies pay via credit card or ACH transfer. However, if you would prefer to pay by check, let us know. Then, we can provide that information.